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Mar 7, 2015
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What were your best and favorite fight scenes? So far my favorite is The Episode 2 Ending fight. Best for me as well imo.
Yeah the episode 2 fight. I'm a huge fan of long takes anyway and they're even more impressive to me when you can do a fight in them. The fights were all great though to me. I was also so happy to not be disappointed with the Kingpin/Daredevil fight. You knew that would be different compared to all the other fights and I feel they did a great job of giving you a great story telling fight. I thinks that what is probably the biggest compliment to all the fights on the show in that they really tell the story and express the emotions that are going on perfectly while also being so bad ass.
Its a tie between Matt/Stick and the episode 2 hallway fight. The hallway fight probably wins because i love tracking shots and i love how exhausted Matt was but just wouldnt let up. Captured the character perfectly
It's a close tie between Matt vs Stick, Matt vs Nobu, and the ending fight scene in episode 2.
The hallway fight in episode 2 is obviously great. But I also love the fight with Nobu in episode 9, the fight with Fisk on the street/alley in episode 13, and the first fight scene on the docks in episode 1.
I think the episode 2 fight is the clear winner. Not only the best fight scene on television but better than most movies. As others have said not only great from a choreography and cinematography point of view but perfectly tells the story and the character. It's even better when you consider how short of an amount of time they had to plan it and the fact that the majority of the scene is Cox actually doing the stunts himself with limited vision due to his mask.

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Three faves: Hallway, Stick and Nobu/Fisk. Each had its distinctive flavour and emotional weight. Hallway was scrappy and strenuous, Stick showed us the student surpassing the master, and Nobu/Fisk totally dismantled Matt.
Nobu fight was my favourite. I'm hoping the next Hand Ninja antagonist is a little more interesting, but I loved the fight and the ninja suit looked great. Usually ninjas look pretty generic, but not this one.

I also liked the Matt Murdock vs Melvin Potter fight, I liked seeing Daredevil get his handed to him by pure brute strength at first. Can't wait to see the inevitable Daredevil vs Gladiator fight.
The hallway fight scene is just pure perfection... It is probably *THE* best fight scene I've seen in a superhero show (well, any show actually), and better than most movies' fight scenes. I'm still on episode 7 so I can't comment on the rest of the fights but this one was just amazing... I am watching the show with 3 other friends and everyone was left speechless.
Not the whole way through it but the hallway fight was the best so far for me. I wonder if the director did that as a subtle nod the classic hallway fight in Oldboy.
Loved episode 2's fight. but there are so many great ones. Just loved the way it was shot. The camera pans around showing you the apartment, different rooms, obstacles and gangsters. Then turns around and shows his entrance. The subtle music building the tension. Then he stops and you can tell he's using his radar sense tosee what the viewers have just seen. Then he stops by the door and builds himself up. Then bursts in. You see him throw a couple of punches but the door shuts and all you hear are sounds. The camera then pans leaving the fight to see the corridor of the flat. Then a gangster comes crashing through the closed door. The viewer knows the noise has alerted the other gangsters. It has totally drawn you in now. One comes to investigate but is hit in the head by a mini fridge. Then out comes DD fighting. The camera actually goes through the fight and watches it from the otherside. The fight continues and he gets knackered.
When it's over he goes to the door where the kid is being kept but stops. He then lifts his mask. Showing his compassion for a scared kid.

Simply amazing.
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Fight in episode one in Karens apartment/outside in rain with flashbacks to his dad during it.
End of episode two.
Final Fisk V DD fight in episode 13.
The bowling alley fight was pretty crazy and brutal too.
Matt vs. Stick for sure!

Matt vs. Nobu was also wunderbar.
I keep checking YouTube for someone to post some of the cooler fight scenes. I want to rewatch all of them over and over again without going through the whole episodes.
Matt vs. Nobu was straight up nasty. It had me wincing and I'm usually so jaded to tv/movie violence. Best fight. So happy they nailed the style of DD's fighting. His acrobatic, parkour ninja style craziness. I can't wait to see him doing that more in the suit. Also, can you imagine Iron Fist?!
I'm torn between the episode 2 hallway fight and the end brawl with Kingpin.

If the fights have all been great this season, imagine what they could do with Elektra.
My top 3:

Matt/Stick at the docks. It reminded of the dock scene from Batman Begins. Just silently taking out everyone one by one.

Matt saves Karen from the Russians. Lights go out. Bad guys go down.

Hallway fight scene. Enough said.
I've got three episodes left to go. So far, it's the fight with Nobu for me. That fight was just brutal. You could feel every slice, and the way it was threaded throughout the episode just made it feel more weighty. The hallway fight is a close second, though. That was beautifully done. Finishing it up today!
May need to watch the Nobu fight again... Brutal as you guys say, but I felt [the filming] took me out a bit. Nitpicky, but still.

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