Batman vs Joker Relationship

the last son

Aug 23, 2012
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How should it be handled? Should there be a set formula or should writers be able to interpret it in a way they feel it should work? I ask because to me it should be simple that they should be nemesis and nemesis only. While playing the Arkham games they share a mutaul respect for each other while I feel that is not the way it should be. I have a hard time believing Batman respects the Joker in any way shape or form.

I don't care if Batman is responsible for the Joker or not. The Joker put himself in that position to be corrupted further. The Arkham games displayed it as they were long lost brothers and I know they are two sides of the coin, but that's just it. There should not be any conversations between the two about how life is working, or why Joker sees life that way. Batman should treat Joker life the scum he is.

I think the Dark Knight handled it well and certain comics have as well where Batman is on the edge about whether to kill the Joker or not.

I was sickened at the fact that at the end of Arkham CIty Batman carried out Joker for any reason what so ever, I don't care if it was to send a message or not. He should have dragged Joker out like the garbage he was. I do find it interesting at how Batman would live without Joker but not to the point where Batman is depressed about it. I know Batman is depressed about not being able to save Joker but oh well. Joker is a grown man who made his choices.

In conclusion I just find it weird when writers feel the need to write Batman and Joker as Batman respecting Joker as a nemesis or whatever.

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