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Best glass case display for new TDKR Batpod

dude i need that one as well - and fear toxin batman with scarecrow. its gonna cost us $$$$$$$$

I would love to get my hands on the Fear Toxin Bats/Scarecrow Figures as well. Again ebay is not making it easy for us lol.
Yeah, I've been hoping that Sideshow would get some new Batman Begins figures in. I like the DK suited figure but I just like the BB figure better.

I'm kinda waiting to see what the figures from SS DC comics line are going to go for and what all they are going to come out with. I'm hoping that they come out with a good looking Wonder Woman to go with my HT Bats and Supes.

I wish HT would do a Lynda Carter WW. That would look great with my Keaton Bats and Reeve Supes. :woot:

I completely agree with you that as much as i do love the DK suit, the Begins suit is just Epic! Especially the Cowl. Just extremely intimidating.

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