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    With the Arrowverse growing rapidly, it can be tough to keep track of all the shows and what order to watch the episodes in. Even worse is the fact that episodes of Constantine and Supergirl were aired out of order.

    Most of the work in this thread was already done by an IMDB user called koomy, and you can find his list here:

    So anyway, here's the watching order

    Year Zero: The Flash (1990)
    The Flash 1.01 Pilot
    The Flash 1.02 Out of Control
    The Flash 1.03 Watching the Detectives
    The Flash 1.04 Honor Among Thieves
    The Flash 1.05 Double Vision
    The Flash 1.06 Sins of the Father
    The Flash 1.07 Child's Play
    The Flash 1.08 Shroud of Death
    The Flash 1.09 Ghost in the Machine
    The Flash 1.10 Sight Unseen
    The Flash 1.11 Beat the Clock
    The Flash 1.12 The Trickster
    The Flash 1.13 Tina, Is That You?
    The Flash 1.14 Be My Baby
    The Flash 1.15 Fast Forward
    The Flash 1.16 Deadly Nightshade
    The Flash 1.17 Captain Cold
    The Flash 1.18 Twin Streaks
    The Flash 1.19 Done With Mirrors
    The Flash 1.20 Good Night, Central City
    The Flash 1.21 Alpha
    The Flash 1.22 The Trial of the Trickster

    This series takes place on its own Earth and, as of November 2017, has had no crossovers with the other Arrowverse shows (aside from a brief cameo of John Wesley Shipp in the old costume during Barry's trip through the multiverse in "Welcome to Earth-2"). Nonetheless, at least five characters from the show have played doppelgangers of their 1990 characters on one or more Earths in the later shows. And there are also tons of general references to the show on the later Flash show, so it's good to have seen the episodes for context.

    Year One: Arrow Season 1
    Arrow 1.01 Pilot
    Arrow 1.02 Honor Thy Father
    Arrow 1.03 Lone Gunman
    Arrow 1.04 An Innocent Man
    Arrow 1.05 Damaged
    Arrow 1.06 Legacies
    Arrow 1.07 Muse of Fire
    Arrow 1.08 Vendetta
    Arrow 1.09 Year's End
    Arrow 1.10 Burned
    Arrow 1.11 Trust But Verify
    Arrow 1.12 Vertigo
    Arrow 1.13 Betrayal
    Arrow 1.14 The Odyssey
    Arrow 1.15 Dodger
    Arrow 1.16 Dead to Rights
    Arrow 1.17 The Huntress Returns
    Arrow 1.18 Salvation
    Arrow 1.19 Unfinished Business
    Arrow 1.20 Home Invasion
    Arrow 1.21 The Undertaking
    Arrow 1.22 Darkness on the Edge of Town
    Arrow 1.23 Sacrifice

    Year Two: Arrow Season 2 and Blood Rush webseries
    Arrow 2.01 City of Heroes
    Arrow 2.02 Identity
    Arrow 2.03 Broken Dolls
    Arrow 2.04 Crucible
    Arrow 2.05 League of Assasins
    Blood Rush 1.01 Mr. Queen is Unavailable
    Blood Rush 1.02 Roy to the Rescue
    Blood Rush 1.03 Down the Rabbit Hole
    Blood Rush 1.04 The Sample
    Blood Rush 1.05 Closing In
    Blood Rush 1.06 Heroic Deeds
    Arrow 2.06 Keep Your Enemies Closer
    Arrow 2.07 State v. Queen
    Arrow 2.08 The Scientist
    Arrow 2.09 Three Ghosts
    Arrow 2.10 Blast Radius
    Arrow 2.11 Blind spot
    Arrow 2.12 Tremors
    Arrow 2.13 Heir to the Demon
    Arrow 2.14 Time of Death
    Arrow 2.15 The Promise
    Arrow 2.16 Suicide Squad
    Arrow 2.17 Birds of Prey
    Arrow 2.18 Deathstroke
    Arrow 2.19 The Man Under the Hood
    Arrow 2.20 Seeing Red
    Arrow 2.21 City of Blood
    Arrow 2.22 Streets of Fire
    Arrow 2.23 Unthinkable

