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Aug 8, 2015
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We have the theatrical version of this film. David Ayer at the time of it's home release with a "directors cut" said there's no other version in a salt mine somewhere making it seem unlikely rough footage was thrown out. Fastforward to last year and we heard a different story. A true directors cut is still buried somewhere unfinished yet way closer than the Snyder Cut was and less costly...

Now that the Snyder Cut has been released on Justice League, I think it can be seen how a general audience just may accept a film with a different style of pacing and tonality despite being a tentpole film. Why is this the case? It seems more people are staying at home now with Covid and a general audience's expectations while streaming/watching at leisure at home vs. in group on an outing I think yields a different reaction it seems even moreso in times we live in now than in the past.

As seen with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, some of the critics haven't adjusted to this notion yet on a film being received well on a mass scale in terms of different viewing context allowing a different kind of pacing and tonality.

As any further movie on Justice League seems unlikely, all the movies post Suicide Squad 1 are all in this new alternate timeline. In other words, a good fan explanation assumes the events of Justice League 2+3 take place involving time travel thus creating a new timeline that exists for the DC films post-Justice League 3.

Here's an idea, the Ayer cut could maybe film a few scenes referencing Justice League 2+3 in terms of what happened as narrated by the Joker post-appearance from Snyder Cut maybe in the Ayer Cut's post-credits scene? Joker can end this new scene by saying the timeline (not "times changed" as he said in Snyder cut but instead echoing the line with "timeline changed") has changed due to the events in Justice League 3 but also wonders if just going crazy...

From there, cue all the rest of the movies that came after Suicide Squad in this new timeline as a little nod to the fans who like to fit things together.

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WB looks pathetic and incompetent already, them releasing another alternate cut would make them "do-over: the studio".

I'll watch anything with Harley but I sincerely doubt much different and better version movie by Ayer exists
WB looks pathetic and incompetent already, them releasing another alternate cut would make them "do-over: the studio".

I'll watch anything with Harley but I sincerely doubt much different and better version movie by Ayer exists

Not as different as the Snyder cut compared to the theatrical but I think Ayer's got a better film somewhere. This film would probably play better for streaming than a theatrical group outing I'd imagine but HBOMax will need more ammo at some point if this Covid situation keeps going.

I like the idea of Justice League 2+3 being in comic format and this Ayer Cut being the last film within this timeline just briefly alluding to the timeline change in the post-credits with Joker as a way to thank Zach Snyder for his acknowledgement in the Snyder Cut that just got released.
If there ever is an Ayer cut, it would be against the table of 6 wishes. The table are the one's per Ann's interview that sat at the table with Zach and greenlighted the Snyder cut last year.

I think that the film has a chance to be made but at this point wouldn't see the light of day until well after James Gunn's sequels been on home release.

Here's just a few interesting alternatives I saw areound 7:00 p.m. on march 23 from Justice League thread that's been buried by this point but interesting to consider given the Ayer cut now seeming more unlikely:

I definitely think the Knightmare could be done as a lower budget mini-series, A lot of people are thinking about this as if it would have to be two more four hour 300m dollar films, but I think if they look at the project as two to three mini-series and give Zack a lower budget (or one big budget he can spread across the projects as he feels necessary) he'd find a way to make it work.

But here's the question, does anyone wanna see a mini-series about evil Superman though? They already got something similar hinted at in Superman and Lois, a taste of it in Elseworlds, and not to mention, The Boys. One of the main criticisms of the Snyderverse is not enough Superman doing Superman things. A Knightmare series isn't exactly gonna help that.

The point I think he or she had was there could be a miniseries vs. Another 3 to 4 hour movie; a tie-in special sort of like Gaurdians 3 is having just not in miniseries format.

I would like to see a miniseries showcasing characters from many years ago. The war scene with Darkseid was awesome.

A glimpse at early Krypton would be fun to see as well. For as much as people like to complain about not seeing Clark go to the store to buy milk, Krypton technology and backstory is more intricate and involved than any depiction I have seen. There's a lot of background information from the whole creative process just waiting to be showcased some more.

There doesn't need to be 300 to 400 million to give fans a little something after this.

Of course Zach has mentioned he wishes he would've set-up Cyborg moreso before Justice League being that he's of course tied to the Mother Boxes as a lot to do within the movie and seemed natural to have a follow-up Cyborg movie given this. Here's my idea:

I'd like to see a Cyborg movie at this point although it won't happen. In a way, this could touch on the timelines changing pre-WW1 due to JL3 events. Ray's Cyborg could be the cataloguer and analyzer of the temporal disturbances around him post JL3. He then experiences a Werner Herzog moment in terms of seeing the world around him as being slightly different.

Cue very brief snippets of Zach's JL 2+3 being shown through a looking glass (just brief synopsis). Cyborg continues on with his own adventure then minus the League... In a world somewhere in the multiverse of possibility...

What additional ways can WB capitalize on the Snyder Cut while not interfering with the subsequent different creative takes on these characters going on now?

I think a tell instead of show angle will have to be utilizied in some movie to address timelines shifting and maybe some brief snippets of footage summarizing then go on with a new adventure. Cyborg I think would be perfect for this. It would be fun to see him and Martian Manhunter meet.
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I really was into the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement, but cannot relate to this one.
As long as I would have preferred to see a more dark SS movie the movie has been totally directed by Ayer and the result is horrible.
What happened to JL was a hole different thing.
WB looks pathetic and incompetent already, them releasing another alternate cut would make them "do-over: the studio".
I see it the opposite way. They already look pathetic and incompetent and that's not changing anytime soon. I don't see an Ayer Cut releasing as adding to that, I'd honestly think that it would help their image. Admit they made mistakes with their meddling, give us the original visions and pledge to do better in the future.
Unlike the Snyder cut, I think the Ayer cut only will fix so much but still worth it as way less money to put together not to mention time from what I've read

One of the things he can't fix is making Joker the main villain like he wants. Presumably, Ayer filmed too many scenes with Jared and Robbie and just couldn't fit it into the movie so it was like a number of long discourses off track perhaps.

