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Apr 4, 2004
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Since the Misc. Comics section gets about as much traffic as a ghost town, I figured I'd set up a thread here...

Little Archie, The Archies, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Jughead: The Hunger One-Shots hitting this March





Archie Announces Riverdale Tie-In Comic



A New Story Arc Begins in Archie #18 as Artist Pete Woods Joins Mark Waid



Mark Waid Expanding Relationship with Archie Comics
Coinciding with news of the Warner Bros. deal, Archie revealed that Mark Waid, the writer of flagship comic book series Archie, will be expanding his relationship with the company later this year by signing up to co-write a number of series, as well as mentoring upcoming writers, with the overall aim of growing the current stable of talent at the company.

"This opportunity is exciting to me for a number of reasons," Waid says about the new deal, which will be effective in May when he takes over writing the Jughead series with new co-writer Ian Flynn. "First, the chance to expand my role as a writer at Archie is terrific as we all share the same storytelling goals. Second, it allows me to exercise my editorial muscles, which — surprise — is why I got into comics in the first place. But most of all, the opportunity to help build a more diverse staff of writers, younger, eager to learn, and eager to teach me."
Awesome, thanks for making this.

I really want to get into the new Archie comics.
I just read one of the Afterlife with Archie comics. It was....different. I'm used to the old-school Archie comics, the ones that were light-hearted and funny. But this was an interesting diversion. It's always fun to see the spin that new writers/artists can put on an old classic. Not that it was great, but it was still interesting. I'd give it another chance. Nothing will ever beat the old comics, though. Somehow, Archie works best when it's 1961.
Man I haven't read Archie Comics in probably 17 or so years, since I was a kid. I used to pick up the Double Digests every chance I could get, loved those things. And those Archie SuperTeens comics. Still remember all the characters, and their parents and teachers. It was so corny, but good fun and an enjoyable read when you're a kid, each Digest had so many stories.

I think it's pretty cool they've got this new Zombie Riverdale comic series, like Walking Dead meets Archie Comics, and this new murder mystery series like Twin Peaks meets Archie. I've thought about checking it out, but idk. Looks kinda clever, would have probably LOVED it as a kid (like so many other things that come out nowadays), but idk if it would be my kinda thing in the present day
The creator of this TV Series has surely done an amazing job by creating all the characters as same as the comic. I am really enjoying this show and I also have purchased Southside Serpents Jacket from USA Leather Jackets.
Writer Nick Spencer on Taking Over 'Archie' Comics This Fall
This fall, as revealed by The New York Times, Archie Comics will relaunch the core Archie title with a new creative team, as former Captain America (and current Amazing Spider-Man) writer Nick Spencer takes the reins of Archie and his Pals and Gals alongside artist Marguerite Sauvage with the 700th issue of the series. The original series ended in 2015 after 666 issues; Mark Waid and Fiona Staples rebooted the entire property later that year, and that series ended this month after 32 issues. Archie No. 699 will be a special recap issue for new readers, available in October for just a dollar, ahead of the new run.


That Allred cover killed me dead.
Did Afterlife with Archie end or what? That zombie Jughead ever get resolved?
How similar are the comics and the show?

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