Anyone else play City Of Heroes/Villains?

Captain Centurion lvl 50 tank on Freedom
Black Spyder lvl 50 scrapper on Freedom
Mr. Quantum lvl 50 kheld on Freedom
Space Phantom lvl 31 blaster on Freedom
US Sailor lvl 27 scrapper on Freedom
Lady Spyder lvl 22 scrapper on Freedom
Elektrode lvl 20 blaster on Freedom
Mr Mystic lvl 15 controller on Freedom
I dont like the cel shading of Champions but I am waiting for DC Online...
I am on Freedom and Protector...will be on tonite for Dbl XP weekend

I think its actually called retroscope... i could be completely wrong with the name of the art style. Easily confused with cel shading. But are different. And i know that CO has stated it IS cell shaded... the screen shots and videos indicate otherwise.

But the reason they went with that direction is because it looks more like a comic book. Which i'm happy with.

SuperFerret, go to the website and educate yourself. You can learn powersets and travel powers... theres videos there to check out. Game appears to be amazing.
well i did see the art and didnt like that...i like a somewhat realistic look ala COH and DC Online
Well dont judge a cover by its book. Be open about it. I'm not forcing you to buy it or "join the dark side"... but just give it a shot. it has alot of potential and from another CoH fan... you may like it
hmmmm i like the archenemy thing
Yeah but I do think it gives the game a level of only issue with COH is that after attaining level 50 my heroes should be treated at least like a 2 tier hero instead of like Black Lightning or Speedball
Just started playing again since 04.

Last Zero - A lvl 8 Blaster on Freedom (that's the main guy I'm trying to work on till the end of the month)

Ultra N - lvl 8 Scrapper on Justice

And a lvl 2 villain on Freedom

But yeah anyone on freedom feel free to find me if you want.
I created a toon this week...Doctor goal is to play thru all the storyarcs and get to 50 without AE or PL
Oh yea its decent, i've been playing since Tuesday. Here's my character:


The Dark Mike :up:
After buying the game, how much does it cost to play? Do I need to get a came card.

Mike...that's so terrible! But the coolest thing at the same time.
It's 15 bucks a month to play, I just went to wal-mart and got a reloadable visa card and put 15 on it LOL.
I am. It's definitely a great expansion and if the features in Going Rogue are expanded into the rest of CoX it'll be just the breath of life this game needs.
Great game...just wish they werent so afraid to take just a lil bit more from more successful mmos as far as things to do when not doin quests
You mean take stuff from WoW? Part of CoH's appeal is that it's not WoW.
Man so long since I've touched this game... I have a level 47 (or 48?) character somewhere...

No interest in the expansion tho... it's still charging monthly fees right?
Yep. And still bringing game changing updates more than twice a year too.
Cool. How many people are playing this game anyway, is it still as crowded as say, a year ago? And I wonder how they plan to keep their subs when DC Universe Online is released...
It's actually more crowded than it was a year ago. Going Rogue has rejuvenated all but the smallest servers. I personally don't think DCUO will impact it in any significant way. There may be a slight dip for a while like when Champions came out, but honestly, DCUO doesn't look like it has strong legs (though if the PS3 version doesn't fall through the way that Champions for the 360 did, it might have a better chance).
Old news, but maybe new to some... This game is now Free to Play. If you were ever thinking about checking it out, now is a good time!

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