Blade: House of Chthon Unrated TV Series movie coming to DVD on September 18th, 2007.


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Apr 20, 2004
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Title: Blade: House of Chthon (IMDb)
Starring: Sticky Fingaz
Released: 18th September 2007
SRP: $19.97

Further Details:
New Line Home Entertainment has announced Blade: House of Chthon which stars Sticky Fingaz, Jill Wagner, and Jessica Gower. This all-new release will include an extended cut of the feature length Blade: The Series premiere. This 88 minute feature will be available to own from the 18th September, and should retail at around $19.97. Extras will include audio commentaries, and a making of documentary. We'll bring you further details early next week. Stay tuned. For now though, here's some early artwork:
So is this just the series premiere? Why wouldn't they release the whole series?
Thats what I want to know the series was very good; it just was on the wrong station.
I thought it was pretty lamentably crappy. I quit watching it halfway through.

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