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Batman: Arkham Asylum Fan Film Fans

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Oct 25, 2007
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Probably the most original and interesting fan films ever produced. Of course based off the graphic novel, this short film by Miguel Mesas is probably the darkest I have ever seen Batman. The dark overtures of Danny Elfman were a nice touch with the spanish dialogue as it gives it a mixture between Pans Labyrinth and Batman Returns. It just gets it right..the look for Batman is incredible and very spooky by the way.

I know this has been on the internet for quite sometime now but it's only been until now that I seem to be thinking more and more about it and what could be..

If Miguel was allowed to turn this into an actual full length fan film I'm sure it would be amazing and personally, I would like to see it happen. Anyone else as big of fan of this as I am?

There's a thread on this somewhere...but I loved it! Good point it was like a mix of Pans Labyrinth and Batman Returns but I did wish it were in english :p

That is probably my favorite short though, I loved the atmosphere and dark feel to it.
I figured there would be a thread for this out there somewhere but my home computer has dial up and for some reason, this Board just does not want to cooperate late at night. But I'm glad to hear some feedback! It certainly is a great piece of work...it would be amazing to see a full length version of this.
Yeah it's a good film, I like the way certain characters are put across and it'd be cool if he was able to make a full length version, in english!
In english, it would be downright terrifying. Though, I don't think it would have the same effect as this one does.

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