Best Superhero movie Smackdown ! post your fave Superhero movie fight scene !

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    Hey Super-fans,

    time to post your favourite Superhero movie smackdown. Post one,
    post two, post a top 5, go for it. Just give us the gritty detail,
    from each mighty blast or blow.

    Here's mine !

    Top 5

    1) Man of Steel : Superman vs Faora and Nam Ek in Smallville.
    All in all the most destructive and vicious superhero smackdown.
    Fast paced, vicious and with heaps of carnage - for a light intermission
    Faora wipes out a platoon of soldiers, while Superman trades blows with
    a 9 foot tall kryptonian, in a hail of bullets and cannon fire,
    which he finishes by flying the giant up in the air and punching him
    a mile or so away into a railway. Of course the giant then throws a train
    at him.

    2) Spider Man( Tobey Maguire) vs the Green Goblin: ouch ! No CGI, just a full-on man to man fist fight. Nothing fancy, just a nice and simple fight.
    The lack of special effects is what makes it great + the level of desperation of the combatants.

    Honourable mention to Spider Man 3: Peter vs Harry. The two trade insults and then smack seven kinds of crap out of each other. They also trade taunts, about Mary-Jane, all that was needed was a "yo mamma".

    It's a fight with the kind of hate that only two ex-best friends could have.

    It's brutal, and ends with a grenade blowing up in Harry's face, but by then
    you are pretty sure he had it coming !

    3) Fantastic Four: rise of the Silver Surfer,
    The Human Torch absorbs the powers of the others and smacks the crap
    out of Dr. Doom. Using flight, flames, rock-hands and stretching powers all at once. Doom is so annoying in the film, (much like Harry in Sm 3) he also really had it coming.

    4) Avengers Hulk vs Loki : not so much a fight, but an ass-whooping.
    "Puny God !" Hulk rag-doll slams Loki to a resounding cheer from the audience ! (again, he had it coming, do we see a theme appearing here).

    5) Batman 1989: Batman vs Joker. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. POW ! Batman gives the Joker a well-deserved beating.
    At the time I thought it was surprisingly nasty, as he really pounds him, but
    by today's standards it would be a light massage.

    Honourable mention to The Dark Knight Rises, a brief fight scene
    when Batman saves Blake from being executed and wipes out about 7 of Bane's Thugs in the space of 20 seconds. I did enjoy the first Batman vs Bane smackdown, until everyone pointed out the punch that never lands,
    but otherwise I enjoyed how badly Bane kicked Batman's ass ! (going into
    Bane's lair, all alone, and he throws a firecracker, instead of a grenade,
    hate to say it folks, but ......he had it coming !
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    1. Batman 89: Batman vs. The Joker's Goons.

    Batman's dramatic entrance through the skylight, the car chase through the street, the fight in the alley, the drive back to the bat cave, that scene defines batman for me. Bats beconing Bob the Goon to him after he wipes the floor with the other goons is just the icing on the cake.

    2. Man of Steel: Smallville Fight.

    You summed it up great. I had a huge smile on my face through the entire thing. I particularly love the beginning where Superman sacks Zod at high speed and starts beating on him while flying through the cornfield.

    3. Spiderman 2: Train Fight.

    The action in this scene is spectacular. Love the visuals of Doc Ok and Spiderman fighting on the clock tower and falling onto the moving train. Ok throwing Spidey through the bridge is awesome and them fighting on the side of the train is truly unique. The ending with Peter stopping the train is pretty intense as we'll.

    4. X Men First Class: Submarine Lift.

    The exposition of Eric struggling to move large objects is really well payed off here. The musical score really adds to it. The effects as the sub crashes into the beach are excellent. The following fight is very entertaining and the finale between Charels and Eric where Charels gets shot is one of the most emotional scenes I've seen in a comic book movie. I also loves how it intercuts between Charels and Shaw during Shaw's death. Really wonderful sequence.

    5. Batman Returns: Batman vs. The Circus.

    This fight never gets old for me. I love how bone crushing Batman's punches sound. Great fight choreography in this scene too. I love how Bats walks the streets like a boss and even though bothers people how he kills that fat circus guy, I love it. The smile he gives him when he puts the bomb in his belt is priceless. The Catwoman vs. Batman fight on the roof is also great. It's just a great scene all together.

    Runner ups:

    Spiderman vs Green Goblin in Spiderman
    Batman vs Bane Pt. 1 in The Dark Knight Rises
    Batman vs. Ras in Batman Begins
    Superman vs Zod in Man of Steel
    Wolverine vs mystique in X Men
    Wolverine vs Mansion intruders in X2
    Thor vs Loki in Thor
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    1. Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock (Clock Tower/Train) - Nearly ten years on and this is nearly flawless. The CGI may have aged, but Raimi's sense of vision and fun have not. The camera rockets through the fictional New York skyline (really more Chicago) in a fight that uses the streets, sky, buildings, vehicles and plummeting human beings all to its stunning advantage. For sheer awe and execution, nothing has yet been more exhilarating.

