Awesome Dick Grayson/Robin T-Shirt


Aug 28, 2012
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I was browsing the other day, and found this amazing t-shirt!

For those of you who are unaware; Qwertee is a site where artists go to submit their designs for t-shirts. The artists retain the full rights to their work, and they get a commission based on the number of shirts sold.

In order to get printed, the designs must be voted on and shared on social media sites. This way, Qwertee has an idea that the shirt design is actaully in demand. When Qwertee is satisfied with the number of votes/shares, they sell the shirt for 24 hours ONLY. After that, the shirt is out of print. This makes the pieces extremely rare and sometimes quite collectable.

I'd LOVE to see this shirt printed. I'm a huge fan of Robin/Nightwing, and would proudly sport a shirt to show off my obsession. I've placed my vote. If you'd wear such a shirt, make sure your voice is heard. A vote and/or a share will the do the trick.

Let's help get this shirt printed!
It's definitely a great design, I wouldn't mind rocking that shirt. I'm digging the other design the artists has up there too of Sonic in his crew as zombies.

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