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Nov 3, 2006
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Do you prefer the McFarlane-inspired Felix-the-cat BIG EYES or are you a fan of the traditional Ditko-esque original small eyes?

My vote's for the big eyes. Can't imagine that Bagley art with small slits. :cwink:
don't the eyes change shape anyway to reflect moods and what not?
Wow. You're a fast replier! You must have literally clicked on my post the second I put it up.

Um.. anyway... sometimes, but not really. Consistently since the early 90's his eyes have ranged from somewhat big to the size of milk saucers. He occasionally squints but that's all.
My vote definately goes for big eyes. But not too big.

I love his eyes from the ride at IOA.
For me it depends on who draws him and when. Normally I really like the small eyed ditko costume. But, when Larsen, Bagley, and Macfarlane drew him in the 90s I like the way their spideys look a whole lot more with big eyes. That goes for Ultimate Spider-Man as well. I saw a Bagley Spider-Man with little eyes and it looked kinda weird to me. So I guess I'll go small eyes overall, but I really like it both ways.
Big eyes!!

(I always liked McFarlane's big eyes a lot....they were quite nicely shaped)
Big eyes, even though some artist go overboard.

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