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Batman Vs. Superman - The Movie.


Dec 27, 2007
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Hello, Hypers!

I Wrote a Thearthical version of ''Batman VS. Superman'' and i decided to share with you. Remember, I INVENTED everything you're going to read:


The Initial credits of the movie are animated, showing the differences between Metropolis and Gotham City.

After the Credits, we see Metropolis. Clark Kent is walking on a Train station, but he loses the train. A Newspaper boy makes fun of Clark, that is always late. Clark buys a Daily Planet the newspaper boy is selling, when he hears something.

Using his telescophical vision, Superman sees the machinist was shot and the Train is running out of control and will crash on the way. Clark goes in to a alley and revels the ''S'', becoming Superman.

The Train is going faster and faster, and everyone is scared. Faster then a Speeding bullet, Superman show up and uses the Heat Vision to take the train out of the thrill. Then, he uses the Super-strenght to impeach te Train to crase and saves everyone putting the Train on de Metropolis Park.

Superman goes investigatte who shot the machinist, but the shooter alredy run away. He goes back to the Daily Planet.

Then, we cut to Gotham City, at night. A Group of criminals is putting stealled weapons on a Truck, letting Gothcorp enployees tied up and leaving. When they are about go, Bat-Rangs fly off.

Batman shows up and face the thieves, Fighting with them. He defeats everyone easily, and Free the Gothcorp enployees. Batman watch the police come to arrest the criminals and leaves.

Batman go back to the Batcave and find Alfred cleaning the Bat-computer. Batman activates his monitors and sees that a conteiner was steealed from Gothcorp while he was facing the thieves. Discraction.

Batman goes to Gothcorp and sees the conteiners report. He notices that only one Conteiner was robbed. The one with 50 t of Kryptonite.

On Metropolis, Clark Kent is typing a Article for the Daily Planet, when Lois Lane show up. She says she got exclusive reports about the train craft: The Machinist was shot from a Distance of, at least, 50 M. Only a Trained shooter coulf do that.

Clark hears everything ans sees the pictures Jimmy Olsen take: A Silver Bullet, blindated. Clark is leaving when Perry calls him and says he's going to give Clark an exclusive report: Lex Luthor contract with the Army for an Robot Army. Clark is worried.

Batman goes to the Gothcorp building and invades their computer to know where the Kryptonite was going: Metropolis. When Batman come back to the Batcave, he sends Alfred to find a motive to Bruce Wayne visit the City of Tomorrow. Alfred gives de invitation from Lex Luthor's Robot Army apresentation.
Lex Luthor's Comemoration for the Robot army apresentation arrives, and Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are Both there. Clark is with Lois and Jimmy and Bruce is with a Silver St. Cloud, a Socialite also invited for the party.

Lex Luthor appear and makes a speech about the confrontation of Humans and upper creatures. Bruce and Clark Hear the speech, And after, they see a demonstration of the Army abillities.

When the comemoration starts, Clark and Lois go interview Bruce and Silver. Sparks fly of Clark and Bruce, that don't like eachother.

Suddently, an explosion happens. Armored goons show up destroyng everything. They are coordenated by the Joker, killing several people. Superman and Batman show up and surprise eachother. Joker uses Kryptonite to knockout Superman and acts like Batman and he work together. The police arrives and Joker escapes with his Goons.

The people of Metropolis accuse Batman and he needs to runaway, getting the Kryptonite Joker leave behind. Superman goes off and back to be Clark Kent, he notices that Bruce Wayne also desapeeard.

At a Penthouse where hes living, Batman analyses the Kryptonite. He finds evidences that that Kryptonite is the one robbed from Gothcorp Container. Batman sees that Comissioner Dan Turpin created a Batman squadron to Find the Dark Knight.

Tracing strange bodies on the Kryptonite, Batman finds Joker hideout. When he invades, he discovers himself trapped in a House. Acussed of invading, the Dark Knight is cercated by the police.

Using the Batmobile, he runs away, But Superman shows up. He fights with the Batmobile in a Factory and when he gets Batman, is exposed to the Kryptonite, and Batman escapes.

Monitors record everything. On a internal room in Luthorcorp, Lex Luthor watches everything. Joker is there too, and Lex says that, when the Joker really kill Superman, he is going to receive his 12 million dollars.

Joker laughts and reveals his secret Weapon. Luthor sees everything and Smiles.

Latter, Superman go back to his apartment, and discovers a gadjet of Batman to trace him. He looks in the WIndow and Sees Batman looking at he. Superman is furious.
Batman is searching for evidences of the trapp setup for him, when he hears a boom.

Superman show up at the Penthouse, using his Heat vision agains the Dark Knight. Batman Tries to Get the Kryptonite, But Superman melt a lead box and destroys the rock.

Superman and Batman face off, Eith Superman in Vantage, When Batman run Away. The fight reaches the Skys and only Stop when Batman activates de Batmobile to knockout Superman.

Batman and SUperman discuss, and Superman uses his X-Ray vision against Batman, but the Dark Knight cowl is reforced with lead.

Superman and Batman put everything clear and it's clear someone is manipulating then to fight. When they discover everything, Robots created By Lex Luthor show up to kill the World's finest.

Joker attacks Lois Lane in the Daily Planet and Silver ST. Cloud in her apartment, and arrest both in a advanced Laboratory protect by the Goons and the Robots.

Superman destroy the Robots, when Batman discovers about the Kidnapps. Batman usas the Batcomputer to trace Joker to the Laboratory and him and Superman go there.

When they show up, Reflectors with Red Sun radiation put Superman down, as soon as Poison nockout Superman.

The Robots put Superman in a Kryptonite room where he slowly starts to die. Batman is stuck in a cell with Venom gas.

Superman uses all his forces, but he is too weak. Batman drows himself on the night his parents where murder and vanquishes madness, escaping the cell with a Hiddem Bat-rang.

The Robots attack him, But he explode them and gets his belt back. He searches for Superman cell and activates de Lead walls, Freeing the Man of Steel.

Soon, they discover Lois and Silver are no more there. Tracing then, Batman and Superman got to a abandoned Luthorcorp facility. Batman is attacked By Lex, using a advance armor with Kryptonite rays.

Superman invades the room and finds Lois and Silver, But Joker shoots him with Kryptonite bullets.

Batman face Luthor, who destroys everything with his weapons. Infecting Luthor's internal system, Batman freezes him and go save Superman, But the Joker attacks him.

Lois and Silver are Free thanks to Batman and take the Kryptonite Bullet out of Superman chest. Batman knockout the Joker, but Luthor shows up. Superman, cured, faces and defeats Luthor.

Superman and Batman arrest Joker, that explains Luthor payd him to kill the Machinist and distracts Superman to robb the Kryptonite. He explains that Luthor is the headmaster, but Lex explodes the battle suit and says that he was poisoned by the Laughing Venom.

Superman and Batman sees eachother habillites where special to the mission and become friends. Superman takes Lois to a ride and then, Lois meets Clark in the Daily Planet, and kiss him in the cheek for being worried.

In his way back to Gotham, Silver reals Brece she knows he's Batman, and Alfred leaves knowing they have to talk.

On Luthorcorp, Luthor sees the videos of Superman and Batman Team-up and says now he's redy.

On a big screen, we see ''PROJECT: LEGION OF DOOM''.

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