    Year 3: Arrow Season 3, The Flash Season 1, Vixen Season 1, and Constantine
    Arrow 3.01 The Calm
    Arrow 3.02 Sara
    The Flash 1.01 Pilot
    The Flash 1.02 Fastest Man Alive
    The Flash 1.03 Things You Can’t Outrun
    Arrow 3.03 Corto Maltese
    Constantine 1.01 Non Est Asylum
    The Flash 1.04 Going Rogue
    Arrow 3.04 The Magician
    Arrow 3.05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
    The Flash 1.05 Plastique
    Constantine 1.02 Rage of Caliban (NOTE: This aired 6th on NBC)
    Arrow 3.06 Guilty
    The Flash 1.06 The Flash Is Born
    Arrow 3.07 Draw Back Your Bow
    The Flash 1.07 Power Outage
    The Flash 1.08 Flash vs. Arrow
    Arrow 3.08 The Brave and the Bold
    Constantine 1.03 The Darkness Beneath (NOTE: this aired 2nd on NBC)
    The Flash 1.09 The Man in the Yellow Suit
    Arrow 3.09 The Climb
    Constantine 1.04 The Devil’s Vinyl (NOTE: this aired 3rd on NBC)
    The Flash 1.10 Revenge of the Rogues
    Arrow 3.10 Left Behind
    The Flash 1.11 The Sound and the Fury
    Constantine 1.05 A Feast of Friends (NOTE: this aired 4th on NBC)
    Arrow 3.11 Midnight City
    The Flash 1.12 Crazy for You
    Arrow 3.12 Uprising
    Constantine 1.06 Danse Vaudou (NOTE: this aired 5th on NBC)
    The Flash 1.13 The Nuclear Man
    The Flash 1.14 Fallout
    Constantine 1.07 Blessed are the Damned
    Arrow 3.13 Canaries
    Arrow 3.14 The Return
    Vixen 1.01
    Vixen 1.02
    Vixen 1.03
    Vixen 1.04
    Vixen 1.05
    Vixen 1.06
    Vixen: the Movie Extra Content
    The Flash 1.15 Out of Time
    The Flash 1.16 Rogue Time
    The Flash 1.17 Tricksters
    Arrow 3.15 Nanda Parbat
    Arrow 3.16 The Offer
    Constantine 1.08 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part One
    Constantine 1.09 The Saint of Last Resorts: Part Two
    The Flash 1.18 All Star Team Up
    The Flash 1.19 Who Is Harrison Wells?
    Arrow 3.17 Suicidal Tendencies
    Arrow 3.18 Public Enemy
    Arrow 3.19 Broken Arrow
    Arrow 3.20 The Fallen
    Constantine 1.10 Quid Pro Quo
    Constantine 1.11 A Whole World Out There
    The Flash 1.20 The Trap
    The Flash 1.21 Grodd Lives
    Constantine 1.12 Angels of Ministers and Grace
    Arrow 3.21 Al Sah-him
    Arrow 3.22 This Is Your Sword
    The Flash 1.22 Rogue Air
    Constantine 1.13 Waiting for the Man
    Arrow 3.23 My Name Is Oliver Queen
    The Flash 1.23 Fast Enough

    Constantine can be watched at any point as it doesn't cross over until Arrow season 4. I placed them into the timeline based very loosely on airdates. Note that while my order for Constantine reflects production order as well as the order I personally think flows better, NBC did edit an explanation into "Rage of Caliban" to make it fit where they aired it. It's a single line of dialog by Chas spoken from off screen, which explains that Zed is absent. So watching it in production order does create a very small inconsistency, and if that bothers you then by all means watch in broadcast order.

    Vixen seasons 1 and 2 were originally separate things that fit into the viewing orders in their own way, but in early 2017 they recut them into a film and added some extra scenes to link them. These scenes take place immediately after the point where season 1 leaves off, so that's where I put them in the watching order.

