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Comics Anyone read Superman vs. Aliens?


Jul 13, 2011
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Awesome crossover from Dark Horse and DC as it's one of the best crossovers ever and one of the coolest Superman stories around.

I love how it has a different kind of Supergirl in it and the idea that Superman gets weakened as he struggles to fight Xenomorphs.

Who thinks this was a logical battle and as good as Batman vs. Predator?
It was ok, nothing special in my opinion. I much preferred Superman vs Predator. I've read Batman vs Predator but it was so long ago I can't remember it.
I read it and thought it had a great climax. We really get to see a beat up, bruised Superman in this. The art by Jurgens is pretty damn good in some places and average in others.
Did you thought this was as good as Batman vs. Predator and a logical crossover?
I actually liked this a lot better than Batman Vs Predator. I thought this story was stronger.

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