Bamfer Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Bamfer feat. Bamfwoks and Admiral Bamfar

Ugh......................Your lame support of DB allows me to change my vote:o
I tried to vote for Matt but Bamfer beat me with his belt for even thinking it :csad:
He supports the FairTax, and you don't. It's simple. Sorry, support the FairTax, and I'll reconsider for the next election. :word:

The Hype! has not been made aware of Bamfer's political interests.

So, my point is... how do you know?! :cmad:
I'm SuBe, If you did, I would know.
Weeeell, I'd say the vote is pretty decisive.
Reviving an old thread...

But that too...

I never did get to post my boy love pics. (I had to reread this thread.)

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