Arrowverse General Arrowverse Watching Order 2.0

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    Here is the new order. Please see post #2 for brief explanations, credit for all the work I borrowed from koomy, and the color key.
    Superman 1.01 Superman (aka The Mad Scientist)(1940s cartoons)
    Superman 1.02 The Mechanical Monsters
    Superman 1.03 Billion Dollar Limited
    Superman 1.04 The Arctic Giant
    Superman 1.05 The Bulleteers
    Superman 1.06 The Magnetic Telescope
    Superman 1.07 Electric Earthquake
    Superman 1.08 Volcano
    Superman 1.09 Terror on the Midway
    Superman 1.10 Japoteurs
    Superman 1.11 Showdown
    Superman 1.12 Eleventh Hour
    Superman 1.13 Destruction, Inc
    Superman 1.14 The Mummy Strikes
    Superman 1.15 Jungle Drums
    Superman 1.16 The Underground World
    Superman 1.17 Secret Agent

    The New Original Wonder Woman (TV movie)
    Wonder Woman 1.01 Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther
    Wonder Woman 1.02 Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 1.03 Beauty on Parade
    Wonder Woman 1.04 The Feminum Mystique: Part 1
    Wonder Woman 1.05 The Feminum Mystique: Part 2
    Wonder Woman 1.06 Wonder Woman vs Gargantua
    Wonder Woman 1.07 The Pluto File
    Wonder Woman 1.08 The Last of Two Dollar Bills
    Wonder Woman 1.09 Judgment From Outer Space: Part 1
    Wonder Woman 1.10 Judgment From Outer Space: Part 2
    Wonder Woman 1.11 Formula 407
    Wonder Woman 1.12 The Bushwackers
    Wonder Woman 1.13 Wonder Woman in Hollywood

    Batman 1.01 Hi Diddle Riddle
    Batman 1.02 Smack in the Middle
    Batman 1.03 Fine Feathered Finks
    Batman 1.04 The Penguin's a Jinx
    Batman 1.05 The Joker is Wild
    Batman 1.06 Batman is Riled
    Batman 1.07 Instant Freeze
    Batman 1.08 Rats Like Cheese
    Batman 1.09 Zelda the Great
    Batman 1.10 A Death Worse Than fate
    Batman 1.11 A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away
    Batman 1.12 When The Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play
    Batman 1.13 The Thirteenth Hat
    Batman 1.14 Batman Stands Pat
    Batman 1.15 The Joker Goes to School
    Batman 1.16 He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul
    Batman 1.17 True or False-Face
    Batman 1.18 Holy Rat Race
    Batman 1.19 The Purr-fect Crime
    Batman 1.20 Better Luck Next Time
    Batman 1.21 The Penguin Goes Straight
    Batman 1.22 Not Yet, He Ain't
    Batman 1.23 The Ring of Wax
    Batman 1.24 Give 'Em the Axe
    Batman 1.25 The Joker Sets an Ace
    Batman 1.26 Batman Sets the Pace
    Batman 1.27 The Curse of Tut
    Batman 1.28 The Pharaoh's in a Rut
    Batman 1.29 The Bookworm Turns
    Batman 1.30 While Gotham City Burns
    Batman 1.31 Death in Slow Motion
    Batman 1.32 The Riddler's False Notion
    Batman 1.33 Fine Finny Friends
    Batman 1.34 Batman Makes the Scene
    Batman (1966 film)
    The Green Hornet 1.01 The Silent Gun
    The Green Hornet 1.02 Give 'Em Enough Rope
    The Green Hornet 1.03 Programmed for Death
    The Green Hornet 1.04 Crime Wave
    The Green Hornet 1.05 The Frog is a Deadly Weapon
    The Green Hornet 1.06 Eat, Drink, and Be Dead
    The Green Hornet 1.07 Beautiful Dreamer: Part 1
    The Green Hornet 1.08 Beautiful Dreamer: Part 2
    The Green Hornet 1.09 The Ray is For Killing
    The Green Hornet 1.10 The Preying Mantis
    The Green Hornet 1.11 The Hunters and the Hunted
    The Green Hornet 1.12 Deadline for Death
    The Green Hornet 1.13 The Secret of Sally Bell
    The Green Hornet 1.14 Freeway to Death
    The Green Hornet 1.15 May the Best Man Lose
    The Green Hornet 1.16 The Hornet and the Firefly
    The Green Hornet 1.17 Seek, Stalk and Destroy
    The Green Hornet 1.18 Corpse of the Year: Part 1
    The Green Hornet 1.19 Corpse of the Year: Part 2
    The Green Hornet 1.20 Ace in the Hole
    The Green Hornet 1.21 Bad Bet on a 459-Silent
    The Green Hornet 1.22 Trouble for Prince Charming
    The Green Hornet 1.23 Alias the Scarf
    The Green Hornet 1.24 Hornet Save Thyself
    The Green Hornet 1.25 Invasion From Outer Space: Part 1
    The Green Hornet 1.26 Invasion From Outer Space: Part 2