    Year 4: Arrow Season 4, The Flash Season 2, Vixen Season 2, Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Supergirl Season 1, and Chronicles of Cisco web series
    Arrow 4.01 Green Arrow
    The Flash 2.01 The Man Who Saved Central City
    The Flash 2.02 Flash of Two Worlds
    Arrow 4.02 The Candidate
    The Flash 2.03 Family of Rogues
    Arrow 4.03 Restoration
    Arrow 4.04 Beyond Redemption
    Supergirl 1.01 Pilot
    Supergirl 1.02 Stronger Together
    The Flash 2.04 The Fury of Firestorm
    The Flash 2.05 The Darkness and the Light
    Arrow 4.05 Haunted
    Arrow 4.06 Lost Souls
    Supergirl 1.03 Fight or Flight
    The Flash 2.06 Enter Zoom
    Arrow 4.07 Brotherhood
    Supergirl 1.04 How Does She Do it? (NOTE: this epsiode aired 5th on CBS)
    Supergirl 1.05 Livewire (NOTE: this episode aired 4th on CBS)
    Supergirl 1.06 Red Faced
    The Flash 2.07 Gorilla Warfare
    The Flash 2.08 Legends of Today
    Arrow 4.08 Legends of Yesterday
    Vixen 2.01
    Vixen 2.02
    Vixen 2.03
    Vixen 2.04
    Vixen 2.05
    Vixen 2.06
    Arrow 4.09 Dark Waters
    Arrow 4.10 Blood Debts
    The Flash 2.09 Running to Stand Still
    The Flash 2.10 Potential Energy
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.01 Pilot, Part 1
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.02 Pilot, Part 2
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.03 Blood Ties
    The Flash 2.11 The Reverse-Flash Returns
    Arrow 4.11 A.W.O.L
    Supergirl 1.07 Human For A Day
    The Flash 2.12 Fast Lane
    Arrow 4.12 Unchained
    Arrow 4.13 Sins of the Father
    Supergirl 1.08 Hostile Takeover
    The Flash 2.13 Welcome to Earth-2
    The Flash 2.14 Escape from Earth-2
    The Flash 2.15 King Shark
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.04 White Knights
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.05 Fail-Safe
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.06 Star City 2046
    Arrow 4.14 Code of Silence
    Arrow 4.15 Taken
    Supergirl 1.09 Blood Bonds
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.07 Marooned
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.08 Night of the Hawk
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.09 Left Behind
    The Flash 2.16 Trajectory
    Arrow 4.16 Broken Hearts
    Supergirl 1.10 Childish things
    Supergirl 1.11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet
    Supergirl 1.12 Bizarro
    Supergirl 1.13 For the Girl Who Has Everything
    The Flash 2.17 Flash Back
    Supergirl 1.14 Truth, Justice, and the American Way
    Supergirl 1.15 Solitude
    Arrow 4.17 Beacon of Hope
    Arrow 4.18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine
    Arrow 4.19 Canary Cry
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.10 Progeny
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.01
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.02
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.03
    The Chronicles of Cisco 1.04
    Supergirl 1.16 Falling
    Supergirl 1.17 Manhunter
    Supergirl 1.18 Worlds Finest
    The Flash 2.18 Versus Zoom
    Supergirl 1.19 Myriad
    Supergirl 1.20 Better Angels
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.11 The Magnificent Eight
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.12 Last Refuge
    The Flash 2.19 Back to Normal
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.13 Leviathan
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.14 River of Time
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.15 Destiny
    Arrow 4.20 Genesis
    Arrow 4.21 Monument Point
    Arrow 4.22 Lost in the Flood
    Legends of Tomorrow 1.16 Legendary
    Arrow 4.23 Schism
    The Flash 2.20 Rupture
    The Flash 2.21 Runaway Dinosaur
    The Flash 2.22 Invincible
    The Flash 2.23 The Race of His Life

    Supergirl takes place primarily on an alternate Earth and can be watched at any point as long as you watch episode 18 before Flash 2.18 "Versus Zoom". Like with Constantine in year 3, I just tried to throw them in there based loosely on air dates and how I feel they fit into the flow of the other series.

