BEWARE: "X-Men Revealed" Wal-mart DVD Is Bogus!

Why is this thread still active? Unless FOX is doing something about the whole mix up otherwise don't repeat what others are posting.
here's something non repetitive-if you hate you walmart bonus disk so much send it to me:cwink: :woot:
Has anyone else been told that they would recieve the right disc in the mail soon?????
No no, I haven't been contact, Oh man I'm gonna lay out of the internet so my phone will ring...was it by phone? By mail? when?
04nbod said:
here's something non repetitive-if you hate you walmart bonus disk so much send it to me:cwink: :woot:
Hey, I would gladly accept a donation too! :oldrazz:
It's official, we're screwed.

I called Fox Home Video again today and the operator told me that they recently got the memo from corporate that there will be no replacement disc and nothing is going to done, just "oops" and "sorry". In case anyone wants to call them and I hope you do just to bug them, the number is

eh o well. i wonder y they even bothered to set up a hotline if they just ended up just burshing it aside.

do all the new orders in stores have the problem fixed or is it still hit and miss as to the deleted scenes as well?
I'm already on record as being appreciative of this "bogus" disk. Among the comic book creators featured in this documentary was artist Dave Cockrum, who in 1975 helped reimagine the X-Men as we know them today including in the 3 movies. Dave passed away on November 26 and, I, for one, am glad that video of someone so important to the X-Men was captured on this DVD.
Dark Lightning said:
Do you know what happens to Lightning when he's robbed by Walmart? :cmad:


I went to Wal-mart to purchase the DVD Combo pack featuring the X-Men Revealed edition. I assumed that I'd be getting a better bang for my buck. On the back of this "Exclusive" DVD packaging it said that I was receiving 50 minutes of interviews with Stan Lee, Brett Ratner, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and the rest of the X-Men cast, how they landed their roles, and trained physically for them with this film. There was also supposed to be some behind-the-scenes film footage. Cover promo art from X3 was all over the front and back of this DVD package.

Well, I popped the DVD in and--lo and behold--it's a documentary on the X-Men comics; i.e. an interview with Cockrum, Claremont and other X-Men writers and artists. Now keep in mind that the DVD packaging advertised a program named X-Men Revealed. And the disc art itself reflected that too. But it was nowhere to be found. Not one member of this cast was even shown during the program, let alone any film footage.

Annoyed, I took it back to the store and exchanged it for another copy. Took it home. Popped it in. Same fricking outcome. :whatever:

Therefore, I'm warning you guys to be careful when considering purchasing the Wal-Mart so-called "Exclusive" X-Men Revealed DVD. I was jipped twice!

Did anyone else have a similar or different experience?

From Michael Allred:
yeah i was mad too,but i got it for x-mas so i cant complain

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