    Batman 2.01 Shoot a Crooked Arrow
    Batman 2.02 Walk the Straight and Narrow
    Batman 2.03 Hot Off the Griddle
    Batman 2.04 The Cat and the Fiddle
    Batman 2.05 The Minstrel's Shakedown
    Batman 2.06 Barbecued Batman?
    Batman 2.07 The Spell of Tut
    Batman 2.08 Tut's Case is the Shell
    Batman 2.09 The Greatest Mother of Them All
    Batman 2.10 Ma Parker
    Batman 2.11 The Clock King's Crazy Crimes
    Batman 2.12 The Clock King Gets Crowned
    Batman 2.13 An Egg Grows in Gotham
    Batman 2.14 The Yegg Foes in Gotham
    Batman 2.15 The Devil's Fingers
    Batman 2.16 The Dead Ringers
    Batman 2.17 Hizzoner the Penguin
    Batman 2.18 Dizzoner the Penguin
    Batman 2.19 Green Ice
    Batman 2.20 Deep Freeze
    Batman 2.21 The Impractical Joker
    Batman 2.22 The Joker's Povokers
    Batman 2.23 Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
    Batman 2.24 Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds
    Batman 2.25 Come Back, Shame
    Batman 2.26 It's How You Play the Game
    Batman 2.27 The Penguin's Nest
    Batman 2.28 The Bird's Last Jest
    Batman 2.29 The Cat's Meow
    Batman 2.30 The Bat's Kow Tow
    Batman 2.31 The Puzzles Are Coming
    Batman 2.32 The Duo is Slumming
    Batman 2.33 The Sandman Cometh
    Batman 2.34 The Catwoman Goeth
    Batman 2.35 The Contaminated Cowl
    Batman 2.36 The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul
    Batman 2.37 The Zodiac Crimes
    Batman 2.38 The Joker's Hard Times
    Batman 2.39 The Penguin Declines
    Batman 2.40 That Darn Catwoman
    Batman 2.41 Scat! Darn Catwoman
    Batman 2.42 Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend
    Batman 2.43 Penguin Sets a Trend
    Batman 2.44 Penguin's Disastrous End
    Batman 2.45 Batman's Anniversary
    Batman 2.46 A Riddling Controversy
    Batman 2.47 The Joker's Last Laugh
    Batman 2.48 The Joker's Epitaph
    Batman 2.49 Catwoman Goes to College
    Batman 2.50 Batman Displays his Knowledge
    Batman 2.51 A Piece of the Action
    Batman 2.52 Batman's Satisfaction
    Batman 2.53 King Tut's Coup
    Batman 2.54 Batman's Waterloo
    Batman 2.55 Black Widow Strikes Again
    Batman 2.56 Caught in the Spider's Den
    Batman 2.57 Pop Goes the Joker
    Batman 2.58 Flop Goes the Joker
    Batman 2.59 Ice Spy
    Batman 2.60 The Duo Defy
    Batman 3.01 Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin
    Batman 3.02 Ring Around the Riddler
    Batman 3.03 The Wail of the Siren
    Batman 3.04 The Sport of Penguins
    Batman 3.05 A Horse of Another Color
    Batman 3.06 The Unkindest Tut of All
    Batman 3.07 Louie the Lilac
    Batman 3.08 The Ogg and I
    Batman 3.09 How to Hatch a Dinosaur
    Batman 3.10 Surf's Up! Joker's Under!
    Batman 3.11 The Londinium Larcenies
    Batman 3.12 The Foggiest Notion
    Batman 3.13 The Bloody Tower
    Batman 3.14 Catwoman's Dressed to Kill
    Batman 3.15 The Ogg Couple
    Batman 3.16 The Funny Feline Felonies
    Batman 3.17 The Joke's on Catwoman
    Batman 3.18 Louie's Lethal Lilac time
    Batman 3.19 Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club
    Batman 3.20 Penguin's Clean Sweep
    Batman 3.21 The Great Escape
    Batman 3.22 The Great Train Robbery
    Batman 3.23 I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle
    Batman 3.24 The Joker's Flying Saucer
    Batman 3.25 The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
    Batman 3.26 Minerva, Mayhem, and Millionaires
    Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
    Batman vs Two-Face
    Wonder Woman 2.01 The Return of Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 2.02 Anschluss '77
    Wonder Woman 2.03 The Man Who Could Move the World
    Wonder Woman 2.04 The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
    Wonder Woman 2.05 Knockout
    Wonder Woman 2.06 The Pied Piper
    Wonder Woman 2.07 The Queen and the Thief
    Wonder Woman 2.08 I Do, I Do
    Wonder Woman 2.09 The Man Who Made Volcanoes
    Wonder Woman 2.10 Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1
    Wonder Woman 2.11 Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2
    Wonder Woman 2.12 The Deadly Toys
    Wonder Woman 2.13 Light-Fingered Lady
    Wonder Woman 2.14 Screaming Javelin
    Wonder Woman 2.15 Diana's Diasppearing Act
    Wonder Woman 2.16 Death in Disguise
    Wonder Woman 2.17 IRAC is Missing
    Wonder Woman 2.18 Flight to Oblivion
    Wonder Woman 2.19 Seance of Terror
    Wonder Woman 2.20 The Man Who Wouldn't Tell
    Wonder Woman 2.21 The Girl from Ilandia
    Wonder Woman 2.22 The Murderous Missile
    Wonder Woman 3.01 My Teenage Idol is Missing
    Wonder Woman 3.02 Hot Wheels
    Wonder Woman 3.03 The Deadly Sting
    Wonder Woman 3.04 The Fine Art of Crime
    Wonder Woman 3.05 Disco Devil
    Wonder Woman 3.06 Formicida
    Wonder Woman 3.07 Time Bomb
    Wonder Woman 3.08 Skateboard Wiz
    Wonder Woman 3.09 The Deadly Dolphin
    Wonder Woman 3.10 Stolen Faces
    Wonder Woman 3.11 Pot of Gold
    Wonder Woman 3.12 Gault's Brain
    Wonder Woman 3.13 Going, Going, Gone
    Wonder Woman 3.14 Spaced Out
    Wonder Woman 3.15 The Starships Are Coming
    Wonder Woman 3.16 Amazon Hot Wax
    Wonder Woman 3.17 The Richest Man in the World
    Wonder Woman 3.18 A Date With Doomsday
    Wonder Woman 3.19 The Girl With a Gift for Distaster
    Wonder Woman 3.20 The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 1
    Wonder Woman 3.21 The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 2
    Wonder Woman 3.22 Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 1
    Wonder Woman 3.23 Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 2
    Wonder Woman 3.24 The Man Who Could Not Die
    (note: this aired 22nd originally but was the last episode produced)
    Superman: The Movie
    Superman II
    Superman III
    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
    Superman Returns

    Batman (1989 film)
    Batman Returns
    Batman Forever
    Batman and Robin
    The Flash 1.01 Pilot (1990 series)
    The Flash 1.02 Out of Control
    The Flash 1.03 Watching the Detectives
    The Flash 1.04 Honor Among Thieves
    The Flash 1.05 Double Vision
    The Flash 1.06 Sins of the Father
    The Flash 1.07 Child's Play
    The Flash 1.08 Shroud of Death
    The Flash 1.09 Ghost in the Machine
    The Flash 1.10 Sight Unseen
    The Flash 1.11 Beat the Clock
    The Flash 1.12 The Trickster
    The Flash 1.13 Tina, Is That You?
    The Flash 1.14 Be My Baby
    The Flash 1.15 Fast Forward
    The Flash 1.16 Deadly Nightshade
    The Flash 1.17 Captain Cold
    The Flash 1.18 Twin Streaks
    The Flash 1.19 Done With Mirrors
    The Flash 1.20 Good Night, Central City
    The Flash 1.21 Alpha
    The Flash 1.22 The Trial of the Trickster

    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.01
    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.02
    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.03
    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.04
    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.05
    Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1.06
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.01 Broken Arrow
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.02 Bon Voyage
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.03 Betrayal
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.04 Island
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.05 Bow Hunters
    Oliver Queen Chronicles 1.06 Mended

    Smallville 1.01 Pilot
    Smallville 1.02 Metamorphasis
    Smallville 1.03 Hothead
    Smallville 1.04 X-Ray
    Smallville 1.05 Cool
    Smallville 1.06 Hourglass
    Smallville 1.07 Craving
    Smallville 1.08 Jitters
    Smallville 1.09 Rogue
    Smallville 1.10 Shimmer
    Smallville 1.11 Hug
    Smallville 1.12 Leach
    Smallville 1.13 Kinetic
    Smallville 1.14 Zero
    Smallville 1.15 Nicodemus
    Smallville 1.16 Stray
    Smallville 1.17 Reaper
    Smallville 1.18 Drone
    Smallville 1.19 Crush
    Smallville 1.20 Obscura
    Smallville 1.21 Tempest
    Smallville 2.01 Vortex
    Smallville 2.02 Heat

    Chloe Chronicles Intro
    Smallville 2.03 Duplicity
    Chloe Chronicles 1.01
    Smallville 2.04 Red
    Chloe Chronicles 1.02
    Smallville 2.05 Nocturne
    Chloe Chronicles 1.03
    Smallville 2.06 Redux
    Chloe Chronicles 1.04
    Smallville 2.07 Lineage
    Smallville 2.08 Ryan
    Smallville 2.09 Dichotic
    Smallville 2.10 Skinwalker
    Smallville 2.11 Visage

    Chloe Chronicles 2.01
    Chloe Chronicles 2.02
    Chloe Chronicles 2.03
    Chloe Chronicles 2.04
    Chloe Chronicles 2.05
    Chloe Chronicles 2.06
    Chloe Chronicles 2.07

    Smallville 2.12 Insurgence
    Smallville 2.13 Suspect
    Smallville 2.14 Rush
    Smallville 2.15 Prodigal
    Smallville 2.16 Fever
    Smallville 2.17 Rosetta
    Smallville 2.18 Visitor
    Smallville 2.19 Precipice
    Smallville 2.20 Witness
    Smallville 2.21 Accelerate
    Smallville 2.22 Calling
    Smallville 2.23 Exodus

