Best superhero movie ever?

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You're doin gods work my friend, thanks.
On my all-time list I have Black Panther currently ranked #26

Behind X-Men First Class at #25 but ahead of Incredible Hulk at #27

Honestly, Black Panther isn't close to being great.
You're doin gods work my friend, thanks.

You're welcome! :yay:

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Back on topic:

I'm not big on ranking movies because they can be great (or terrible) in many different ways. However, I do think that Black Panther is right up there with the very best films that the genre has produced. Whether I'll rank it as #1 or #2 will depend on what I think after subsequent viewings. There could be a tie. :awesome:
This isn't even my favorite MCU movie. It's great but it's not a masterpiece. There are some notable flaws that hold it back.
Speaking of The First Avenger, god it's crazy how Johnston's career's pretty much just petered out. He hasn't really done anything since TFA, couple of little TV movies aside, and now he's doing some lower-budget Narnia sequel nobody'll see and then retiring?

:csad: Craziness, such a waste. Would have thought TFA being fairly successful might have been a bit of a shot in the arm for the guy.
1) Logan
2) The Dark Knight
3) Watchmen

4) The Avengers
5) Hellboy II: The Golden Army
6) X-Men: Days of Future Past
7) Guardians of the Galaxy
8) V for Vendetta (good but overhyped)
9) Blade
10) The League of Gentlemen

Most of these early 2000/mid 2000s superhero movies in this list are just there because of nostalgia.
For me personally? No..
But I don't have a problem with someone thinking it is.
Marvel always introduces some new character everyone has a unique power and finally, they become assembled to protect the earth, and country from villains, Several Superheroes like HULK, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain America, and many more, My favorite one is Iron Man I am huge fan this superhero is best if you looked at him he is the simple man don't have special powers but the use of brain and science he became an unbeatable superhero, his charm his presence of mind makes me fan, I always missed him on those big screen why they make an end of Iron Man. Why did they introduce the death scene of Iron Man in the end game movie.
Infinity War and Into the Spider-verse are my favorites.

I guess my top 10 would be...

Infinity War
Into the Spider-verse
Batman 89
Winter Soldier
The Mask
V for Vendetta
Superman the Movie
Sin City
I have a feeling that even after 10 years still nothing will change. The Dark Knight will still reign supreme.

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