The Dark Knight Batman Mask of Phantom Video With The Dark Knight Teaser Audio

That was a good video, one of the best I've seen of this kind.
Your thread will probably get moved, but good job!
Impressive. Not 100% spot on with the lip synching but very close.
the voices really don't match the characters. Good job though, this is really not the place for it though. Might want to do like fan stuff or something
Good idea that was, but I agree with Papa Spank -- the voices don't suit the characters. Was ok though :)
Thought it was pretty good. But it also makes me wanna watch MOP now. which i currently haven't been able to find a good copy of the movie lately. (it's the only one of the batman movies that i don't have)
Haha, that was very nice! I loved the end the most where Joker says "You're gonna break your one rule" while he's grabbing Sal by the collar hehe.
Good stuff! Ledger's voice seemed appropriate for even a cartoon Joker. Bale's voice with Bruce was really strange for some reason though.
Awesome vid, well done!

But this thread is in the wrong section.
lol, thats cool... doesnt match perfectly but comeon thats still cool
Simple, but nice. Since we don't have any REAL footage I guess if you squint you can maybe pretend....:cwink:
good job.
lol it kinda reminds me of a time when ppl wanted Conroy's voice dubbed over Bale's.
I saw one YouTube video recently where it had Christian Bale delivering lines that I've never heard. It sounded like a much longer version of the whole "they've crossed the line" speech. It sounded like something from TDK, if it was I supposed it was some kind of leaked audio clip from a different promotion. I happened to be kinda drunk so I can't find it now, but I remember listening to it and going "where the HELL did this come from??"

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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