World "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" Superman 14 DVD Disc boxset has been CANCELLED!!!


Aug 11, 2005
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According to The Digital Bits:

By the way, a lot of you have been e-mailing to ask us what ever became of the 14-disc Superman DVD box set that Warner had talked about earlier in the year. Basically, what happened is that 14 discs in one box set became 11 - 8 in the Christopher Reeve box set, and 3 available separately (1 for the Superman II: Donner Cut, and an as-yet-to-be-announced 2-disc Superman Returns DVD release). So there will be no 14-disc set - the plan simply changed as production moved forward. It happens like that sometimes. Just so you know.

It has already been speculated that it wasnt going to happen becaue the WB didnt mention it in their last warner video Superman dvd announcment. It seems it has been take over by the The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection which features eight discs and contain Suprman I-4 (not includin the Donner Cut of Superman II with loads of extras....
its okay cuz were still getting most of the crap that would have been in it, all of it proably but its gonna cost alot more not in A BOX SET ALL TOGETHER,

We are stll getting a Four Disc Superman: The Movie.....:up: :)
a 4 disc Superman the movie?? So what all is on it? Is it the same version we already have on dvd with those wonderful extra scenes--or still more unseen footage??

I could see the writing on the wall about the 14 disc set once the Chris Reeve collection dvd was bandied about.
I can't wait to see the new extras, especially with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace hopefully. I'd love it if they cleaned the special effects up too. :supes:
it hasn't been cancelled... it's still being considered.
kakarot069 said:
it hasn't been cancelled... it's still being considered.

well its not coming out this year, and it would be stupid to rerelase things that were a months ago......

so maybe not this year or next year, but there is always a chance they can release on in the future, but the plan has been put on hold for awhile....
but with the 8 dvd boxset coming out and them being releasde also indivdually...

it would be silly to put th exact same stuff out, espeaciall if you buy the 8 dvd set or them indvidually, no one buy it again.....
I was going to buy them individually anyway.
To be honest I didn't think a 14 disc box set would go ahead anyway, I just couldn't see how they'd fill them.
captain_jimbo said:
To be honest I didn't think a 14 disc box set would go ahead anyway, I just couldn't see how they'd fill them.

it would have been made up of this:
Wow, you've done your homework, thanks for filling me in. Although hopefully the majority of that will be on the 8 disc box set anyway.
Basically they removed the Donner cut, the Look Up in Sky Docu. and Superman returns looks like.

But will Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, actually be touched up, so that you can't see the strings?
I never noticed strings, which part?
I never noticed strings either. Course I only watched it once on dvd.


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