Batman Hates Doctors?

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    Last night the youngest of my brothers was watching videos of Batman Arkham Origins game, and he saw [blackout]Quincy Sharp talking about the two breakouts in one night, and why he should reopen Arkham Asylum.[/blackout] Another video my bro sat through was of [blackout]Harley Quinn talking to one of the Falcone's[/blackout], and the discussion of all the doctors Batman fought with ensued, any kind of doctor, the most prominent ones are psychiatrists

    Doctors in Batman's rogues gallery:
    • Psychiatrists, and psychology specialists:
      • Dr. Harleen Quinzell/Harleyquinn: Loved Joker and went with him
      • Dr. Hugo Strange: Another psychiatrist, his obsession with Batman drove him beyond the brink, and turned him evil
      • Dr. Jeremiah Arkham: Became the second Black mask in recent years
      • Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow: Obsession with fear
    • Medical:
      • Dr. Thomas Elliot: Bruce Wayne's childhood pretender friend, arch rival
      • Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze: Ever since Batman:TAS turned him into the sympahtetic villain, later complete psycho
    • Notable Scientists:
      • Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley/Poison Ivy: Carries a Doctorate
      • Dr. Preston Payne/Clayface: He's the one with the deadly touch of clay, even after the gathering of Clay story he remained a villain, though he found a loving lady understanding him
      • Dr. Kirk Langstrom: Mostly a good guy, and an occasional ally of Batman, but evil in animation
    Any other psycho doctor? Or a scientist?

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