BIG NEWS: Pre-titles for BOND 22 already shot!


Apr 28, 2006
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Hey guys
I was able to get in contact with some of my friends connected to the production in Pinewood and the rest of the UK. They told me that most of the footage for the Bond 22 opener has been shot. Whether it is used for a 2007 rlease or not, it is very likely the action scenes will be used. They take place straight after CR's ending. Craig is said to only have shot close ups and the slow paced action while the second unit took a short time to do some more action. This was mainly because Dan was still needed for the rest of cr's shoot and they couldn't risk losing him at all. It is said he'll go back at the end of july to finish his part completely.
It is sadi to involve a huge army shootout and Jesper Christensen's Mr. White.
More news as I get it.
Sony taking a risk a like that, man they must be confident with Craig as Bond ever since Craig got stick.
Craig as Bond presents no risk in any shape or form. Craig will do what the producers have wanted, the very best of what a Bond movie is and should be about.
actually its would be next year is going 2007.
I can't beleve channel 4 teletext is anouncing this news based on this :up:
Ive made a few calls..

this may not be all you think is happening.
Wow! I olny just came back from Holiday and can't beleive how much is has got out. Anyway the guys I know have now got off the production as far as I know the UK leg of filming is over, so I presume Casino Royale has wrapped (But there is nothing to say the filming has totally finished just they are done in the UK, there may be more re-shoots and so on)
I've been able to talk to a few guys who have seen some fottage from the film, not much but some. They say Craig is good, he's a nice guy on set and really fun and a good laugh but on film he comes across a bit serious. On the other hand they did say he handled action well and totally rocked in the fist fights. The general feeling was that he will be better then Brosnan, well at least to these guys.
Anyway, talk to you soon.
I thought the "Bond 22title sequence" was pushing it a bit. BUT, has a story that production has already began on Bond 22 (saying they already have the story in mind and the director)... just tossing that out there for speculation.

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