    Birds of Prey 1.01 Pilot
    Birds of Prey 1.02 Slick
    Birds of Prey 1.03 Prey for the Hunter
    Birds of Prey 1.04 Three Birds and a Baby
    Birds of Prey 1.05 Sins of the Mother
    Birds of Prey 1.06 Primal Scream
    Birds of Prey 1.07 Split
    Birds of Prey 1.08 Lady Shiva
    Birds of Prey 1.09 Nature of the Beast
    Birds of Prey 1.10 Gladiatrix
    Birds of Prey 1.11 Reunion
    Birds of Prey 1.12 Feat of Clay
    Birds of Prey 1.13 Devil's Eyes
    Smallville 3.01 Exile
    Smallville 3.02 Phoenix
    Smallville 3.03 Extinction
    Smallville 3.04 Slumber
    Smallville 3.05 Perry
    Smallville 3.06 Relic
    Smallville 3.07 Magnetic
    Smallville 3.08 Shattered
    Smallville 3.09 Aslyum
    Smallville 3.10 Whisper
    Smallville 3.11 Delete
    Smallville 3.12 Hereafter
    Smallville 3.13 Velocity
    Smallville 3.14 Obsession
    Smallville 3.15 Resurrection
    Smallville 3.16 Crisis
    Smallville 3.17 Legacy
    Smallville 3.18 Truth
    Smallville 3.19 Memoria
    Smallville 3.20 Talisman
    Smallville 3.21 Forsaken
    Smallville 3.22 Covenant
    Smallville 4.01 Crusade
    Smallville 4.02 Gone
    Smallville 4.03 Facade
    Smallville 4.04 Devoted
    Smallville 4.05 Run
    Smallville 4.06 Transferrence
    Smallville 4.07 Jinx
    Smallville 4.08 Spell
    Smallville 4.09 Bound
    Smallville 4.10 Scare
    Smallville 4.11 Unsafe
    Smallville 4.12 Paraiah
    Smallville 4.13 Recruit
    Smallville 4.14 Krypto
    Smallville 4.15 Sacred
    Smallville 4.16 Lucy
    Smallville 4.17 Onix
    Smallville 4.18 Spirit
    Smallville 4.19 Blank
    Smallville 4.20 Ageless
    Smallville 4.21 Forever
    Smallville 4.22 Commencement
    Smallville 5.01 Arrival
    Smallville 5.02 Mortal
    Smallville 5.03 Hidden
    Smallville 5.04 Aqua
    Smallville 5.05 Thirst
    Smallville 5.06 Exposed
    Smallville 5.07 Splinter
    Smallville 5.08 Solitude
    Smallville 5.09 Lexmas
    Smallville 5.10 Fanatic
    Smallville 5.11 Lockdown
    Smallville 5.12 Reckoning
    Smallville 5.13 Vengeance
    Smallville 5.14 Tomb
    Smallville 5.15 Cyborg

    Vengeance Chronicles 1.01 Chloe
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.02 Vengeance: Dark Hero
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.03 Help From a Friend
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.04 Yang
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.05 33.1
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.06 The Mansion Dance
    Vengeance Chronicles 1.07 A Different Kind of Loft Scene

    Smallville 5.16 Hypnotic
    Smallville 5.17 Void
    Smallville 5.18 Fragile
    Smallville 5.19 Mercy
    Smallville 5.20 Fade
    Smallville 5.21 Oracle
    Smallville 5.22 Vessel
    Smallville 6.01 Zod
    Smallville 6.02 Sneeze
    Smallville 6.03 Wither
    Smallville 6.04 Arrow
    Smallville 6.05 Reunion
    Smallville 6.06 Fallout
    Smallville 6.07 Rage
    Smallville 6.08 Static
    Smallville 6.09 Subterranean
    Smallville 6.10 Hydro
    Smallville 6.11 Justice
    Smallville 6.12 Labyrinth
    Smallville 6.13 Crimson
    Smallville 6.14 Trespass
    Smallville 6.15 Freak
    Smallville 6.16 Promise
    Smallville 6.17 Combat
    Smallville 6.18 Progeny
    Smallville 6.19 Nemesis
    Smallville 6.20 Noir
    Smallville 6.21 Protoype
    Smallville 6.22 Phantom

    Smallville: Justice and Doom
    Smallville 7.01 Bizarro
    Smallville 7.02 Kara
    Smallville 7.03 Fierce
    Smallville 7.04 Cure
    Smallville 7.05 Action
    Smallville 7.06 Lara
    Smallville 7.07 Wrath
    Smallville 7.08 Blue
    Smallville 7.09 Gemini
    Smallville 7.10 Persona
    Smallville 7.11 Siren
    Smallville 7.12 Fracture
    Smallville 7.13 Hero
    Smallville 7.14 Traveler
    Smallville 7.15 Veritas
    Smallville 7.16 Descent
    Smallville 7.17 Sleeper
    Smallville 7.18 Apocalypse
    Smallville 7.19 Quest
    Smallville 7.20 Arctic
    Smallville 8.01 Odyssey
    Smallville 8.02 Plastique
    Smallville 8.03 Toxic
    Smallville 8.04 Instinct
    Smallville 8.05 Committed
    Smallville 8.06 Prey
    Smallville 8.07 Identity
    Smallville 8.08 Bloodline
    Smallville 8.09 Abyss
    Smallville 8.10 Bride
    Smallville 8.11 Legion
    Smallville 8.12 Bulletproof
    Smallville 8.13 Power
    Smallville 8.14 Requiem
    Smallville 8.15 Infamous
    Smallville 8.16 Turbulence
    Smallville 8.17 Hex
    Smallville 8.18 Eternal
    Smallville 8.19 Stiletto
    Smallville 8.20 Beast
    Smallville 8.21 Injustice
    Smallville 8.22 Doomsday
    Smallville 9.01 Savior
    Smallville 9.02 Metallo
    Smallville 9.03 Rabid
    Smallville 9.04 Echo
    Smallville 9.05 Roulette
    Smallville 9.06 Crossfire
    Smallville 9.07 Kandor
    Smallville 9.08 Idol
    Smallville 9.09 Pandora
    Smallville 9.10 Disciple
    Smallville 9.11 Absolute Justice, Part 1
    Smallville 9.12 Absolute Justice, Part 2
    Smallville 9.13 Warrior
    Smallville 9.14 Persuasion
    Smallville 9.15 Conspiracy
    Smallville 9.16 Escape
    Smallville 9.17 Checkmate
    Smallville 9.18 Upgrade
    Smallville 9.19 Charade
    Smallville 9.20 Sacrifice
    Smallville 9.21 Hostage
    Smallville 9.22 Salvation
    Smallville 10.01 Lazarus
    Smallville 10.02 Shield
    Smallville 10.03 Supergirl
    Smallville 10.04 Homecoming
    Smallville 10.05 Isis
    Smallville 10.06 Harvest
    Smallville 10.07 Ambush
    Smallville 10.08 Abandoned
    Smallville 10.09 Patriot
    Smallville 10.10 Luthor
    Smallville 10.11 Icarus
    Smallville 10.12 Collateral
    Smallville 10.13 Beacon
    Smallville 10.14 Masquerade
    Smallville 10.15 Fortune
    Smallville 10.16 Scion
    Smallville 10.17 Kent
    Smallville 10.18 Booster
    Smallville 10.19 Dominion
    Smallville 10.20 Prophecy
    Smallville 10.21 Finale, Part 1
    Smallville 10.22 Finale, Part 2

    Arrow 1.01 Pilot
    Arrow 1.02 Honor Thy Father
    Arrow 1.03 Lone Gunman
    Arrow 1.04 An Innocent Man
    Arrow 1.05 Damaged
    Arrow 1.06 Legacies
    Arrow 1.07 Muse of Fire
    Arrow 1.08 Vendetta
    Arrow 1.09 Year's End
    Arrow 1.10 Burned
    Arrow 1.11 Trust But Verify
    Arrow 1.12 Vertigo
    Arrow 1.13 Betrayal
    Arrow 1.14 The Odyssey
    Arrow 1.15 Dodger
    Arrow 1.16 Dead to Rights
    Arrow 1.17 The Huntress Returns
    Arrow 1.18 Salvation
    Arrow 1.19 Unfinished Business
    Arrow 1.20 Home Invasion
    Arrow 1.21 The Undertaking
    Arrow 1.22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
    Arrow 1.23 Sacrifice
    Arrow 2.01 City of Heroes
    Arrow 2.02 Identity
    Arrow 2.03 Broken Dolls
    Arrow 2.04 Crucible
    Arrow 2.05 League of Assasins

    Blood Rush 1.01 Mr. Queen is Unavailable
    Blood Rush 1.02 Roy to the Rescue
    Blood Rush 1.03 Down the Rabbit Hole
    Blood Rush 1.04 The Sample
    Blood Rush 1.05 Closing In
    Blood Rush 1.06 Heroic Deeds

    Arrow 2.06 Keep Your Enemies Closer
    Arrow 2.07 State v. Queen
    Arrow 2.08 The Scientist
    Arrow 2.09 Three Ghosts
    Arrow 2.10 Blast Radius
    Arrow 2.11 Blind spot
    Arrow 2.12 Tremors
    Arrow 2.13 Heir to the Demon
    Arrow 2.14 Time of Death
    Arrow 2.15 The Promise
    Arrow 2.16 Suicide Squad
    Arrow 2.17 Birds of Prey
    Arrow 2.18 Deathstroke
    Arrow 2.19 The Man Under the Hood
    Arrow 2.20 Seeing Red
    Arrow 2.21 City of Blood
    Arrow 2.22 Streets of Fire
    Arrow 2.23 Unthinkable
    Arrow 3.01 The Calm
    Arrow 3.02 Sara