    Year 5: Arrow Season 5, The Flash Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, and Supergirl Season 2
    Supergirl 2.01 The Adventures of Supergirl
    Supergirl 2.02 The Last Children of Krypton
    Supergirl 2.03 Welcome to Earth
    Supergirl 2.04 Survivors
    Supergirl 2.05 Crossfire
    Supergirl 2.06 Changing
    The Flash 3.01 Flashpoint
    The Flash 3.02 Paradox
    The Flash 3.03 Magenta
    The Flash 3.04 The New Rogues
    The Flash 3.05 Monster
    The Flash 3.06 Shade
    The Flash 3.07 Killer Frost
    Supergirl 2.07 The Darkest Place
    Arrow 5.01 Legacy
    Arrow 5.02 The Recruits
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.01 Out of Time
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.02 The Justice Society of America
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.03 Shogun
    Arrow 5.03 A Matter of Trust
    Arrow 5.04 Penance
    Arrow 5.05 Human Target
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.04 Abominations
    Arrow 5.06 So it Begins
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.05 Compromised
    Arrow 5.07 Vigilante
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.06 Outlaw Country
    Supergirl 2.08 Medusa
    The Flash 3.08 Invasion!
    Arrow 5.08 Invasion!
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.07 Invasion!
    The Flash 2.09 The Present
    Arrow 5.09 What We Leave Behind
    Arrow 5.10 Who Are You?
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.08 The Chicago Way
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.09 Raiders of the Lost Art
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.10 The Legion of Doom
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.11 Turncoat
    Supergirl 2.09 Supergirl Lives
    The Flash 3.10 Borrowing Problems From the Future
    Supergirl 2.10 We Can Be Heroes
    The Flash 3.11 Dead or Alive
    Arrow 5.11 Second Chances
    Supergirl 2.11 The Martian Chronicles
    The Flash 3.12 Untouchable
    Arrow 5.12 Bratva
    Supergirl 2.12 Luthors
    Supergirl 2.13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
    Supergirl 2.14 Homecoming
    Arrow 5.13 Spectre of the Gun
    The Flash 3.13 Attack on Gorilla City
    The Flash 3.14 Attack on Central City
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.12 Camelot/3000
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 Land of the Lost
    Arrow 5.14 The Sin-Eater
    Arrow 5.15 Fighting Fire With Fire
    Supergirl 2.15 Exodus
    The Flash 3.15 The Wrath of Savitar
    The Flash 3.16 Into the Speed Force
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.14 Moonshot
    Arrow 5.16 Checkmate
    Supergirl 2.16 Star-Crossed
    The Flash 3.17 Duet
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.15 Fellowship of the Spear
    Arrow 5.17 Kapiushon
    Arrow 5.18 Disbanded
    Supergirl 2.17 Distant Sun
    The Flash 3.18 Abra Kadabra
    The Flash 3.19 The Once and Future Flash
    The Flash 3.20 I Know Who You Are
    The Flash 3.21 Cause and Effect
    The Flash 3.22 Infantino Street
    The Flash 3.23 Finish Line
    Arrow 5.19 Dangerous Liaisons
    Arrow 5.20 Underneath
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.16 Doomworld
    Legends of Tomorrow 2.17 Aruba
    Supergirl 2.18 Ace Reporter
    Supergirl 2.19 Alex
    Supergirl 2.20 City of Lost Children
    Supergirl 2.21 Resist
    Supergirl 2.22 Nevertheless, She Persisted
    Arrow 5.21 Honor Thy Fathers
    Arrow 5.22 Missing
    Arrow 5.23 Lian Yu

    As Supergirl season 2 picks up directly after season 1 ends, the first few episodes of season 2 actually take place before much of the ends of Flash S2, Arrow S4, and Legends S1. I have nonetheless chosen to put the Supergirl episodes in question after the season break, as I think it makes a lot more sense to keep the shows that cross over together linked by seasons. It's really not a big deal because the events take place on separate earths anyway. In theory you just have to be caught up on all the shows before you start watching Invasion, then follow the order from there.

