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Nov 20, 2004
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Hello everyone, I hate to start this thread for just one question, so I decide to make the title of the thread very broad. This way it can be a thread dedicated to ANYTHING that has to do with ANY MUSIC from ANY Batman movie. :)

But my question for whoever can answer it is:

What is the song that is played, during the scene in the Museum, where The Joker is dancing around making his way to the table with Vicky Vale. I know that it is Prince, but what is the song. If anyone can help it would be great appreciated.

I recently watched the video for that on the Batman: 2 disc Special Edition DVD.

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Which Prince song is your favourite from Batman?

BATDANCE (not actually IN the movie but still from the Batman soundtrack)
SCANDALOUS (end credits after reprise)
PARTYMAN (museum scene)
TRUST (end parade scene)

''Trust'' it really fits the scene with the joker right before the batwing
my favorite on the SDTK is arms of orion, but my fave actually in the movie is trust
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Face to Face
The End is the Beginning is the End
Bad Days
Favorite Prince 'Batman' song is Bat-Dance.


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