Batman legend - coming soon


Aug 9, 2012
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We are currently in pre-production for a very ambitious Batman short entitled "Batman Legend".

Writer/Director/Editor: Matthew Braney

Synopsis: Dick Grayson returns to Gotham after giving up his mantle as Robin years ago. He arrives to find out that Bruce Wayne has been dead for years and Batman has been missing. Alfred is now wheelchair bound roaming the empty halls of Wayne Manor, still mourning the death of Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson decides to assume the identity of Batman in order to bring him back to the people of Gotham.

This film will have be composed of proper cinematography, acting, sound design, costume design and soundtrack which will all be original. We are going to be filming the opening scene and interviews for the Kickstarter campaign next month. In order to make a proper film that fans deserve, we need the proper funding.

We will be using this to keep Bat-Fans posted!

Teaser image of Dick Grayson's backpack
I like the image it's very simple and to the point with just the 'R' logo.
I'll keep a close eye on this. Sounds good. Good luck.
This sounds pretty cool. Sounds like it would make a good elseworlds comic.

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