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Dec 16, 2012
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I know this a board about general music and books, but I figured this would be the best place to post this thread.

Sometimes, when I get my hands on a good superhero novel, I like it just as much as reading a comic...sometimes even more so. They can be adaptations of a certain comic arc or original stories. I haven't read nearly all of the superhero books that there are, but I have read a handful that are truly exceptional. The only downside to them is that some they can get continuity heavy and a base understanding of characters and such can make the read easier to grasp, other than that I think superhero books are a great way to get into the characters if you can't afford buying/collecting TPB's and such.

This is a list of some of my favorite superhero books. What are yours?

Batman: No Mans Land By Greg Rucka-A comic arc not completely loved by fandom, given life through prose. There are a lot of characters to follow and it takes a bit for the book to come together but it is constantly entertaining, captures EVERY character wonderfully, and really captures the tone of the comics. It's dark, has great action and is taken seriously. It's more than just fun little jaunt to pass the time. It's a legit novel imo.

Spider-Man: The Sinister Six Trilogy by Adam Troy Castro- This is pretty much the closest a prose novel can get to feeling like a comic. This trilogy is a bit cheesy, and bit goofy, but oh so much fun. It's big, bold, bright and one hell of a fun read. The action is some of the best written action I've read in a superhero film and it helps that he nails the characters and takes the time to explore them. For sheer entertainment value, this trilogy is amazing.

The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast by Peter David-One of the Hulks most praised writers takes to prose to deliver one hell of a fun, thrilling and surprisingly character driven take on the Green Behemoth. Like No Man's Land, this is good enough to be considered a real novel, and not just a fun time waster. It feels a tad rushed at times, but nothing that truly feels like a detriment to the gripping read this is.

X-Men: Mutant Empire Trilogy by Christopher Golden-Gripping plot, excellent representations of the characters (better than the recent comics at the time imo) and fun action. A superhero novel wins when it can really feel like you are almost reading a comic. This trilogy does this. One of my favorite X-Men stories period. Comic or not.

Iron Man:Armor Wars by Greg Cox-A lot of similarities to the recent Iron Man 3. Tony is out of the armor for a good majority of the novel and must use his wit and know-how to get himself out of a jam. AIM is also heavily featured. The fun of this novel is how it reads. The continuity is a bit screwy, but forgivable. It reads like a techno-thriller while still feeling true to the comic. I find Iron Man as a comic to be very, very hit or miss. This novel, like the X-Men trilogy I just mentioned, is one the best Iron Man stories ever. It makes Tony interesting (something the comic has a hard time doing) and makes Rhodes a compelling action hero in his own right. The MASSIVE underwater battle with AIM subs and torpedoes in one of the best action set pieces of any superhero novel I've ever read.

Daredevil: Predators Smile by William Golden-He did it again. Nails the gritty tone of the Miller run, moves at a brisk pace and never lets up. Not as nuanced as his X-Men trilogy or some of the other books on this list, but just an intense action/adventure that does the characters justice. This is also the most accessible book on this list for newbies (no insult intended) trying to explore the character.

The Death and Life of Superman by Roger Stern-The novelization of one of the most iconic arcs in comics history. Some real background knowledge is a good thing to have for this particular book. It features many characters and references to things the layman wouldn't know a thing about, but it even so the book never gets completely bogged down in continuity. It captures the boy scout aspect of Supes without feeling hokey or old hat and all the supporting characters are well realized. The action is awesome and the emotion of the story is surprising in how well it's executed. A great representation of the mythic quality of Superman.

What are some of your picks for best superhero books?
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