Batman Comic Scenes Or: The Hose of Awesomeness


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Jul 9, 2004
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I'll be honest, the only reason I made this thread is cause I stumbled upon a (slightly forgotten) Batman scene that I really really like. But, I felt, it really didn't go in the "best pictures" thread as the pictures really aren't all that impressive, but it had to be posted, so once I got home from my local Denny's I decided a new thread would be the best course of action...probably. And that is the sole reason this ****er exists.

Of course, don't think I don't have any confidence in this thread to continue beyond this post, cause I do have that confidence. I have so much confidence in this thread, I'm an ego manic. In any case, it may just end up me posting pages if you people are all too lazy and whatnot to download and/or scan your personal favorite scenes, but I don't care. Happy Easter.

As I said, this isn't exactly from a brand new comic, but Detective #809 released last summer (I think). The arc wasn't that hot, but boy did this scene own. Maybe a little too Punisher-esque, but I'm easy to please. Oh, and dudes, lets keep this to like 3-4 pages at most - any more than that might be illegal possibly.

PS - I just realized I may have already posted this in the picture thread a year ago.



I was gonna put House but then I decided I liked Hose better.
Damn, always a reminder that when he wants to, Batman can be one real as$hole in getting the job done. Also, did anyone else thing that was alittle too close to 'bondage' for comfort? Where's Zev when you need him...
Zev or Zed? Cause Zed is dead. Batman however is free to continue his bondage/rape/eyehole sex. I gotta get more scenes.
Ah. This is going well. This particular scene is from Morrison and McKean's Arkham Asylum. An absolutely fantastic book that I will probably hate you for not owning.

If you do own it, I merely dislike you intensely. :)


I love that story. Too bad that was some of the worst posting I've done. Apologies for the lack of consistency. I'll post higher resolution pictures of any of the pages if you'd like.
Yeah, the Spiderman/Batman thing is kind of awesome, kind of cheesey. Though it was a little cool though. Sorry about the inconsistently again, especially with the last shot.
Oh shoot, I didn't read to the top of the thread until now. Well, the one Batman story came from an 80 page special, so it can't be that bad...
This scene comes from Robin #9. I found it to be a nice little exibit of Batman and Robin's partnership. Albeit cliche.


But Batman wasn't even supposed to know Robin was in the building. :(

That's awesomeness on Batman's part. :(

But yeah, :(
Wow.....looking at this thread, I'm surprised to learn one thing.

I thought the Riddler was gay. Who knew he wasn't.

Great posts by the way. Batman's awesomeness. From this point foward, i shall be known as Admiral Awesome.
Joker always owns batman


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