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Batman TAS Soundtrack


Dec 5, 2007
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Hey, i wanted to know if anybody knows of a Batman TAS soundtrack? I know there was one for MOTP, but i haven't been able to find one that has the themes and pieces from the show. I know they made music for each episode, or at least i heard.
No, but I would love to own one, the music in that show is really incredible.
Well the closest thing i could find was this page. http://anbat.toonzone.net/music/index.html THey have the intro music for each ep, it's pretty cool. Oene thing i do notice is that it wasn't only shirley walker working on TAS, but there were other composers too.
that's funny...i watched that episode yesterday. It's when joker has garbage on a boat and put his laughing gas on it, pretty good ep.

That same site also has the intro theme.
I checked Amazon & couldn't find one. It would be a pretty cool product though.
Ya there isn't. They do have one for Batman Beyond and it's really good. Even though it wasn't what i wanted. I guess for now I'll have to listen to those intros lol. They're so good. Sometimes I forget they were for a kids show. You don't hear that kind of stuff in cartoons anymore.

Also batman beyond wasn't by Shirley Walker, It was by Kristopher Carter. He also did stuff for TAS.

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