Ben 10 live action movie.

It was pretty awesome! I just thought that wildmutt would be more scaly than furry.
I seen part of it. I'm actually surprised that they showed it on tv. You'd think that would be a big screen release.
I watch the movie. it was really good. it had some cool specail effects. I watch some of the cartoons to. they had a catoon marthorn of it.
It comes on again tonight at 7 or 8 on Cartoon network.
I also wanted XLR8 to be in the movie.

Maybe for part 2.

How long was DH in the movie and who did he fight?

I was bored so I was going to watch...maybe I'll see some nice special effects...So it was the ending and I see the girl talking to her adult brother ( not sure wth was going on, just started watching) and her acting is total crap...talking like this with no expression :dry: I know it's a TV movie but it was just ...ugh... and I changed the channel immediately...jesus...
Dont suppose anyone can PM me a link to download this film can they?

I've done a search myself but can't find it anywhere so wondered if there is anyone he with more skills that can actually find it.

Thank you in advance!
it may be on dvd in a few weeks
i meant to tape it last night but i think the circut breakers nknocked my place power out for a while when the movie ran i'll tape tonights repeat
it hasnt shown up on mine yet maybe in this weeks update or should i say UPGRADE in ben 10's case i saw it yesterday its a keeper i think
saw ti when it came out. it was actually pretty entertaining. i enjoyed the special effects especially for Wildmutt.
Where's the thread for the rumored Ben 10 theatrical movie

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