    The Flash 1.01 Pilot
    The Flash 1.02 Fastest Man Alive
    The Flash 1.03 Things You Can't Outrun

    Arrow 3.03 Corto Maltese
    Constantine 1.01 Non Est Asylum
    The Flash 1.04 Going Rogue
    Arrow 3.04 The Magician
    Arrow 3.05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

    The Flash 1.05 Plastique
    Constantine 1.02 Rage of Caliban (NOTE: This aired 6th on NBC)
    Arrow 3.06 Guilty
    The Flash 1.06 The Flash Is Born
    Arrow 3.07 Draw Back Your Bow
    The Flash 1.07 Power Outage
    The Flash 1.08 Flash vs. Arrow

    Arrow 3.08 The Brave and the Bold
    Constantine 1.03 The Darkness Beneath (NOTE: this aired 2nd on NBC)
    The Flash 1.09 The Man in the Yellow Suit
    Arrow 3.09 The Climb
    Constantine 1.04 The Devil's Vinyl (NOTE: this aired 3rd on NBC)
    The Flash 1.10 Revenge of the Rogues
    Arrow 3.10 Left Behind
    The Flash 1.11 The Sound and the Fury
    Constantine 1.05 A Feast of Friends (NOTE: this aired 4th on NBC)
    Arrow 3.11 Midnight City
    The Flash 1.12 Crazy for You
    Arrow 3.12 Uprising
    Constantine 1.06 Danse Vaudou (NOTE: this aired 5th on NBC)
    The Flash 1.13 The Nuclear Man
    The Flash 1.14 Fallout

    Constantine 1.07 Blessed are the Damned
    Arrow 3.13 Canaries
    Arrow 3.14 The Return

    Vixen 1.01
    Vixen 1.02
    Vixen 1.03
    Vixen 1.04
    Vixen 1.05
    Vixen 1.06
    Vixen: the Movie Extra Content

    The Flash 1.15 Out of Time
    The Flash 1.16 Rogue Time
    The Flash 1.17 Tricksters

    Arrow 3.15 Nanda Parbat
    Arrow 3.16 The Offer

    Constantine 1.08 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part One
    Constantine 1.09 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part Two

    Arrow 3.17 Suicidal Tendencies
    The Flash 1.18 All Star Team Up
    The Flash 1.19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

    Arrow 3.18 Public Enemy
    Arrow 3.19 Broken Arrow
    Arrow 3.20 The Fallen

    Constantine 1.10 Quid Pro Quo
    Constantine 1.11 A Whole World Out There

    The Flash 1.20 The Trap
    The Flash 1.21 Grodd Lives

    Constantine 1.12 Angels of Ministers and Grace
    Arrow 3.21 Al Sah-him
    Arrow 3.22 This Is Your Sword

    The Flash 1.22 Rogue Air
    Constantine 1.13 Waiting for the Man
    Arrow 3.23 My Name Is Oliver Queen
    The Flash 1.23 Fast Enough
    The Flash 2.01 The Man Who Saved Central City
    The Flash 2.02 Flash of Two Worlds

    Arrow 4.01 Green Arrow
    Arrow 4.02 The Candidate

    The Flash 2.03 Family of Rogues
    Arrow 4.03 Restoration
    Arrow 4.04 Beyond Redemption

    Supergirl 1.01 Pilot
    Supergirl 1.02 Stronger Together

    The Flash 2.04 The Fury of Firestorm
    The Flash 2.05 The Darkness and the Light

    Arrow 4.05 Haunted
    Arrow 4.06 Lost Souls

    Supergirl 1.03 Fight or Flight
    The Flash 2.06 Enter Zoom
    Arrow 4.07 Brotherhood
    Supergirl 1.04 How Does She Do it? (NOTE: this episode aired 5th on CBS)
    Supergirl 1.05 Livewire (NOTE: this episode aired 4th on CBS)
    Supergirl 1.06 Red Faced
    The Flash 2.07 Gorilla Warfare
    The Flash 2.08 Legends of Today

    Arrow 4.08 Legends of Yesterday
    Vixen 2.01
    Vixen 2.02
    Vixen 2.03
    Vixen 2.04
    Vixen 2.05
    Vixen 2.06

    Arrow 4.09 Dark Waters
    Arrow 4.10 Blood Debts

    The Flash 2.09 Running to Stand Still
    The Flash 2.10 Potential Energy

    Legends of Tomorrow 1.01 Pilot, Part 1
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.02 Pilot, Part 2
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.03 Blood Ties

    The Flash 2.11 The Reverse-Flash Returns
    Arrow 4.11 A.W.O.L
    Supergirl 1.07 Human For A Day
    The Flash 2.12 Fast Lane
    Arrow 4.12 Unchained
    Arrow 4.13 Sins of the Father

    Supergirl 1.08 Hostile Takeover
    The Flash 2.13 Welcome to Earth-2
    The Flash 2.14 Escape from Earth-2
    The Flash 2.15 King Shark

    Legends of Tomorrow 1.04 White Knights
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.05 Fail-Safe
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.06 Star City 2046

    Arrow 4.14 Code of Silence
    Arrow 4.15 Taken

    Supergirl 1.09 Blood Bonds
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.07 Marooned
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.08 Night of the Hawk
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.09 Left Behind

    The Flash 2.16 Trajectory
    Arrow 4.16 Broken Hearts
    Supergirl 1.10 Childish things
    Supergirl 1.11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet
    Supergirl 1.12 Bizarro
    Supergirl 1.13 For the Girl Who Has Everything

    The Flash 2.17 Flash Back
    Supergirl 1.14 Truth, Justice, and the American Way
    Supergirl 1.15 Solitude

    Arrow 4.17 Beacon of Hope
    Arrow 4.18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine
    Arrow 4.19 Canary Cry

    Legends of Tomorrow 1.10 Progeny
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.01
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.02
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.03
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.04

    Supergirl 1.16 Falling
    Supergirl 1.17 Manhunter
    Supergirl 1.18 Worlds Finest

    The Flash 2.18 Versus Zoom
    Supergirl 1.19 Myriad
    Supergirl 1.20 Better Angels
    Supergirl 2.01 The Adventures of Supergirl

    Legends of Tomorrow 1.11 The Magnificent Eight
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.12 Last Refuge

    Supergirl 2.02 The Last Children of Krypton
    Supergirl 2.03 Welcome to Earth

    The Flash 2.19 Back to Normal
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.13 Leviathan
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.14 River of Time
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.15 Destiny

    Supergirl 2.04 Survivors
    Arrow 4.20 Genesis
    Arrow 4.21 Monument Point
    Arrow 4.22 Lost in the Flood

    Supergirl 2.05 Crossfire
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.16 Legendary
    Arrow 4.23 Schism
    The Flash 2.20 Rupture
    The Flash 2.21 Runaway Dinosaur
    The Flash 2.22 Invincible
    The Flash 2.23 The Race of His Life

    Supergirl 2.06 Changing
    The Flash 3.01 Flashpoint
    The Flash 3.02 Paradox
    The Flash 3.03 Magenta
    The Flash 3.04 The New Rogues
    The Flash 3.05 Monster
    The Flash 3.06 Shade
    The Flash 3.07 Killer Frost

    Supergirl 2.07 The Darkest Place
    Arrow 5.01 Legacy
    Arrow 5.02 The Recruits

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.01 Out of Time
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.02 The Justice Society of America
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.03 Shogun

    Arrow 5.03 A Matter of Trust
    Arrow 5.04 Penance
    Arrow 5.05 Human Target

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.04 Abominations
    Arrow 5.06 So it Begins
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.05 Compromised
    Arrow 5.07 Vigilante
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.06 Outlaw Country
    Supergirl 2.08 Medusa
    The Flash 3.08 Invasion!
    Arrow 5.08 Invasion!
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.07 Invasion!
    The Flash 3.09 The Present
    Arrow 5.09 What We Leave Behind
    Arrow 5.10 Who Are You?

