'Batman' charged with obstructing Michigan police


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Jul 29, 2003
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'Batman' charged with obstructing Michigan police

PETOSKEY, Mich. -- The search for a driver who fled an accident scene in northern Michigan over the weekend was apparently a job for a dog, not a bat.

State troopers arrested 33-year-old Mark Wayne Williams because they say he refused to leave them alone after he showed up Saturday night wearing a Batman outfit.

"He wouldn't clear the scene, and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent," State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno told the Petoskey News-Review ( http://bit.ly/QFv0yh). "He said he wanted to help us look for the driver."

"We didn't want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene, and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do," the sergeant said.

Williams wasn't carrying any dangerous weapons, but his costume and gear were confiscated, Gorno said. He was charged with resisting and obstructing police in an investigation, and he posted bond and was released from the county jail. He is due back in court Oct. 18.

A call to a number listed as Williams' Petoskey home rang unanswered Wednesday.

It's not Williams' first brush with the law as the caped crusader.

He was arrested last year after police received a report of a man dressed as Batman on the roof of a Petoskey business. When officers arrived, they found Williams, dressed as Batman and carrying a baton-type striking weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray and a pair of sand-filled gloves.

He pleaded guilty to one count of attempted resisting and obstructing a police officer and was sentenced to six months of probation during which he was forbidden to wear costumes, including his Batman get-up.

Williams said at the time that he never intended to harm anyone.

I see Batman doesn't use deodorant :o
Another day, another chump in a Batman costume...
Maybe Bruce should hire him and take the weekend off.

Unless that isn't what he had in mind when he said he wanted to inspire people...
This should have been the ending of the Dark Knight Rises
Where are his hockey pads?

Apparently, that's the hero that the people of Petoskey, Michigan deserve.
How do we know they're not League of Shadows?
if i were a cop on the force, i'd just be slipping this "batman" false (and outlandish) information and let him go off on his fancy and out of the way of the real cops. it'd be hilarious.
Definitely not the hero Michigan deserves. Or the one it needs right now.
Of course not. The hero Michigan needs is Robocop.
and the crow. what if robocop came back as the crow?! CROWBOCOP!

Seriously, it's lunatics such as this who give comic book fans a bad name.
Every comment in this thread is GOLD.. laughed my ass off on every one
People are always trying to smear the name of the Batman. This will not stand.
Yes, that was what we refer to as a sarcastic comment.
Why are we getting so much spam lately?
I wonder if he's the hero that Michigan needs or the one it deserves right now
Obviously Mark Wayne Williams deliberately got himself arrested so that he could understand the criminal underworld.
The news did an interview with the guy, apparently there was more to the story than that. He said he noticed people (not in uniform) looking in the bushes/ditch area and wanted to see what was going on. He had his partner call central dispatch to see if there was anything going on in the area and they had his partner tell him to leave the area because they were searching for a missing person. He walked away at a safe distance, but I guess it wasn't safe enough for the state trooper who arrested him. On the way to jail, he was lecturing him "Your 33 years old, get over it!" and belittling him for dressing up like Batman.

I wonder if he would have gotten arrested if he weren't in costume.
It's a good thing he wasn't a fan of Superman...could've gotten hurt when trying to fly. ...actually he wouldn't have been hurt trying to fly but trying to land...

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