    Year 6: Arrow Season 6, The Flash Season 4, Supergirl Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Freedom Fighters: the Ray Season 1, and Constantine (animated)
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.01 Aruba-Con
    Arrow 6.01 Fallout
    Arrow 6.02 Tribute
    Arrow 6.03 Next of Kin
    Supergirl 3.01 Girl of Steel
    The Flash 4.01 The Flash Reborn
    The Flash 4.02 Mixed Signals
    Supergirl 3.02 Triggers
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.02 Freakshow
    Supergirl 3.03 Far From the Tree
    The Flash 4.03 Luck Be a Lady
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.03 Zari
    Arrow 6.04 Reversal
    Supergirl 3.04 The Faithful
    The Flash 4.04 Elongated Journey into the Night
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.04 Phone Home
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.05 Return of the Mack
    Supergirl 3.05 Damage
    Supergirl 3.06 Midvale
    The Flash 4.05 Girls Night Out
    Arrow 6.05 Deathstroke Returns
    Arrow 6.06 Promises Kept
    The Flash 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.06 When Harry Met Harry
    The Flash 4.07 Therefore I Am
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.07 Therefore I am
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.06 Helen Hunt
    Supergirl 3.07 Wake Up
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.07 Welcome to the Jungle
    Arrow 6.07 Thanksgiving
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.01
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.02
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.03
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.04
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.05
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray 1.06
    Supergirl 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
    Arrow 6.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2
    The Flash 4.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3
    Legends of Tomorrow 3.08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4
    Arrow 6.09 Irreconcilable Differences
    Supergirl 3.09 Reign
    The Flash 4.09 Don't Run
    The Flash Stretched Scene 4.09 Don't Run
    Legends of Tomorrow 4.09 Beebo the God of War

    Constantine is being revived as an animated series on CW Seed, but at this point we do not know anything about the story. We don't know when it will take place, how much crossover it will have with the other Arrowverse shows, how much it will follow up on the NBC series or the Arrow S4 crossover, nor even when it will start production. Once we have more information I will decide whether to refer to the web series as season 2 of Constantine or as season 1 of Constantine (animated).

    CW has ordered a pilot for a Black Lightning show. Since Greg Berlanti is one of its producers and it's a DC property, it's probably safe to say there will be some sort of crossover if the show ends up getting a series order. It could end up on Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-3, Earth-38, or maybe even its own new Earth.

    Color key to make it easier
    Gold = The Flash (1990 series) (Earth-90*)
    Green = Arrow (Earth-1)
    Red = The Flash (2014 series) (Earth-1 primarily, but this show spans the whole multiverse at times)
    Purple = Constantine (Earth-1)
    Blue = Supergirl (Earth-38)
    Orange = Legends of Tomorrow (Earth-1)
    Black = Black Lightning (Earth-?)
    Gray = Vixen (Earth-1)
    Brown = Freedom Fighters: The Ray (Earth-X)
    Pink = promotional short series

    *Earth-90 is not an official designation. I just used it to relate the information that it doesn't take place on the same Earth as the mainline shows.
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    Any chance of getting an update for this?

    Also, what led you to rearrange some of the Constantine episodes?
  3. famicommander

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    I have a more current list. I will post it when I get home later tonight.

    As for Constantine, they aired an episode out of order because they wanted Zed to appear more quickly after writing Liv out in the pilot. The listed order is the production order and originally intended viewing order.
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    Rage of Caliban was altered, though; there's a part where they explain Zed's absence in the episode, so it doesn't make sense if it's aired second.
  5. famicommander

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    It's just one line of dialog spoken from off screen, saying she's in art class.

    I still think the series flows much better watching it second, but don't let that stop you from watching it sixth if that's what you prefer.
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    updated through tonight's episode of Legends

    Also, Chronicles of Cisco ended up being 4 episodes rather than 6
  7. famicommander

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    As of now this is complete, except for Vixen Season 2 which we know takes place sometime before Arrow's S4E15 "Taken" (we know this because Laurel and Vixen know each other when Vixen appears, even though they didn't meet in Vixen season 1)

    Next season should be a lot more straightforward with Supergirl moving to CW and synching up with the other shows more easily.