    2. The Avengers and co. (New York) - While I don't think Whedon topped how Raimi swirled his camera, he surely did exceed him in sheer scale and comic book mayhem. This sequence is pure madness and possibly the most fully realized comic book throwdown yet in movies. It is fun, grandiose, but never overlong, boring or revolting. Pure comic book glee when the Hulk is bounding up in the skyline or in the long "steady cam" shot (it really shouldn't count as that when it's in a computer, but boy is it awesome).

    3. Spidey vs. Doc Ock (Bank/Building) - Same combatants as number 1, but hey, Raimi and his crew outdid themselves. This one had classic Spidey humor, a King Kong reference, a Jurassic Park reference and is the first superhero movie moment to add literal vertigo into a sequence. Plus Rosemary Harris rocks. As does Alfred Molina's quipping.

    4. Batman vs. Bane (Sewers) - "...And then I will break you." Really says it all. Perfect build up to him stepping into the trap, and then it is just a painful, painful beatdown that ends in one of comic's most iconic moments. It also has a Darth Vader call back in the single superhero sequence yet filmed where Batman actually looks like he CAN fight while in the suit (even though he ironically is getting his ass kicked).

    5. Nightcrawler vs. Secret Service in X2 - Mozart + Bampfing + Oval Office = Good times.

    6. Hit-Girl vs. Gangsters (Save Big Daddy)
    7. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin (Final Fight)
    8. Spider-Man vs. Harry Goblin (First Fight)
    9. Wolverine vs. Stryker Men (X2)
    10. Hulk vs. Thor (Hellicarrier)
    11. Spider-Man 3 Battle Royale
    12. Hit-Girl vs. Gangsters (Razul's House)
    13. Spider-Man vs. Sandman Round 1
    14. Spider-Man vs. Sandman Round 2
    15. Superman vs. Zod (Man of Steel Ending)

    I think my take away here is that even if SM3 is bad, no body has yet topped Raimi's creative energy and eye for superhero fights. Maybe soon enough.
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    1.) Batman vs Bane 1: I liked seeing Batman walk into a trap and get utterly dominated. Bane's technique was interesting, and I liked Bane's dialogue here.

    2.) Batman vs Scarecrow: I don't know if you'd consider this a fight, but Batman overwhelmed by the Crane's toxins and set on fire looked cool.

    3.) Batman vs Bane 2: It was tremendously satisfying to see Batman break Bane here. I liked his quip, too: "...then you have my permission to die." Gave me chills.

    4.) Iron Man vs the Mandarin: I liked the Extremis.

    5.) Nuada Silverlance's fight scenes. I need to refresh myself on Hellboy II, but I remember being impressed with the choreography here.
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    Thanks dude,

    I totally forgot about Spider-Man 2 (vs Doc Ock) all of the fights in that film were very really good. Great list of runner-ups, although I can't believe that
    I forgot Nightcrawler vs the SEcret Service, that was the best part of X 2.

    I actually enjoyed "The Last Stand" , so the final battle in that one wasn't too bad - had to laugh at Juggernaut knocking himself out.

    If you haven't seen Thor TDW yet, the fight vs Kurse is a bit lame, IMO, but the final fight vs Malekith is pretty cool,
    as he and Thor hop between the 9 realms as they trade blows

    On the other end of the spectrum , I found Hulk vs Abomination kind of a let-down. For whatever reason, it just didn't seem, well....big enough !

    Also, I didn't really enjoy any of the fights in Amazing Spider-Man, maybe it was the CGI, but for whatever reason, it didn't quite work.
    Also, surprisingly, The Wolverine's fight scenes were a bit too frenetic for me.
    Which is a shame, as the X2 mansion fight was a classic, at last we see Wolverine do what he does best.

    Thanks for the posts people ! :)
  6. The Joker

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    1. Spider-Man vs Doc Ock on the train
    2. Batman vs Bane in the sewers
    3. Spider-Man vs Doc Ock in the bank/building wall
    4. Nightcrawler vs the White House security guys
    5. The Avengers final battle
  7. BoredGuy

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    Nightcrawler v. Secret Service
    Thor v. Hulk
    Wolverine v. Yakuza
    Iron Man v. Killian
    Battle of New York
  8. jonathancrane

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    1. Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike.
    2. Thor vs. Malekith
    3. Batman vs Joker (TDK--Building Under Construction)
    4. Iron Man v. Mandarin (Oil Rig)
    5. Hulk v. Military (@ the University in TIH.)
  9. Thoix

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    1. Batman vs. Bane Pt. 1 (The Dark Knight Rises)
    2. Superman vs. Faora and Nam-Ek in Smallville (Man of Steel)
    3. Spider-man vs. Doc Ock on train (Spider-man)
    4. Night Crawler vs. White House Secret Service (X2: X-Men United)
    5. Batman vs. Bane Pt. 2 (The Dark Knight Rises)

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