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APPLICATION: The Multiversers RPG

Johnny Blaze

Feb 25, 2003
Reaction score
Screenname of the Proposed RPG’s Game Master: Johnny Blaze

Do You Have An Instant Messenger that we can reach you on for better conversation? (i.e MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ect.) And if so, what is your screenname?: MSN

Gamemasters/Assistant Gamemasters already chosen: Byrd Man; Master Bruce

How will the overall layout of the RPG be?: The RPG will be ongoing, going on the standard season-by-season basis, in the form of 'Chapters'. It will be player guided, with the GM's enforcing the nessecary rules and such.
Players will be able to play characters from any comic universe, including What Ifs..., Elseworlds, and Indie comics.

Character types will be broken down into CCs (Chosen Characters) and MRCs (Mission Related Characters).

CCs will consist strictly of the five Chosen characters. MRCs are PC characters specific to the particular mission. MRCs almost always change with each mission and each universe. So players playing MRCs will play a new character that fits into each new mission. Only the players playing Chosen will be able to keep their characters from mission to mission (though they can trade spots with MRC players if they wish).

The MRC players will come up with the universes in which the CC's mission will take place and just what the CCs must do.

Premise of RPG:

There exist billions of universes, each one as different as it is the same. And every single one of these universes are in danger. An unknown molevolent force tampers with each reality, shifting them off their intended courses for some unknown sinister purpose. Thus the multiversal guardian, the entity known only as Chronos, has taken it upon itself to call upon a group of Chosen champions. These heroes, plucked from their world, will be given the charge of traveling the multiverse and fixing the wrongs caused by this unknown force.

What will this RPG bring to the RPG forums? (please write two complete sentences): A revival of a classic RPG that had loads of story potential. Um, I don't really have a second sentence. Wait...does that one count?

Title Of The RPG You Would Like To Propose: The Multiversers RPG

Example Of Characters Application:

Character You Would Like To Play (list codename along with real name if applicable):


Character Type (Chosen or MRC and are they a Hero or Villain):

Universe History (give a brief description of the comic universe your character hails from):

Character History (give as detailed a rundown on your character's history and origin as possible):

Personality (give a detailed description of your character's personality):

Speech Color and Font (actually say what color and font you are going to use, don't just say "like this"):

What can you bring to this game:

Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype! Boards:

Sample Post (write a sample post as your character that is at least 4 paragraphs long and contains at least 1 line of dialogue in the style you plan on playing your character in):
I'm in. Just for The Gunslinger.
1939/New Frontier Batman ftw.

Announcement: There will also be a five PC team to oppose the five Chosen, dubbed the Agents of Chaos. There task will be to directly oppose the Chosen on each world and complete their own mission (which usually is the exact opposite of what the Chosen will be doing).
Posters cannot play as both a Chosen and an Agent. They can only apply and get approved for one.
I'm definetly in. :up:

Agents of Chaos sound pretty darn cool.
I'm on this like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

I loved the Multiversers concept, and never got to do the stuff I wanted to try when I joined M-versers Unlimited, so I would kill to pick my old character back up again.
And if MB's going to be Batman again, that means I still get to use all of my jokes I was saving up! YES!!!
And if MB's going to be Batman again, that means I still get to use all of my jokes I was saving up! YES!!!

Considering which Batman I'm playing, though, expect a couple caps in your ass. :cmad:
I'm not sure as to whom I would be playing, but this twist to the Multiversers RPG is nice with the missions and different characters each time. Also, I've dropped a few chars lately, and will be doing more soon as Seasons end so I can add on this RPG without worry.

So, I'm interested.
Alright, that leaves it to...


Plus myself, JB, and Byrd.

Damn, this is gonna rock.
Although, again I don't know who to play. And each time I let you guys give options, you don't say squat. :o
Well... Fables verse characters could be good (Boy Blue is one of my options, but if someone else wants him, I have another character I could play)
Just letting you all know right now...there's no reserving characters. So, if this RPG does gets approved, it's first come, first serve.

I'll just harass/assault/sternly give a talking to anyone that takes Batman before me. :up:
What the hell is it with you people and coming up with RPG's that I can't say no to?

I try to keep the habit at bay, and here you are fueling my addiction.

I'm in you bastards. :cmad:
I was gonna wait for twy to approve it first, but I wanna bump this so she'll see it, so... I approve this.

Now to just wait for her.
*Raises hand*

Ooh! Oooh! I have a question!

Under what circumstances are our character plucked from their homeworlds? Do they just get ripped from their homes a la Countdown Arena, or are they approached by Chronos or the Bad Guy and agree to come along?

Already got my character picked out and am getting overly excited: Check.

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