    Note that if you were looking at an older version of this guide, the order for the last few episodes of Arrow/Flash/Legends was altered significantly
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    The Arrowverse now has
    22 episodes of 90s Flash
    92 episodes of Arrow (and 6 mini episodes of Blood Rush)
    46 episodes of The Flash (and 4 mini episodes of The Chronicles of Cisco)
    13 episodes of Constantine
    20 episodes of Supergirl
    16 episodes of Legends of Tomorrow
    6 episodes of Vixen

    Counting web series episodes, that's a total of 225 different stories to see in the arrowverse

    and for next season
    23 episodes of Arrow
    23 episodes of The Flash
    22 episodes of Supergirl
    13-23 episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (probably 22 or 23, maybe 16)
    6 episodes of Vixen

    So a minimum of 87 more episodes next year, if Legends gets the shortest order possible and there aren't any new web series (Chronicles of Cisco wasn't announced until right before it started airing)
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    If we're going to get technical, the only things that are actually part of the Arrowverse are Arrow, Blood Rush, The Flash, The Chronicles of Cisco, Vixen, and Constantine.

    Supergirl and the 90s Flash series, while connected to the Arrowverse via the concept of the Multiverse, are not actually PART of it.

    They are, however, part of what I've taken to calling the Arrow-Derived Multiversal Reality Construct, which comprises all of the different "Earths" we've seen and the various series set on or involving said Earths.
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    In my mind "Arrowverse" is a portmanteau of "Arrow" and "multiverse", not "Arrow" and "universe"

    Earth 2 and Earth 3 are part of the Arrowverse and they are not the same earth that most of the other shows take place on.
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    Just a PSA

    Constantine is now streaming free on

    You can also find 90s Flash, Vixen, Birds of Prey, Justice League Doom, and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths in their DC Spotlight section, all free

    So at this point you should be able to watch the entire Arrowverse between Netflix, cwseed, and Youtube (as soon as last season's CW shows actually hit Netflix)
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    Here's my Arrowverse watch order:

    Step 1: Disregard everything in the Arrowverse.
    Step 2: Turn on Netflix and watch DD S1/S2 and JJ.
    Step 3: Wait for more Marvel shows.

    I kid. It's a good list. I just lost complete interest in any DC properties over the last year or so that aren't just Batman. Even then it takes a lot to keep me there.
  13. famicommander

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    I added the Constantine episodes into the year 3 watching list based partially on air dates, like I did for Supergirl in year 4.

    Also color coded it.

    Vixen season 2 should be narrowed down fairly soon as far as the year 4 placement, and it when it is that year will be complete.

    The upcoming year 5 will be a weekly work in progress, so it's quite possible (probable) that the viewing order will change as the seasons move along.
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    Guess what was on the back of the Aquaman comic I purchased today?


    It's not listed for sale quite yet but it's coming. Great news. No more CWseed streaming for me.
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    Fanicommander, thanks for assembling this order.

    I have one question about it. I've looked at other orderings on the internet, and they mostly agree with yours (although yours has much more detail). But there is one place where they disagree. Some of them assert that the following episodes must be in the following sequence:

    • Arrow 3x15: Nanda Parbat (2/25/2015): FS, RP. LL.

    • Flash 1x18: All Star Team Up (4/14/2015): FS, RP.

    • Arrow 3x16: The Offer (3/18/2015): FS, RP. LL, QL.

    • Flash 1x19: Who is Harrison Wells? (4/21/2015): LL, QL.

    • Arrow 3x17: Suicidal Tendencies (3/25/2015): FS, RP. LL, QL.
    Note that this is very different than the airing order. However, the argument made for the ordering above is that Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer appear in the episodes marked "FS, RP" above, in that order. And Laurel Lance and Quentin Lance appear in the episodes marked "LL, QL" above, in that order.

