Best Fighting Moves in Movies


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Oct 23, 2002
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What has been some of the best moves you've seen a character do during a fight in a movie?

One obvious choice, those fast punches Bane lands on Batman during their second fight.
All the fights in IP man with Donnie Yen, if I had to name one it would be IP man vs 10 men where he just turns someone's face into pulp with ultra fast close quarter punches.
One of my favorite kicks from Undisputed 3.

There is too many to name. But at the top of my head:
Donnie Yen in Ip Man, especially Yen vs 10 karatekas, as mentioned above.
Pretty much every fight in Donnie Yen's Flashpoint and Jet Li's Danny the Dog.
The Undisputed movies has some really cool moves as well.
Good topic!

I always like in The Bourne Identity when Bourne drove a pen (or similarly sharp object) in between a rival assassin's fingers -then in the next film he tried to do the exact same thing and the assassin he was fighting quickly countered the move. I just enjoyed the little followup.
Anything with Tony Jaa

Anytime Tony Jaa hits someone with a knee, it looks like the most devastating move in the world.

My favorite fight move is when Donnie Yen pins Jackie Chan to the ground in Shanghai Knights. I think it's partially because I was still kind of new to fighting cinema, so I was like "Who the hell is this guy kicking Jackie's ass?!"
I love the grit of the punisher fight.

In the film immortals the two fights; Gods versus Titans, Cavill vs. Rourke are just full of great moves.

when Neo sticks his fingers into Smith's neck.
Well the Matrix movies still have some pretty good fight scenes in them (Weather you liked Reloaded and Revolution or not). As for sport fight movies like boxing, UFC then I would go with Warrior with Tom Hardy.
i liked the scene in transformers 2 where optimus prime takes on the decepticons on his own..till sam the tit gets him killed.
i know it cgi..but still looks cool.

i also like the fight scene in the toilet at the beginning of casino royale...very realistic and very cool


Also any Bruce Lee move in his movies... and pretty much everything from The Raid.
There was a pretty cool fight in "Double Team" where Van Damme fights a dude who's holding a knife with his foot, instead of his hand.
I'm not sure it's a 'fighting move' perse, but I did enjoy the infamous curb-stomp from American History X.

I also really enjoy when people use their immediate environment. Jackie Chan is undoubtedly the undisputed master of this. The film Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon had some great ones too, especially the scene where the bad guys invade his home. One of the most memorable was in the bathroom, Bacon is on the floor with a shotgun to his head and the bad guy is a half second away from pulling the trigger -Bacon then literally pulls the rug out from under him and the shotgun blast is directed elsewhere.
The alley fight in They Live! Best I've ever seen.
Batman vs Lau's henchman in Hong Kong from TDK.
Goemon's fights in Goemon

I liked some of those quick ones Bane pulled on Batman before kicking him to the ground in the first fight. That head shot he took where the cowl got a shatter mark was neat. Bane mowing through cops as he searched the crowd for Batman at City Hall looked good.
Also any Bruce Lee move in his movies... and pretty much everything from The Raid.

My favorite part of The Raid was when Iko Uwais slams that guy's head into the wall five times as the guy falls. Laugh out loud funny.

Anyway, this fight is several years old but always stood out to me, skip to 3:37:

The beginning of the book of eli where he backs into the shadows and kills that gang of cannibals....that **** was ****ing artistic
I always liked the end fight scene Snatch.


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