Batman Graphic Novel Chronological Order?

Discussion in 'DC Comics' started by Gallops, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Sep 29, 2015
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    I've been a fan of Batman since I was a kid, but only was really exposed to the movies/shows/games of Batman and never read the comics.

    I just read Batman: Year One and was wondering where to go from there in terms of the graphic novels?

    I know of the most popular ones but I want to make sure I'm reading them in the right order. If I can get some help with it it would be appreciated.
  2. KevanG Pragmatic Villain

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    Oooh boy. That's a doozy of a question.

    There's a crapton of graphic novels out there but depending on whats going on at the time it differs. There's the 'classic' Pre-Crisis stuff from the 30's-80's, the post Crisis stuff up to the New 52 and the New 52 that we're in now.

    If you're just looking for some good books that sort of follow the Year One books, there's the Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Haunted Knight.

    There's a bunch of stuff from Batmans Year Zero (or whatever it's called) in the New 52 and I've stopped following the New 52 at all. :p
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    Dec 7, 2011
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  4. CConn Fountainhead of culture.

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    Ah. A question as old as time.

    The truth is, the order really doesn't matter.

    Comics, largely, aren't like movies that follow some strict chronology. Most books are successful within themselves or their own creative runs. And half the time, the comic publisher is erasing the character's continuity every decade anyway.

    The lists given are good. They're the classics. But don't get too tied into them being sequels or prequels of each other. For the most part.
  5. Black Adam Registered

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    After Year One, read:

    Batman: The Man Who Laughs
    Batman: The Long Halloween
    Batman: Dark Victory

    In that order. They all follow Year One, and basically cover Batman's early years. If you're a Catwoman fan, check out Catwoman: When in Rome too, which runs concurrently with the second half of Dark Victory and is done by the same creative team.
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    This is pretty close to the truth of the matter, though I will second Black Adam's recommendations...

    Essentially, 'Long Halloween' functions very much like a 'Year Two' and it's very much like a sequel that's not a sequel.

    There is a reason 'Batman Begins' borrows extremely heavily from 'Year One' while 'Dark Knight' does so with 'Long Halloween'. ('Dark Knight' also has the introduction of the Joker, though, while 'Long Halloween' doesn't have that, so reading 'Man Who Laughs' in between is a pretty good next step).

    'Dark Victory' is a somewhat lesser story than 'Halloween', but it's a mostly worthy follow-up, is definitely a sequel, and also serves as a new origin story for Robin.


    That being said, I mostly agree with CConn's advice. Just grab whatever Bat-story tickles your fancy next and try not to read them as being too related to other entries in his canon.

    If you are really interested in a contained, logically progressing Bat-universe, you're better off sticking with the Nolan films (though I would argue about how logical the progress is in 'Rises') or the Animated Series.

    Or the Arkham games, though the timeline presented by 'Origins' screws things up.
  7. Avenger Earth's Mightiest Fanboy

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    I do think it's an interesting exercise, though, to try and piece together a loose chronology of graphic novels chronicling Batman's life and career. Even if some details might not line up 100%, it could be fun. "Hush" builds on things established in Jeph Loeb's other storylines, right? And then "Under the Hood" is based off of a small seed planted in "Hush." Where in Batman's timeline would those fall?

    Other stories I can think of that might ought to be included would be The Killing Joke, A Death in the Family, maybe Knightfall... What do you guys think?
  8. MasahikoTahara Registered

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    Take a look at my timeline on the Ultimate Batman Comics website:

  9. MMMMM...Pancakes Cena Wins LOL

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    Here is the list of GN's I own. I'm open to criticism if you guys think they aren't in the right order.

    Year One
    And the Monster Men
    And the Mad Monk
    The Man Who Laughs
    Haunted Knight
    Rules of Engagement
    Four of a Kind
    The Long Halloween
    Dark Victory
    The Bat and the Beast
    Tales of the Demon
    The Killing Joke
    The Cult
    A Death in the Family
    Vs Predator
    Birth of the Demon
    No Mans Land
    Under the Hood
    Face the Face
    And Son
    Batman and Robin by Morrison
    Batman Incorporated Delux
    B & R Born to Kill
    B & R Pearl
    The Court of Owls
    Death of the Family
    B & R Death of the Family
    Batman Incorporated Demon Star
    Gothams Most Wanted
    B & R Requiem for a Damian
    B & R The Big Burn
    B & R The Hunt for Robin
    B & R Robin Rises

    Black & White
    The Dark Knight Return
    Year 100
    Zero Year (haven't read this yet, not sure where I'll put it until I do)
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