    On the other hand, the ordering that koomy and you have created puts these episodes in the following sequence:

    • Arrow 3x15: Nanda Parbat (2/25/2015): FS, RP. LL.
    • Arrow 3x16: The Offer (3/18/2015): FS, RP. LL, QL.

    • Flash 1x15, 1x16, 1x17

    • Arrow 3x17: Suicidal Tendencies (3/25/2015): FS, RP. LL, QL.

    • Flash 1x18: All Star Team Up (4/14/2015): FS, RP.

    • Arrow 3x18, 3x19, 3x20

    • Flash 1x19: Who is Harrison Wells? (4/21/2015): LL, QL.
    • Flash 1x20, 1x21
    This is much closer to the airdate order.

    Can you (or anyone here) clarify which of these orderings is really correct? I suppose it comes down to the question of whether the Felicity / Ray / Laurel / Quentin appearances must logically be in one sequence or the other, or whether it doesn't matter.

  16. famicommander

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    It's been a little while since I have watched year three but I believe the order I have is the best one. Sometimes you will have episodes from each series taking place over the span of several days so there are bound to be some small inconsistencies but I'm fairly confident in my list.

    Next time I watch the shows I will pay special attention to those specific episodes, but again, I think I have it right.
  17. famicommander

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    Also, Vixen Season 2 will begin airing on Friday, October 14. As soon as it does we'll be able to figure out where it belongs and year four will be completely finished.
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    With Constantine finally being released on home media in October it'll shortly be real easy to follow this Viewing Order, at least for the live-action stuff, which will be nice for those of us who are fans of the entire world that Berlanti and Co. have crafted.
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    Constantine Blu Rays arrived today. Now I have the whole Arrowverse on disc except for the web series. I need a compilation of Vixen seasons 1 and 2 plus Chronicles of Cisco and Blood Rush. Make it happen WB.

    Arrowverse year five kicks off tonight.

    The early watching order will be simply based on broadcast order until something in the shows proves otherwise, so naturally it may change significantly as the season wears on
  21. Slade W

    Slade W "Who Is Slade?"

    Mar 9, 2015
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  22. famicommander

    famicommander Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2014
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    I sort of wish Constantine came with a slip cover. It looks out of place with the others.

    Also wouldn't mind a 90s Flash Blu Ray set, but that probably isn't in the cards.

    One thing to note, the Vixen premiere has been moved to Thursday, October 13. Same day Legends of Tomorrow premirees. Arrow is tomorrow night and Supergirl is Monday, October 10.

    Freedom Fighters: The Ray isn't coming until 2017, and we're not sure exactly whether it will be a Spring/Summer kind of thing or if we'll have to wait until fall ala Vixen.
  23. famicommander

    famicommander Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Vixen season 2 episode 1 is available now:

    Still trying to figure out exactly when it happens but I have a bit of a range

    it has to take place after Flash 2.04 The Fury of Firestorm, because it has the Jackson/Stein Firestorm. And it probably takes place before Flash 2.09 Running to Stand Still, because Weather Wizard is in the Vixen episode and he goes to jail in that Flash episode.

    Another small update:
    I added the episode titles for the Blood Rush webseries. As far as I know the individual Vixen episodes and the Chronicles of Cisco episodes do not have titles.
  24. famicommander

    famicommander Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2014
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    I'm not quite sure what to do about Supergirl right now.

    The season 2 premiere picks up immediately after the season 1 finale, meaning it likely takes place well before the last 5-6 episodes each of Arrow S4, Flash S2, and Legends S1.

    But on the other hand, it feels more natural to keep the seasons aligned with each other.

    Not sure that it matters much because there are no further Supergirl/Earth-1 crossovers in Year 4 after Worlds Finest, but I thought I'd make a note of it for anyone who cares.

    I'll probably just keep it as is, and re-evaluate when the crossovers start happening this year.
  25. S. Grundy

    S. Grundy Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2007
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    Group the Supergirl episodes in like 5 episode chunks until it gets to crossover.

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