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Are there people on earth who want to destroy the human race?


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Jul 26, 2012
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Topic: Are there people on earth who want to destroy the human race?

Honest question. I was thinking about this, and didn't quite know how to Google it. All I can find is race/religion based genocide and nothing about anyone who wants all of mankind eradicated.
Honest answer: While I don't want to personally destroy the human race, I'm looking forward to the day when humanity finally gets wiped from existence. Sure there are plenty of decent folk out there, I try to be one myself, and I'm by no means a sociophobe, but our species as a whole is greedy, power hungry, and doesn't know how to properly use our abilities to further mankind for the good. We are destroying this planet, and everything on it, including ourselves, at an alarming and ever-increasing rate, and I really think we need to be eradicated. Some people may think I'm sick, but it's the truth.
I suppose there could be a branch of Nazis operating out of a caldera in Brazil who who want to eliminate the world via specimens of the Nazi Ideal created in laboratories as follow-up work on the research by Mengele. Could be, mind you.
A lot of extreme animal activists seem to like the idea of humanity being extinct, but I wouldn't say they would ever put that line of thinking into action. Also seen a lot of Darwinism talk of ppl saying they'd seriously be happy if every "stupid", "ugly", religious, ect, person died off. Though that's just chunks of the species, and not the whole human race. Religious extremist, who rarely follow their actual teachings who want unbelievers to die (but not themselves). As well as terrorists who wish death to another nations, but again not to themselves.

People in power like dictators want others to survive so they can rule over them. They typically just want to kill the the opposition who refuse to fall in line under them. Others just want groups of ppl who they don't like to disappear, but still want to live, and have like minded ppl around.

Even though, personally, I think somethings wrong with you if you honestly wish death on mass groups of ppl (self defense, such as times of war are different, even then you shouldn't aim hate towards the civilian populace). It's probably only the truely mentally disturbed who would wish, or attempt to cause the death of the entire human race (themselves included)
"Some men just want to see the world burn" - Alfred Pennyworth
You talking about supervillains?
There are...







Seriously, most want to clear the world of those they consider inferior. But only misanthropic teenagers actually think that.

Check. Mate.

I dare...no...double...no...

I triple dog dare ANYONE to prove to me those things aren't evil (Granted, if I had money to waste, I probably would have one built for giggles to be fair)

Winner gets a picture of some cookies. Not real cookies, just a pic.
Yeah, no possible way to misinterpret those.
The eerie thing about that monument is that no one knows who commissioned it, or why. Whoever it was, knew what they were doing.
These kind of people always arrogantly just want to reduce humanity down to about a half-billion people or so--they of course are one of the "worthy" ones who should be allowed to live in their new utopia.

EDIT: Yeah I've seen that with the Georgia guidestones before. There's an entire movement of people stating the half billion mark, although they probably disagree on what the other principles should be.

Anyway, it was probably hippies.
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in my experience it would seem that it is the goal/destiny of all people to destroy the human race

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