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Dec 11, 2002
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Anyone have any luck with this, in Canada I'm particular? All the info I've seen says it's available in (English speaking) Canada as well as the States, but every time I try and find it, or click on a link for the app, the App Store says it's NOT available in Canada.

I was looking forward to watching the Blu Ray along with this app.
Pissing me off more than just a little a bit.
I'm having the same problem in the US. My app is locked. See my post below.
When you hold the button down it shows "coming soon"
The Amazing Spider-Man will be getting this same type of app/feature on its Blu-Ray release, hope it doesn't cause as much trouble as the Avengers second screen app.
It appears that the Avengers second screen app is not in the Canadian iTunes store.!/search/?q=avengers+canada&src=typd

It is available in the U.S. iTunes store at

I haven't seen any ETA as to if or when it will be available in Canada. This is extremely disappointing.
On of my friends on twitter asked AgentM:

Miranda ‏@Puddingy1113:
@AgentM Hi, Do you know if The Avengers 2nd Screen Experience will be available on iTunes Canada anytime soon or is it a USA only thing?

Ryan Penagos @AgentM:
@Puddingy1113 Looking into it; I know lots of folks in Canada want it. NO solid info yet.
So at least someone is looking into it
NCC1701, My twitter friend in Canada just tweeted that the 2nd screen app is now available for Canadians.

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