Any mellow electronic/trance tracks?


Aug 3, 2012
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I'm not into the pure dance stuff... I don't dance.. I just like to play cool poppy sad music to brood to like Driver from Ryan Gosling's Drive movie when I drive... :csad:

Here's more or less what I'm looking for...

A Real Hero from Drive is perfect also... I love that song...

I've looked all over and its hard to find that perfect song...
Check out Purity Ring

All the Electronic music I know of is really up beat and not mellow at all.

"All Over the World" - ELO


"Together in Electric Dreams" - Phil Oakley

"Elektronik Supersonik" - Zlad

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I found what I wanted... The Chromatics...

they do the music I like... its perfect :) Their album, Night Drive, is full of win...

also, j-pop vocaloid music is awesome...
B! Machine - Door Inside A Door:


Echo Image - Need To Be Proud:

The kind of music I like seems to have a name... its called, 'Dream Pop' music...

God I love it so much. Great driving music...

Also, another question. This time about The XX... I'm looking for a better quality version of the song called Intro. Its not the instrumental only version though.

I have a version that has a girl singing lyrics on it, they go "I want it all. I want it all now. You want it too. At least I know" yadayadayada... very catchy song. I got it a long time ago and ripped it from a Youtube video. The problem is that songs ripped from Youtube videos usually have bad quality, so I'm looking for something that sounds ripped from a CD.

That's the version with the girl singing on it, but its not the same one I have. That is a shorter version of it. The version I have has the entire Intro instrumental from the beginning, and it is edited to last a little while longer while the girl is singing.

Does anybody know where I can find the mixed version of Intro with the girl singing on it, and in good quality?

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