I wish someone would ask him how much of the script he had to change before initial photography. If everything he wanted to shoot at the time (not counting afterwards when he saw should've just made Joker the villain) is in there then the Edward Scissorhands treatment could perhaps be undone with a new musical score and editing along with perhaps polishing off a few scenes as well and maybe improving some of the CGI in spots in the 3rd act?

I don't know how much could be improved but in these times why not? It's not like WB is going to fork out a ton of cash for a James Gunn sequel follow-up anytime soon; afterall they're releasing all this years movies on their streaming platform coinciding with theatrical release.:o
Suicide Squad Editor Shares The Major Changes Made To David Ayer’s Version
I would like to see David's final version of the film. I saw what David was trying to do with the film and I thought it was a pretty bold film. It was less comedy. It was a much darker film. It was almost like a Black Hawk Down type thing. It was just very militarized, very serious. I mean, of course there were supposed to be comedic moments with Will Smith, but it was a darker film. I like where David was going with it and it would be really nice to see him be able to finish what he started. I don't know if that will happen now because of James Gunn’s reboot, which I haven't seen yet, but from the trailer it looks like a lot of fun. It definitely feels like a different vibe than what David Ayer would have made, but I am really looking forward to seeing what James Gunn did because I'm a big fan of his work.

It was well over a million feet of film that we shot for Suicide Squad, and it was such a big, big ensemble movie having so many characters that you have to introduce and set up their backstory and the end develop a camaraderie between them all. So, Suicide Squad was a challenge because we had so many characters and at some point we screened it for the studio and they wanted to take things in a different direction. [Warner Bros wanted the] origin of the characters to happen much closer to the beginning and insert a level of comedy into the film.

We ended up having to restructure how the characters were introduced. That was something that we toyed with right up until the movie was finished. In the original structure, the characters are kind of introduced in linear fashion and the way that it ended up, we spent the first 20 minutes like bam, here's this guy, bam, here's this person, here's their origin, here's their backstory. So we kind of shoved everything into the viewer's face right up front so that we could get the story going. Whereas in the original structure, it kind of happened in many events. So you're, you know, 45 minutes in the movie and now we're meeting this person and seeing their backstory. So we found a way to make the film more efficient as far as opening up and introducing all the characters.
I would like to ask someone who is a good 3D designer to TRY TO make David Ayer's STEPPENWOLF as a improved concept art like those made by Jerad Marantz who made Steppenwolf for Zack Snyder's Justice League:




Would anyone know why this version of Steppenwolf has WINGS???









I think we’ll end up seeing this version of the film at some point. It’s a no brainer to release it they stand to gain nothing but profit.
I think we’ll end up seeing this version of the film at some point. It’s a no brainer to release it they stand to gain nothing but profit.
Maybe a few months after the Theatrical release of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.
Maybe a few months after the Theatrical release of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

I think it’d probably be a little longer, if things get worse with the pandemic it could be sooner as they may want something to release while they would have to delay films again. I reckon it’d likely be early 2023 at the earliest though tbh.
Maybe a few months after the Theatrical release of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

Hopefully because to me its less about the movie itself and more about getting this whole thing out of the way, ending the chapter and all that.
It cant get worse than the whole thing with Snyder, if anything it solves a PR problem because people wont stop bringing this up since they already had success with the Snydercut.

Best to get this out and let that topic end.
I truly hope that at some point in the future, we get a tell all documentary about what the bad place was going on at WB between 2012 and 2018.

The catastrophic mishandling of the DC IP across the board has got to be one of the biggest screw ups in Hollywood history.
This is what I really want to see. I have faith that there is a great movie hidden away. It is time to release the Ayer cut. fork Sarnoff.
I tried rewatching this after TSS last night and forgot how bad it really was. Not sure how much a directors cut would improve it.

First, the use of pop culture songs is way over the top. It’s four different songs the first four scenes. It plays like a Thats What I Call Music album after someone saw GotG and wanted their own soundtrack. Except the songs don’t really add to the scenes but distract from them. Unless Ayer had an amazing score we didn’t hear, then I assume the soundtrack stays in.

Second, the story makes no sense. Waller proposes getting a bunch of metahumans together for missions. But then recruits Boomerang who is just a common thief, and Harley who has a pyscho boyfriend?

Hi, here’s Slipknot. His super power is climbing a rope. We didn’t even bother doing a backstory for him because it’s obvious he’s a sacrificial lamb.

Here’s Katana who isn’t even a villain but we wanted someone with a sword.

Diablo spends a day with these people and has a “We are Groot” moment.

And every time Leto is on screen, it’s the opposite of seeing Ledger. I want to turn away and wish he’d hurry up and leave.

So yeah, unless the director’s cut completely changes these story choices, I don’t see much of an improvement.
* The Theatrical Cut was edited by Trailer Park, the Original was edited by Lee Smith, who in past had worked on movies like Dunkirk, Inception, The Dark Knight, 1917, Spectre, X Men First Class. So, better editing .

* The Ayers Cut contains no songs.

* Original score by Steven Price is not drowned out by Songs.

* The part where Harley Quinn was mentioned as an accomplice to Robin's murder was added by Geoff Johns in the Theatrical Cut, no mention of that in the Original version.

* Characters and their back story is more fleshed out in the Original version.


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The first photo released by Ayer of Arkham Asylum, it gives entirely different vibes to what we saw on screen.


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