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.08 The Chicago Way
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.09 Raiders of the Lost Art
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.10 The Legion of Doom
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.11 Turncoat

    Supergirl 2.09 Supergirl Lives
    The Flash 3.10 Borrowing Problems From the Future
    Supergirl 2.10 We Can Be Heroes
    The Flash 3.11 Dead or Alive
    Arrow 5.11 Second Chances
    Supergirl 2.11 The Martian Chronicles
    The Flash 3.12 Untouchable
    Arrow 5.12 Bratva
    Supergirl 2.12 Luthors
    Supergirl 2.13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
    Supergirl 2.14 Homecoming

    Arrow 5.13 Spectre of the Gun
    The Flash 3.13 Attack on Gorilla City
    The Flash 3.14 Attack on Central City

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.12 Camelot/3000
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 Land of the Lost

    Arrow 5.14 The Sin-Eater
    Arrow 5.15 Fighting Fire With Fire

    Supergirl 2.15 Exodus
    The Flash 3.15 The Wrath of Savitar
    The Flash 3.16 Into the Speed Force

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.14 Moonshot
    Arrow 5.16 Checkmate
    Supergirl 2.16 Star-Crossed
    The Flash 3.17 Duet
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.15 Fellowship of the Spear
    Arrow 5.17 Kapiushon
    Arrow 5.18 Disbanded

    Supergirl 2.17 Distant Sun
    The Flash 3.18 Abra Kadabra
    The Flash 3.19 The Once and Future Flash
    The Flash 3.20 I Know Who You Are
    The Flash 3.21 Cause and Effect
    The Flash 3.22 Infantino Street

    Legends of Tomorrow 2.16 Doomworld
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.17 Aruba

    The Flash 3.23 Finish Line
    Arrow 5.19 Dangerous Liaisons
    Arrow 5.20 Underneath

    Supergirl 2.18 Ace Reporter
    Supergirl 2.19 Alex
    Supergirl 2.20 City of Lost Children
    Supergirl 2.21 Resist
    Supergirl 2.22 Nevertheless, She Persisted

    Arrow 5.21 Honor Thy Fathers
    Arrow 5.22 Missing
    Arrow 5.23 Lian Yu

    Legends of Tomorrow 3.01 Aruba-Con
    Arrow 6.01 Fallout
    Arrow 6.02 Tribute
    Arrow 6.03 Next of Kin

    Supergirl 3.01 Girl of Steel
    The Flash 4.01 The Flash Reborn
    The Flash 4.02 Mixed Signals

    Supergirl 3.02 Triggers
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.02 Freakshow
    Supergirl 3.03 Far From the Tree
    The Flash 4.03 Luck Be a Lady
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.03 Zari
    Arrow 6.04 Reversal
    Supergirl 3.04 The Faithful
    The Flash 4.04 Elongated Journey into the Night
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.04 Phone Home
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.05 Return of the Mack

    Supergirl 3.05 Damage
    Supergirl 3.06 Midvale

    The Flash 4.05 Girls Night Out
    Arrow 6.05 Deathstroke Returns
    Arrow 6.06 Promises Kept

    The Flash 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
    The Flash 4.07 Therefore I Am
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.07 Therefore I am
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.06 Helen Hunt
    Supergirl 3.07 Wake Up
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.07 Welcome to the Jungle
    Arrow 6.07 Thanksgiving
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.01
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.02
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.03
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.04
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.05
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.06
    Freedom Fighters: the Ray movie extra content
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.01
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.02
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.03
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.04
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.05
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 2.06

    Supergirl 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
    Arrow 6.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2
    The Flash 4.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4
    Arrow 6.09 Irreconcilable Differences
    Supergirl 3.09 Reign
    The Flash 4.09 Don't Run
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.09 Don't Run
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.09 Beebo the God of War
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.10 Daddy Darhkest

    Supergirl 3.10 Legion of the Super Heroes
    Supergirl 3.11 Fort Rozz

    The Flash 4.10 The Trial of the Flash
    Arrow 6.10 Divided
    Black Lightning 1.01 The Resurrection
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.11 Here I Go Again
    The Flash 4.11 The Elongated Knight Rises
    Arrow 6.11 We Fall
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.12 The Curse of the Earth Totem
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.13 No Country for Old Dads

    Black Lightning 1.02 Lawanda: The Book of Hope
    Black Lightning 1.03 Lawanda: The Book of Burial

    Supergirl 3.12 For Good
    Supergirl 3.13 Both Sides Now

    The Flash 4.12 Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
    Arrow 6.12 All For Nothing
    Black Lightning 1.04 Black Jesus
    The Flash 4.13 True Colors
    Arrow 6.13 The Devil's Greatest Trick
    Supergirl 3.14 Schott Through The Heart
    Supergirl 3.15 In Search of Lost Time
    Supergirl 3.16 Of Two Minds
    Supergirl 3.17 Trinity
    Supergirl 3.18 Shelter From the Storm
    Supergirl 3.19 The Fanatical
    Supergirl 3.20 Dark Side of the Moon
    Supergirl 3.21 Not Kansas
    Supergirl 3.22 Make it Reign
    Supergirl 3.23 Battles Lost and Won

    Legends of Tomorrow 3.14 Amazing Grace
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.15 Necromancing the Stone
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.16 I, Ava
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.17 Guest Starring John Noble
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.18 The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly

    Black Lightning 1.05 And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light
    Black Lightning 1.06 Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder
    Black Lightning 1.07 Equinox: The Book of Fate
    Black Lightning 1.08 The Book of Revelations
    Black Lightning 1.09 The Book of Little Black Lies

    The Flash 4.14 Subject 9
    Arrow 6.14: Collision Course
    Arrow 6.15 Doppelganger

    The Flash 4.15 Enter Flashtime
    The Flash 4.16 Run, Iris, Run

    Arrow 6.16 The Thanatos Guild
    Arrow 6.17 Brothers in Arms
    Arrow 6.18 Fundamentals

    Black Lightning 1.10 Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption
    Black Lightning 1.11 Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion
    Black Lightning 1.12 The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain
    Black Lightning 1.13 Shadow of Death: The Book of War

    The Flash 4.17 Null and Annoyed
    The Flash 4.18 Lose Yourself
    The Flash 4.19 Fury Rogue

    Arrow 6.19 The Dragon
    Arrow 6.20 Shifting Allegiances

    The Flash 4.20 Therefore She Is
    Arrow 6.21 Docket No. 11-19-41-73
    The Flash 4.21 Harry and the Harrisons
    Arrow 6.22 The Ties That Bind
    Arrow 6.23 Life Sentence

    The Flash 4.22 Think Fast
    The Flash 4.23 We Are the Flash

    Titans 1.01 Titans
    Titans 1.02 Hawk and Dove
    Titans 1.03 Origins
    Titans 1.04 Doom Patrol
    Titans 1.05 Together
    Titans 1.06 Jason Todd
    Titans 1.07 Asylum
    Titans 1.08 Donna Troy
    Titans 1.09 Hank and Dawn
    Titans 1.10 Koriand'r
    Titans 1.11 Dick Grayson
    Titans 2.01 Trigon
    Titans 2.02 Rose
    Titans 2.03 Ghosts
    Titans 2.04 Aqualad
    Titans 2.05 Deathstroke
    Titans 2.06 Conner
    Titans 2.07 Bruce Wayne
    Titans 2.08 Jericho
    Titans 2.09 Atonement
    Titans 2.10 Fallen
    Titans 2.11 E.L._.O.
    Titans 2.12 Faux Hawk
    Titans 2.13 Nightwing

    Swamp Thing 1.01 Pilot (2019 series)
    Swamp Thing 1.02 Worlds Apart
    Swamp Thing 1.03 He Speaks
    Swamp Thing 1.04 Darkness on the Edge of Town
    Swamp Thing 1.05 Drive All Night
    Swamp Thing 1.06 The Price You Pay
    Swamp Thing 1.07 Brilliant Disguise
    Swamp Thing 1.08 Long Walk Home
    Swamp Thing 1.09 The Anatomy Lesson
    Swamp Thing 1.10 Loose Ends

