Batman Triumphant and Batman: DarKnight scripts?


Feb 5, 2013
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As most of you probably know, before Christopher Nolan was hired to reboot Batman there were a lot of idead thrown around by WB on how to continue the franchise after Batman & Robin. Frank Miller's Batman: Year One script is floating around the internet, but two other projects said to be continuations of the Burton/Schumacher-franchise are also known: Batman Triumphant and Batman: DarKnight. Wikipedia has info on some of their story elements, which I guess means that the scripts are available somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them. Does anyone know if they ara available somewhere online?
I'd be interested in reading these as well.
They are probably behind studio walls and in lockdown. I own, but I can not share anything about, Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman' script. Because I was behind studio walls. Those behind the walls have to sign a contract meaning we can read and have these confidential scripts. HOWEVER we can never tell anyone about them or send them out, and people have tried PMing me in the past - I still refused. It's almost like 'The Giver.' All of these awesome things that we can't share. Basically, you're going to be hard pressed to find it because even if they did have them no one would put their career on the line by sending them out. So, while they may be floating, they are still very much so under lock and key.
I've got the opening scene of the Triumphant script.


Batgirl: I tell you, I'm hotter in this batsuit than Britney Spears.

Robin: I'm hungry. Let's get some pizza.

Batman: First we have to go defeat a new enemy. The Scarecrow.


Alfred: I'll have the new neon interior decorations all set up before you return, master Bruce.

Batman: Just don't get sick and die or something while we're gone.


Batman: We're a family! Now lets go fight Scarecrow!

The rest of the script just devolves from there. Scarecrow has some dialogue like "This is the last straw!" and "I scare about you!"
Does anyone have Aronofsky's and Miller's Batman: Year One script in PDF format?
Years ago, I read what I think was BATMAN TRIUMPHANT. It was an official script from WB, featuring The Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and the return of The Joker. It wasn't great, but it was more serious than BATMAN & ROBIN. I used bits of its story as influence for my own fanscript sequel, also titled BATMAN TRIUMPHANT.

I'm not sure there was ever a script called BATMAN: DARKKNIGHT. There was BATMAN TRIUMPHANT and BATMAN: RETURN OF THE JOKER before WB moved on to other attempts (YEAR ONE, ASYLUM, etc).

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT was the title I gave my own BATMAN TRIUMPHANT sequel.

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