Any good decent trade paperback collections?


Sep 30, 2012
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Anyone know of any newer recent trade paperback collections of story arcs? Something like let's say whatever storylines were going on in Marvl this year or from last year?
I'm not much of a Daredevil fan anymore these days. Most of the storylines bored me back then during the 1990s.

Any good decent X-Men trade paperbacks?
Have you tried these?

Messiah Complex from 2008:

Civil War from 2006:

Secret Invasion from 2008:

Seige from 2010:

Fear Itself from 2011:

Age of X from 2011:

These are some hard covers/trade paper backs from recent Marvel years/events that are worth checking out if you haven't already.
Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men is available in trade. Should be 4 volumes, but I am sure they have deluxe editions or a hardcover. If you're looking for X-Men stuff that is a sure win.
Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men, Death of Spider-man/ Ultimate Comics Spider-man vol 1, Ultimate Comics X-men, the Immortal Iron Fist are probably some of my favorite trade paperbacks in my collection.
How is the whole Ultimate X-Men series anyway? The Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1 TPB I still have though and I love the Ultimate take on Spider-Man.

Ultimate X-Men over the past few years they first started its been a weird series in my opinion
Brian Wood's current run on Ultimate Comics X-men is very critically acclaimed. I really enjoy Millar's Ultimate X-men as well.
That's not what I am asking about. I am asking how is the whole Ultimate X-Men comic series as in any weird stuff that goes or how any of the X-Men characters in Ultimate X-Men act different than the normal regular X-Men characters you would see in a normal regular Marvel Comics X-Men comic?

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