    Doom Patrol 1.01 Pilot
    Doom Patrol 1.02 Donkey Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.03 Puppet Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.04 Cult Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.05 Paw Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.06 Doom Patrol Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.07 Therapy Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.08 Danny Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.09 Jane Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.10 Hair Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.11 Frances Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.12 Cyborg Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.13 Flex Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.14 Penultimate Patrol
    Doom Patrol 1.15 Ezekiel Patrol

    The Flash 5.01 Nora
    The Flash 5.02 Blocked
    The Flash 5.03 The Death of Vibe

    Supergirl 4.01 American Alien
    The Flash 5.04 News Flash
    Supergirl 4.02 Fallout
    Supergirl 4.03 Man of Steel

    The Flash 5.05 All Doll'd Up
    Supergirl 4.04 Ahimsa
    Supergirl 4.05 Parasite Lost

    The Flash 5.06 The Icicle Cometh
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.01 The Virgin Gary
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.02 Witch Hunt

    Arrow 7.01 Inmate 4587
    Arrow 7.02 The Longbow Hunters
    Arrow 7.03 Crossing Lines

    Legends of Tomorrow 4.03 Dancing Queen
    Arrow 7.04 Level Two
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.04 Wet Hot American Bummer
    Black Lightning 2.01 The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies
    Black Lightning 2.02 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues
    Black Lightning 2.03 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry
    Black Lightning 2.04 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak

    The Flash 5.07 O Come, All Ye Thankful
    Supergirl 4.06 Call to Action
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.05 Tagumo Attacks!
    Supergirl 4.07 Rather the Fallen Angel
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.06 Tender is the Nate
    Arrow 7.05 The Demon
    Arrow 7.06 Due Process
    Arrow 7.07 The Slabside Redemption

    Batwoman 1.01 Pilot
    Black Lightning 2.05 The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem
    Black Lightning 2.06 The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi
    Black Lightning 2.07 The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange

    The Flash 5.08 What's Past is Prologue
    Batwoman 1.02 The Rabbit Hole
    Supergirl 4.08 Bunker Hill
    Batwoman 1.03 Down Down Down
    Arrow 7.08 Unmasked
    Batwoman 1.04 Who Are You?
    The Flash 5.09 Elseworlds Part 1
    Arrow 7.09 Elseworlds Part 2
    Supergirl 4.09 Elseworlds Part 3
    Batwoman 1.05 Mine is a Long and a Sad Tale
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.07 Hell No, Dolly!
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.09 Lucha de Apuestas
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.10 The Getaway

    Arrow 7.10 My Name Is Emiko Queen
    Batwoman 1.06 I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury
    Black Lightning 2.08 The Book of Rebellion: Part One: Exodus
    Black Lightning 2.09 The Book of Rebellion: Part Two: Gift of the Magi
    Black Lightning 2.10 The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros

    The Flash 5.10 The Flash & the Furious
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.11 Seance and Sensibility
    Supergirl 4.10 Suspicious Minds
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.12 The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Batwoman 1.07 Tell Me the Truth
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.13 Egg MacGuffin
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.14 Nip/Stuck
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.15 Terms of Service
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.16 Hey, World!

    Batwoman 1.08 A Mad Tea-Party
    Black Lightning 2.11 The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son
    Black Lightning 2.12 The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust
    Black Lightning 2.13 The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire
    Black Lightning 2.14 The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin

    The Flash 5.11 Seeing Red
    Supergirl 4.11 Blood Memory
    Arrow 7.11 Past Sins
    The Flash 5.12 Memorabilia
    Arrow 7.12 Emerald Archer
    Arrow 7.13 Star City Slayer

    The Flash 5.13 Goldfaced
    The Flash 5.14 Cause and XS

    Supergirl 4.12 Menagerie
    Supergirl 4.13 What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

    Black Lightning 2.15 The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha
    Black Lightning 2.16 The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega

    Arrow 7.14 Brothers & Sisters
    The Flash 5.15 King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd
    Supergirl 4.14 Stand and Deliver
    Supergirl 4.15 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Supergirl 4.16 The House of L
    Supergirl 4.17 All About Eve
    Supergirl 4.18 Crime and Punishment

    Arrow 7.15 Training Day
    Arrow 7.16 Star City 2040

    Supergirl 4.19 American Dreamer
    Supergirl 4.20 Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?
    Supergirl 4.21 Red Dawn
    Supergirl 4.22 The Quest for Peace

    The Flash 5.16 Failure is an Orphan
    The Flash 5.17 Time Bomb
    The Flash 5.18 Godspeed
    The Flash 5.19 Snow Pack

    Arrow 7.17 Inheritance
    The Flash 5.20 Gone Rogue
    The Flash 5.21 The Girl With the Red Lightning
    The Flash 5.22 Legacy

    Arrow 7.18 Lost Canary
    Arrow 7.19 Spartan
    Arrow 7.20 Confessions
    Arrow 7.21 Living Proof
    Arrow 7.22 You Have Saved This City

    Wonder Woman
    Man of Steel
    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Suicide Squad
    Justice League
    Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Black Lightning 3.01 The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of the Blackbird
    Black Lightning 3.02 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam's Tasbih
    Black Lightning 3.03 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream
    Black Lightning 3.04 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroburos
    Black Lightning 3.05 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon
    Black Lightning 3.06 The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door

    Supergirl 5.01 Event Horizon
    Supergirl 5.02 Stranger Beside Me
    Supergirl 5.03 Blurred Lines
    Supergirl 5.04 In Plain Sight
    Supergirl 5.05 Dangerous Liasons
    Supergirl 5.06 Confidence Women
    Supergirl 5.07 Tremors
    Supergirl 5.08 The Wrath of Rama Khan

    The Flash 6.01 Into the Void
    The Flash 6.02 A Flash of Lightning
    The Flash 6.03 Dead Man Running

    Arrow 8.01 Starling City
    Arrow 8.02 Welcome to Hong Kong

    The Flash 6.04 There Will Be Blood
    Arrow 8.03 Leap of Faith
    Arrow 8.04 Present Tense

    Black Lightning 3.07 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus
    Black Lightning 3.08 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace

    The Flash 6.05 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach
    Arrow 8.05 Prochnost
    The Flash 6.06 License to Elongate
    The Flash 6.07 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1
    The Flash 6.08 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2

    Arrow 8.06 Reset
    Arrow 8.07 Purgatory

    Supergirl 5.09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 1
    Batwoman 1.09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2
    Black Lightning 3.09 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis
    The Flash 5.09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3
    Arrow 8.08 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 4
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.00 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 5
    Supergirl 5.10 The Bottle Episode
    Batwoman 1.10 How Queer Everything Is Today!
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.01 Meet The Legends
    Legends of Tomorrow – 5.02: “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.03 Slay Anything
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.04 A Head Of Her Time
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.05 Mortal Khanbat

    Batwoman 1.11 An Un-birthday Present
    Batwoman 1.12 Take Your Choice
    Batwoman 1.13 Drink Me
    Batwoman 1.14 Grinning From Ear To Ear
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.06 Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.07 Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness

    Black Lightning 3.10 The Book Of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn
    Arrow 8.09 Green Arrow and The Canaries
    Supergirl 5.11 Back From The Future – Part One
    Supergirl 5.12 Back From The Future – Part Two
    Supergirl 5.13 A Super Life

    Legends of Tomorrow 5.08 Zari, Not Zari
    Batwoman 1.15 Off With Her Head
    Batwoman 1.16 Through The Looking Glass
    Supergirl 5.14 The Bodyguard
    Black Lightning 3.11 The Book Of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction
    Black Lightning 3.12 The Book Of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID
    Black Lightning 3.13 The Book Of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab The Strap
    Black Lightning 3.14 The Book Of War: Chapter One: Homecoming
    Black Lightning 3.15 The Book Of War: Chapter Two: Freedom Ain’t Free
    Black Lightning 3.16 The Book Of War: Chapter Three: Liberation

