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Books that should be Tv shows


All Mighty
Feb 11, 2011
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With Game of Thrones, True Blood, Dexter and many other successful shows adapting books is there any book series you think could make an interesting TV show?

Mine would be The Dark Tower, never read Wheel of Time, from its leght it seems like it would work better as a tv show than a movie.
I'd really like to see the Dresden Files come back to TV. I know SyFy did it once but I think if you give it to HBO or Showtime or one of the other main stream cable shows. It would be a whole lot better.
The Dark Tower
The Pendergast series
A proper Dresden Files
The Drizzt series
Dune given the Game of Thrones treatment.
Kingkiller Chronicles would be vastly better as a mini-series than it would a feature film. It's just too long to be made any other way.
I'd love to see a series based off Jim Butcher's Codex of Alera series. It has the potential for some great action, and the storyline is quite good. It's got a lot of court intrigue and all that, but in a lighter tone then GOT. And each book would be much easier to devide into a season then GOT, since each one is somewhat self-contained.

Mr. Wooden Alligator said:
A proper Dresden Files
I'd like to see that as well. I'm a fan of both Butcher's work on Dresden Files and Codex.
Spellsinger boos by Alan Dean Foster

I also think that his "The Damned" trilogy would make for a great tv series or mini series.

His Parallelities book would also work well though it might be a bit to similar to Sliders in some ways.

I´d also like to see a proper Dresden files series, though I think that the books would be better served with being made into movies.

Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson would also work pretty well on tv.
I am not the biggest fan of court intrigue tbh outside of GOT. I think a faithful adaption of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen could be really great. The novels have so much going on that a film adaption would be a bad hatchet job. They'd still need a decent budget, especially to capture the conclusion of the battle at the beginning of the first book and the last 100 or so pages. The rest is intrigue among a small military band who were favored by the old Malazan Emperor and thieves/assassins in a free city that the new Malazan Empress has her eyes on.

Here's an depiction of said battle from the beginning of the first book:

Screw Dresden give us a good Hellblazer show. I think some of Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles would be great I'd given the care, respect and attention Game of Thrones has gotten. Imagine Queen of The Damned dragged out over two seasons and following the book closer.
i have been wanting to see a new Dresden Files show that was like the books.

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