Comedy Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley

With how well Bad Boys is doing, I really feel this would’ve killed over the July 4th weekend in theatres.

Instead, Netflix will say it was watched over a billion minutes which won’t mean anything to anyone.

Though, my understanding is Netflix is only licensing this for a time? Technically if this proves successful by streaming metrics, Paramount can make Beverly Hills Cop 5 their own if they want to. At least it also means we might actually see a physical release of this.
Where's Beverly Hills Ninja? :o
That kind of info would probably matter to some if it was released in theaters.
$150 mil for a Beverly Hills Cop movie? Come on yall, that's dumb as hell. There is no reason you need that kind of budget for a Beverly Hills Cop movie. Sorry

The third movie had a budget of $70 million back in 1994. Compare that to a movie like Speed which had a budget of $30-37 million according to Wikipedia
So it's roughly the same budget as the 3rd movie counting inflation.
Also I’m sure Eddie Murphy doesn’t come cheap.

Bad Boys Ride or Die had a budget of $100 million and this is the same kind of movie as that. And that movie has TWO big stars. Theres no reason a police action comedy should have a superhero movie budget.
The third movie had a budget of $70 million back in 1994. Compare that to a movie like Speed which had a budget of $30-37 million according to Wikipedia
And the 3rd one was awful, lol! Also didn't need that kind of budget.
Yeah that budget for this kind of movie doesn't make sense.
Here's a question though: filming practical and in-location is cheaper than using a bunch of CGI?
Finished it, had fun with it. It's a solid send up of sorts of the first movie and I dug it was mostly shot on location and they didn't really use a lot of CG.

Also I'm so happy for Taylour Paige getting a mainstream gig like this, she needs a boost in her career.
Had a pretty good time with this. Definitely laughed a few times and thought the action was solid. Murphy slipped right back into the role perfectly!
What a difference a decade makes.

We almost had a Beverly Hills Cop tv show starring Axel’s son with only an Eddie cameo but now have a full fledged sequel starring the man himself.

Sometimes projects getting shelved do work out for the best.

That was a lot of fun! Eddie Murphy captured the character once again like 30 years haven't passed by. Those scenes where he is impersonating someone had me laughing out loud.
It could've used some more of the original trio together, but it wasn't a deal breaker. I think the pacing of the movie worked on its favor.
After rewatching the first three during June, this fits right in.
While I wouldn't put this on the same level as something like Dolemite Is My Name this is easily the most energetic Murphy has been in a while and it actually felt like he was putting in some real effort.

Not all the jokes land and I had some problems with how certain characters were written but I found myself laughing quite a bit during this and the action sequences are surprisingly solid.

The fact that most of it looked practical is probably the reason why it cost so much and to be fair I think it looks better than most Netflix films but man they could have at least given it a proper theatrical release.

This definitely deserved better IMO.
just watched it loved it all the main leads were great and I loved the songs from past films showing up and the score while not done by Faltermeyer the guy who did it did a good job nice call backs to BHC 2 for example.
I enjoyed it as well. It’s nothing groundbreaking. Is it completely believable that Foley would still just be a detective let alone on the force? Nope. But Eddie definitely didn’t phone it in like his last few movies and the jokes for the most part worked. I only wish they had shot on film to give it a real 80s look but that’s a minor quibble
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