    Legends of Tomorrow 5.09 The Great British Fake Off
    Batwoman 1.17 A Narrow Escape
    Batwoman 1.18 If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You
    Batwoman 1.19 A Secret Kept From All the Rest
    Batwoman 1.20 O, Mouse!
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.10 Ship Broken
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.11 Freaks and Geeks
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.12 I Am Legends
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.13 The One Where We're Trapped on TV
    Legends of Tomorrow 5.14 Swan Thong

    Arrow 8.10 Fadeout
    Supergirl 5.15 Reality Bytes
    Supergirl 5.16 Alex In Wonderland

    The Flash 6.10 Marathon
    The Flash 6.11 Love Is A Battlefield
    The Flash 6.12 A Girl Named Sue
    The Flash 6.13 Grodd Friended Me
    The Flash 6.14 Death Of The Speed Force
    The Flash 6.15 The Exorcism of Nash Wells
    The Flash 6.16 So Long and Goodnight
    The Flash 6.17 Liberation
    The Flash 6.18 Pay the Piper
    The Flash 6.19 Success is Assured

    Supergirl 5.17 Deus Lex Machina
    Supergirl 5.18 The Missing Link
    Supergirl 5.19 Immortal Kombat

    Doom Patrol 2.01 Fun Size Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.02 Tyme Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.03 Pain Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.04 Sex Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.05 Finger Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.06 Space Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.07 Dumb Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.08 Dad Patrol
    Doom Patrol 2.09 Wax Patrol

    Stargirl 1.01 Pilot
    Stargirl 1.02 S.T.R.I.P.E.
    Stargirl 1.03 Icicle
    Stargirl 1.04 Wildcat
    Stargirl 1.05 Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite
    Stargirl 1.06 The Justice Society
    Stargirl 1.07 Shiv Part One
    Stargirl 1.08 Shiv Part Two
    Stargirl 1.09 Brainwave
    Stargirl 1.10 Brainwave Jr
    Stargirl 1.11 Shining Knight
    Stargirl 1.12 Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One
    Stargril 1.13 Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two

    Lucifer 1.01 Pilot
    Lucifer 1.02 Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.
    Lucifer 1.03 The Would-Be Prince of Darkness
    Lucifer 1.04 Manly Whatnots
    Lucifer 1.05 Sweet Kicks
    Lucifer 1.06 Favorite Son
    Lucifer 1.07 Wingman
    Lucifer 1.08 Et Tu, Doctor?
    Lucifer 1.09 A Priest Walks Into a Bar
    Lucifer 1.10 Pops
    Lucifer 1.11 St. Lucifer
    Lucifer 1.12 #TeamLucifer
    Lucifer 1.13 Take Me Back To Hell
    Lucifer 2.01 Everything's Coming Up Lucifer
    Lucifer 2.02 Liar, Liar, Slu tty Dress on Fire
    Lucifer 2.03 Sin-Eater
    Lucifer 2.04 Lady Parts
    Lucifer 2.05 Weaponizer
    Lucifer 2.06 Monster
    Lucifer 2.07 My Little Monkey
    Lucifer 2.08 Trip to Stabby Town
    Lucifer 2.09 Homewrecker
    Lucifer 2.10 Quid Pro Quo
    Lucifer 2.11 Stewardess Interrupts
    Lucifer 2.12 Love Handles
    Lucifer 2.13 A Good Day to Die
    Lucifer 2.14 Candy Morningstar
    Lucifer 2.15 Deceptive Little Paradise
    Lucifer 2.16 God Johnson
    Lucifer 2.17 Sympathy for the Goddess
    Lucifer 2.18 The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy
    Lucifer 3.01 They're Back, Aren't They?
    Lucifer 3.02 The One With the Baby Carrot
    Lucifer 3.03 Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith
    Lucifer 3.04 What Would Lucifer Do?
    Lucifer 3.05 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards
    Lucifer 3.06 Vegas With Some Radish
    Lucifer 3.07 Off the Record
    Lucifer 3.08 Chloe Does Lucifer
    Lucifer 3.09 The Sinnerman
    Lucifer 3.10 The Sin Bin
    Lucifer 3.11 City of Angels?
    Lucifer 3.12 All About Her
    Lucifer 3.13 Til Death Do Us Part
    Lucifer 3.14 My Brother's Keeper
    Lucifer 3.15 High School Poppycock
    Lucifer 3.16 Infernal Guinea Pig
    Lucifer 3.17 Let Pinhead Sing!
    Lucifer 3.18 The Last Heartbreak
    Lucifer 3.19 Orange is the New Maze
    Lucifer 3.20 The Angel of San Bernardino
    Lucifer 3.21 Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
    Lucifer 3.22 All Hands on Decker
    Lucifer 3.23 Quintessential Deckerstar
    Lucifer 3.24 Boo Normal
    Lucifer 3.25 A Devil of My Word
    Lucifer 3.26 Once Upon a Time
    Lucifer 4.01 Everything's Okay
    Lucifer 4.02 Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno
    Lucifer 4.03 O, Ye of Little Faith
    Lucifer 4.04 All About Eve
    Lucifer 4.05 Expire Erect
    Lucifer 4.06 Orgy Pants to Work
    Lucifer 4.07 Devil is as Devil Does
    Lucifer 4.08 Super Bad Boyfriend
    Lucifer 4.09 Save Lucifer
    Lucifer 4.10 Who's da New King of Hell?
    Lucifer 5.01 Really Sad Devil Guy
    Lucifer 5.02 Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
    Lucifer 5.03 ¡Diablo!
    Lucifer 5.04 It Never Ends Well for the Chicken
    Lucifer 5.05 Detective Amenadiel
    Lucifer 5.06 BluBallz
    Lucifer 5.07 Our Mojo
    Lucifer 5.08 Spoiler Alert
    Lucifer 5.09 Family Dinner
    Lucifer 5.10 Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
    Lucifer 5.11 Resting Devil Face
    Lucifer 5.12 Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
    Lucifer 5.13 A Little Harmless Stalking
    Lucifer 5.14 Nothing Lasts Forever
    Lucifer 5.15 Is This How It's Really Going to End?!
    Lucifer 5.16 A Chance at a Happy Endeng
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    Color key to make it easier
    Gold = Black Lightning (Earth-?), Wonder Woman (Earth-76)
    Green = Arrow (Earth-1), The Green Hornet (Earth-66) Swamp Thing (2019 series) (Earth-19)
    Red = The Flash (1990 series) (Earth-90), The Flash (2014 series) (Earth-1)
    Purple = Constantine (Earth-1), Lucifer (Earth-666)
    Blue = Supergirl (Earth-38), Smallville (Earth-167), Superman film series (Earth-96), Fleischer Superman Cartoons (Earth-F)
    Orange = Legends of Tomorrow (Earth-1)
    Gray = Vixen (Earth-1), Freedom Fighters: The Ray (Earth-X) Doom Patrol (Earth-21) DC Extended Universe (Earth-?)
    Black = Birds of Prey (Earth-203), Batwoman (Earth-1), Batman 1966 Series (Earth-66), Batman 1989 series (Earth-89)
    Pink = promotional short series (Chronicles of Cisco, Blood Rush, Flash Stretched Scenes, Smallville Chronicles)
    Brown = Titans (Earth-9), Stargirl (Earth-2)

    Most of the work in this thread was already done by an IMDB user called koomy, and you can find his list here:
    Arrowverse - Shared TV Universe -Viewing Order - IMDb

    Show information:

    The Flash (1990)
    Takes place on Earth-90, this is one of the shows that laid the groundwork for what was to come. Several doppelgangers of Earth-90 characters feature on Earth-1 and Earth-3, and the Earth-90 Flash himself features prominently in the Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover events.

    The first show to take place in the Arrowverse proper and the anchor show on Earth-1. The Arrowverse began to expand in season 2, with the promotional mini series Blood Rush and the first appearances of future Flash characters Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow. Would also introduce future Legends of Tomorrow characters such as Ray Palmer and Sara Lance.

    Blood Rush
    A promotional mini web series taking place during Arrow season 2. Can easily be found on Youtube and the whole series lasts less than 10 minutes. Explains a gap in the plots between episodes 6 and 7 of the season.

