Best Sci-fi movie of the 21st century (so far)


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Mar 5, 2003
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Not much competition admittedly but we have had some great sci-fi movies over the last 12 years, some poor and some awful ones as well, but some great ones to choose from. Total Film nominated Sunshine, and I find it hard to argue, but i'm gonna have a think before voting.
Sunshine could have been the best sci-fi, until the lame twist.
Wow, just realised I have missed Star Trek, Serenity and A.I, will get these added ASAP.

EDIT: Just requested to add a load more.
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I voted for Moon. It was an intelligent, well told story and pretty much just the one actor carrying it. Good old Sam Rockwell.
I couldn't find Transformers on the list so I clicked Star Trek :D
I cannot decide between Inception and Children of Men.
I couldn't find Transformers on the list so I clicked Star Trek :D

I was actually going to put Transformers on the list as I find the first movie to be superb still to this day. I just didnt think anyone would vote for it.

Anyway, I voted for District 9, amazing Sci-fi film which literally had everything, it JUST shades out Serenity, was very hard to choose between those 2.
depends what day i have:
-Children of Men

Sunshine would be a clear winner if they didnt have a ''religion'' twist. almost a perfect movie. but thats Boyle. he makes a perfect movie and then f... it up.
My vote for Avatar has been deleted and I can't vote again.
Kanly !
i would go for either children of men or sunshine, quickly followed by star trek.
Tough one for sure. I would say it is a tie between Inception and Children of Men.
For me this is so hard, because there are different ones that are great for so many different ways, some because of visuals, others because of the direction, writing, or acting, others just because of how much fun they are.
I meant to vote for Avatar but accidentally clicked on Inception. I'm not being sarcastic either. Inception doesn't even feel like a sci fi film.
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These movies that I think are good and peope might still be watching in the future (next 30 years).

Attack The Block
Donnie Darko

There are two Sci-Fi comedies that I really like as well

Hot Tub Time Machine
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
I'm going to say District 9.

Liked Sunshine, Moon, Children of Men and Minority Report as well.
It's hard to choose just one. But from the list, I could lean towards Star Trek 2009 just because I have so much fun watching that movie.
i think the entertainment factor is not enough with scifi movies. there has to be more and there has to be something deep.
Children of Men and District 9. There are a few others on that list that I like a lot as well, but the two I mentioned feel the most modern and relevant.
There's so many good choices on that list. It's hard to pick just one!

I went with Star Trek because I think optimism in science fiction has diminished in the last few decades and it takes a swell bit of achievement to tell a science fiction story without falling back on 'everything is doomed'
Star Trek, while a perfectly enjoyable movie, doesn't really deal with any science fiction themes in any interesting way.

Also I have my suspicions that many people will be voting for Looper in a few weeks.

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