Big Budget Blockbuster Fatigue? Is it Real?


Dec 30, 2005
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Hey all, so...lately there's been a lot of talk of "Superhero movie fatigue" with Marvel, DC, Sony and Fox churning them out left and right, people are wondering will we get tired of superhero films. I think the REAL question we should all be asking is not will we get tired of Superhero films, but these big budget, CGi-filled, explosion laden blockbuster films that seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately from every movie studio.

I feel like there was a time where blockbuster films were those once, maybe twice a year movie events that EVERYONE went to go see during the summer and then it would clean up at the box office. Independence Day for example, to me that movie is the quintessential example of a "Summer Blockbuster film." It was unique, there was no other film like it that whole year. It was then followed by films like Gozilla and Armageddon, The Matrix and then X-Men and so on and so forth. The thing is those types of films happened very sporadically and thus made them special. They were events.

Now that we're in this age where Hollywood ONLY wants to make billion dollar films, it feels like we're getting 15-20 of this massive budget, apocalyptic "event films" every year. Look how crowded the summers have been the last few years. We're fast approaching the point where movie studios are now forced to place these films in the early or late winter time so that they can allow some box office breathing room (e.g. Captain America: WS, Batman v Superman, Hunger Games, the Hobbit etc).

Don't get me wrong, when done well, I do LOVE these types of movies. I loved Winter Soldier, I loved Man of Steel, I loved Pacific Rim, I loved Olympus Has Fallen. Yet, I'm starting to feel that they're drowning each other out now because there's so many of them being made so frequently. I almost wrote off Edge of Tomorrow because its trailer looked SO generic with tons of CGI and explosions and yelling and that same Inception-like movie score and I see soo many other trailers that look the same way (Jupiter Ascending). Do you think audiences will tire of these films soon? Will we get to a point where there's a "Blockbuster" every month of the year?
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