    The Flash (2014)
    The most popular show in the Arrowverse by far, and the one that largely connects the threads between the other shows. Primarily takes place on Earth-1 but spans the entire multiverse and different timelines. The show received set up in three episodes of Arrow season 2 before debuting on its own the following year.

    Constantine (live action)
    Originally airing on NBC, it was cancelled after one season. It was retconned into the Arrowverse after the fact when John Constantine appeared in season 4 of Arrow. As long as you watch his show before that point, it doesn't really matter when you watch it. Constantine appeared as a guest in season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow and will be a regular character in season 4.

    Two episodes aired out of order on NBC. My guide reflects production order since I think it flows better. However, the episode "Rage of Caliban" was edited with a one-sentence, off-screen voiceover explaining the absence of Zed in that episode to make it fit where they broadcasted it. So if you would prefer, you can watch Rage of Caliban sixth instead of second.

    The first animated series in the Arrowverse. Many characters from The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow make guest appearances in the first two seasons of the show. This version of Vixen guest stars in season 4 of Arrow, while her grandmother is a regular cast member on Legends of Tomorrow starting in season 2. The two seasons were cut into a film with additional content, as noted in the watching order. All additional content takes place directly after the season 1 episodes.

    The Chronicles of Cisco
    Another promotional mini web series taking place during season 2 of The Flash. Can easily be found on Youtube. Follows Cisco working alone at his lab during an overnight shift.

    Takes place on Earth-38 but crosses over with the other shows (most often Flash) 1-3 times per season. Originally aired on CBS before jumping to the CW beginning with season 2. It was claimed that it had no connection with the Arrowverse but it ended up crossing over with Flash before the end of season 1, and then the other shows the following years.

    Two episodes in season 1 were aired in reverse order due to a bombing that happened at the time. This guide reflects the originally intended order.

    Freedom Fighters: the Ray
    Takes place primarily on Earth-X and ties into the crossover event from Arrowverse year six. Animated webseries. The Ray appears on the live action shows and doppelgangers from the other shows appear on the web series. There are some continuity errors introduced by this show which Marc Guggenheim hopes to correct with the release of an official comic book tie-in.

    The Flash Stretched Scenes
    Another promotional mini series, this time airing during the commercial breaks of corresponding Flash season 4 epsiodes. Can be found on Youtube.

    Black Lightning
    Black Lightning features prominently in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and is eventually merged into Earth-Prime.

    Takes place on Earth-167. Largely unrelated to the Arrowverse but several characters have doppelgangers on other Earths and Tom Welling has a speaking cameo in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Smallville Chronicles
    Promotional short series originally aired alongside Smallville. Titles include Justice and Doom, the Chloe Chronicles, the Oliver Queen Chronicles, and Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton.

    Birds of Prey
    WB series from 2002-2003. Set on Earth-203, The Huntress and Oracle are shown having a conversation as the Crisis hits.

    Superman film series
    Brandon Routh reprised his role from Superman Returns during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Despite major timeline inconsistencies, this is implied to be the same Superman from the original film series (Superman the Movie, Superman II, Superman III, Supergirl, and Superman IV). Takes place on Earth-96.

    Batman film series
    Alexander Knox from Batman (1989 film) appears in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Batman and Batman Returns were mentioned as taking place on Earth-89, while Forever and Batman and Robin are confirmed as Arrowverse canon but it is not specified whether they are Earth-89 or a different Earth.

    The team appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The show is set on Earth-9.

    Doom Patrol
    Confirmed as taking place on Earth-21 via a group cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Lucifer Morningstar appears in person during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, where it appears he has already met Earth-1's John Constantine. This show is set on Earth-666.

    Batman 1966 franchise
    Robin from this franchise appears in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, occupying Earth-66. The franchise includes the original 1966 TV series, the 1966 theatrical film, the Green Hornet series, and the later animated films Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman vs Two-Face.

    The Green Hornet
    This show is set on Earth-66 by virtue of its crossover with the 1966 Batman television series.

    Fleischer Superman cartoons
    These shorts are confirmed as taking place on Earth-F by the Crisis 100 Page Giant comic book tie-int.

    Wonder Woman
    This 1970s TV series is confirmed as taking place on Earth-76 by the Crisis 100 Page Giant.

    DC Extended Universe
    Film series beginning with Man of Steel was linked to the Arrowverse via Ezra Miller's appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Swamp Thing
    Swamp Thing from the one season DC Universe show was seen briefly during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Set on Earth-12.
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  3. famicommander Registered

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    (reserved for future use so I don't run out of space)
  4. famicommander Registered

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  5. famicommander Registered

    Sep 29, 2014
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    I have reserved enough space for future use so please feel free to continue any discussions from the last thread or ask any questions.
  6. famicommander Registered

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Updated through the most recent episode of Arrow.
  7. famicommander Registered

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Updated through this week.
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  8. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

    Feb 18, 2017
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    That is one heck of a lot of work. Congrats to you and koomy :up: Incidentally, just looked at koomy's IMDb list that you linked - some of the comments are interesting reading.
  9. famicommander Registered

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Yeah, koomy's page is a great resource. Mine has a few differences but his is the basis that I work off of.
  10. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

    Feb 18, 2017
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    I'm a bit of a continuity nut. Not in the way of being obsessed about it but I find it fascinating and admire the hell out of a publisher/studio/network when they get it right.
  11. famicommander Registered

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    Updated through this week. Legends is slowing catching up, airing by itself.
  12. famicommander Registered

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    I'm thinking about doing another watch through with a crossover guide. It would be spoiler free, but I would mark every crossover episode no matter how minor.

    I'd just mark them with general info. Like the three episodes of Arrow that set up The Flash series, or any episodes of Flash and Arrow which have future Legends of Tomorrow characters, or episodes where villains jump from one show to the other, or when doppelgangers of 90s Flash characters appear, or when minor characters like Captain Singh cross over, or when there are extremely brief cameos like Barry popping up solely as a streak of lightning in a recent Arrow episode.
  13. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

    Feb 18, 2017
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    Sounds like an extremely interesting and useful reference guide. Out of interest, how long do you think that would take you to do? It sounds like a monumental task.
  14. famicommander Registered

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Probably quite a few months but I will update as I go along. I've been meaning to do a rewatch anyway to fine tune the order itself.
  15. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

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  16. famicommander Registered

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  17. famicommander Registered

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    So the animated Constantine series is way different from the live action. There are three possibilities:
    1. They simply retconned the live action show out of the Arrowverse
    2. The animated show doesn't take place on Earth-1
    3. The shows do take place on the same Earth but Flashpoint changed everything

    We know Chas is English in the new show, so clearly something is different.

    Not sure what to do about it. I think I will leave it alone until we get an official word, or at least until all the episodes are out.
  18. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

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    I haven't seen any of the animated Constantine. Just a thought, could it in any way tie in with the animated movie Justice League Dark, where he's again voiced by Matt Ryan?
  19. famicommander Registered

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    The writers said it was inspired by Justice League Dark, yes, but it doesn't seem to tie in.

    And being produced by Greg Berlanti and David Goyer would seem to indicate ties to one or both of the mainline Arrowverse or the old Constantine show.

    We'll just have to wait and see.
  20. Milk Tray Guy 70s Man of Action

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  21. Darkpoet1792 Registered

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    I assumed that this means the Constantine Live Action show is on a different Earth and the animated show is on Earth-1 since the animated show is made by The CW.
  22. famicommander Registered

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    Nothing in the animated show really connects to the appearances Constantine has made on Arrow or Legends, though.
  23. KevTravels Registered

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    You guys need to be watching BLACK LIGHTNING
  24. bowtizbee Registered

    Oct 30, 2017
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    YES!! The whole series has been great but that finale was awesome! I like it, maybe, better than any other CW show.
  25. famicommander Registered

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    Updated the viewing order as well as the information sections in the second post.

    Current issues:
    -We still don't know for sure if Black Lightning is part of the greater multiverse of the Arrowverse, and if so, which particular Earth it takes place on. I imagine come crossover time next season we'll get our answer.

    -We still don't know which Constantine series, if either, is actually canon. As it stands they contradict each other but neither contradicts the appearances of the character on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, so it remains an open question.

    Sorry for the long delay since my last update. All the stop-start scheduling and canon issues really slowed me down.

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