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Besides Avengers, i'd love to see other MCU movies in Kingdom Hearts games.


Jul 13, 2011
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Afterall Disney owns the rights to MCU and Kingdom Hearts, besides having The Avengers in Kingdom Hearts III and for other KH spin-offs i'd love to see Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Just imagine Sora and his 2 friends dressed as Asguardians in Thor world fighting along with Thor against the new baddie of the new movie in Asguard, our heroes dressed as soldiers fighting along with Capt America in 1944 Germany to fight Nazis, Heartless soldiers and Red Skull as the baddie and Malibu with Iron Man fighting along with our heroes against Mandarin and Whiplash to the Heartless.

You get Hammer Keyblade, Iron Keyblade and Shield Keyblade plus for Guardians you can have Rocket Raccoon to fight alongside or use him as a summon.
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I wanna see

Iron Fist
Moon Knight
Dr Strange

And not in the avengers
what's this "Infinity" video game that Disney is promoting?
I would be up for Marvel characters in Kingdom Hearts!

Infinity as far as I know is a game built around small figurines from a variety of Disney movies, that you purchase and then use as your avatar in the game, where each film has its own world. Or something.

It actually looks and sounds pretty neat.

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