Assisted Suicide...yea or nay?


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Sep 4, 2004
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Are you for or against assisted suicide? Consensual, non-consensual, and all other kinds there are. What are your thoughts?

I'm for consensual-assisted suicide. Non-consensual should be outlawed, but consensual should definately be legal.
What constitutes consensual...what if they develop a cure a year later, would that person waited for it? does the condition make them delusional? is a decision to take their life totally up to them, if not who else should be allowed to be involved? At what point or for what conditions should this be allowed? At least those are some things to consider.

Basically for me, it violates the Hyprocratic Oath for Doctors, so by that I cannot support it.
If someone wants to die and I kill them, then that should be legal. I just need to drum up enough evidence that supports the fact that several people I hate want to die.
This is a hard one to answer, I need to go make a living will.
Flame on! said:
Have you ever heard of murder?

Yes, and I get your point. I was just saying that so my point would be clear.

Also...Terri Schiavo

This thread started because of a paper i have to write for english class

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