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    Think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the whole Thor v Kurse debate.

    Talked to the folks I went to see TDW with, and they all agreed that Thor was buggered, and his face showed it too. Not "what do I do now?" but "ugh, ow, ugh, ow, ugh fist hurt ! "

    Not sure if he was knocked out, but he was well on his way to getting there, and he wasn't hitting back, and didn't look like he was going to recover. Down here, we call that a "hiding"

    However, when I see it again, if it's clear he wasn't in too much danger then I'll admit it.

    What I think wasn't particularly good writing was how Kurse shrugs off Mjolnir, (although was it thrown or was it in Thor's hand ? Mjolnir seems a lot less powerful when he throws it, remember that Hulk caught it in Avengers.

    Okay back to Kurse, he can shrug off this incredibly powerful magic weapon, but can be impaled by a blade?

    That didn't really make sense, you would think someone who could stand up to that kind of impact would be tough enough to resist a blade....yes different kinds of impact, but at least he would be tough enough for it not to completely impale him.

    Maybe Odin's spear should go through Kurse, but not just something that Loki
    picked up. (although I suppose in the prologue we see several Asgardian warriors surrounding the "accursed" warriors and impaling them with multiple spears.....which makes the Mjolnir thing even make even less sense.

    There must have been a better way to destroy or disable Kurse, which would have allowed him to give Loki an (apparently) fatal blow.

    Interestingly, both Kurse and Faora were ultimately overcome by singularities
    (the phantom drives created a black hole) and the dark elves grenade (which looked to have a very similar effect, although for much shorter and over a much smaller space. Maybe then we can call it a tie !

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