Bought/Thought 12/12/12 "Dying Young in the Marvel U" edition *SPOILERS*


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I had to......I thumbed it. I wasn't gonna buy that crap, so perhaps I'm a hypocrite for starting this thread but whatevs.

All I'm gonna say about this is I call bulls**t......MAJOR bulls**t. Since when does Arcade possess god like powers? This is some virtual reality stupidity or something along these lines. It's all a swerve.

Mettle's fine.

Both he and Hazmat are gonna have little red metallic radioactive babies when this is all said and done.

It's still a waste of paper and I'm not gonna buy it, I just had to say what I thought. For anyone that does pay for this, feel free to tell me if I'm right or wrong when it gets cancelled 8-12 issues from now. Thanks.

Carry on. :up:
I read it in the store too, and I just found it to be completely and utterly..... unremarkable. Unremarkable in every way shape and form.

There was nothing new brought the table at all. It just all seemed so cliche and by the book that I find it very hard to believe that other creators in the industry could label this as something that is one of the best first issues to come out in years.

And if I didn't already know that Mettle was gonna die by the end, I still wouldn't have been surprised because it was so clearly telegraphed from his and Hazmat's first appearance in the book and practically everything he said after that just screamed, "I'll be blown to bits by the final page."

Not that he could really get much of a word in edgewise, as Arcade spends pretty much 75% of the issue doing nothing but speechifying everything about the book. From his "I'm crazy and I know it," spot that's been done to death and better by just about every other insane bad guy out there these days, to flat out admitting that he stole the idea from Hunger Games, it was just one huge bore.

Don't waste your money on this tripe, folks. There's nothing new or entertaining to be found here.
Yeah... I think runaway's nailed what I expect most people to feel regarding Avengers Arena.

Avengers Arena - A book that builds up a loved character and then kills them off for the emotional sake of the story can really work in a single issue of an ongoing plot. To do it in an opening series with the promise that that sort of thing is the status quo is bound to send readers running and screaming. I think this first issue has doomed this title. I'm expecting 12 issues at most.

As for the plot... it was actually decent for what it was. Hazmat and Mettle are the main focus. They've just finished having sex and are talking about whether or not Mettle should leave or not (though there's only 5 students present in the building now). Then they are whisked away magically and all of the players are floating in a group. Arcade introduces himself and shows God-like powers over the Arena they are trapped in. He explains the death rules and there's a small fight, which he easily wins since he's God of the environment, and then he requires that they pick the weakest among them to die first. None want to do so and Hazmat is selected by Arcade due to her attacking him. In order to save her, Mettle declares himself the weakest and is immediately ripped apart in a bloody explosion.

I predicted months ago that Mettle was a guarenteed kill while saving Hazmat. I didn't expect that to happen in the first issue. If Hopeless wanted to hook the reader he should have kept the beloved characters alone at first. Kill a nobody, or a character that has a chance of returning, like X-23. I guarentee that iffy people who sampled it out of curiosity will not return for a second issue. I'm not sure if I will yet or not. I love Darkhawk and miss reading about him. That's the ONLY thing that has me possibly coming back.

Cable & X-Force #1 - The other new NOW! title of the week. I'll say it's the 2nd worst NOW title that I've read so far (behind Legacy), not because it's bad, but because it's just very boring. It was essentially "Cable gathers some of X-Force in a non-eventful way" bookended buy fairly boring enticers. The beginning scene is a flashforward that shows something that will put Cable's team on the run without giving us any details. The closing scene, which saved the issue for me, was a big boat overrun by the T.O. virus. I'm thinking the Technarchy or whatever they're call. Magus and Warlock's people. Offshoots of the Phalanx.

Honestly, I'm buying this book for Colossus (who wasn't even in the issue). Cable's alright but I'm very bored or uninterested in the rest of the cast. I'll give it a few issues but if it doesn't wow me soon it's dropped.

Batman 15 - I'm really enjoying this story. The Joker is handled very well by Snyder and I think this is the first back story that I actually liked. He writes a great Riddler as well. We get a fantastic Batman/Joker sequence leading toward what could be a fantastic final conflict. I felt that the Bat Family's scene felt a bit forced, though it could be because I've not read their titles and their just now showing up felt out of place due to that. But other than that, it was fantastic.

Batman & Robin 15 - Another of my "bubble" books. Oh, and I can't stand die-cut covers. That aside, the issue was pretty good. It wasn't bad, wasn't great, but definately entertaining. I love Gleason's art and he managed to top Capullo in making Joker look creepy... aided by Tomasi's handling of the character. I mean, Joker with his face on upside down? Awesome! The ending confused me though. I'm assuming it's a fake Batman, as I don't think he's been captured to this point of the story, but we'll see next issue.

This is a book that I might or might not drop in time but for now, it's good. Sadly, there's no sense of danger in this story like there should be. If anything were to happen to Damian it'd be covered in Batman Inc. not this title.

Best and Worst of the Week

Best: Batman & Robin 15 - I was expecting Batman to get this spot but after looking through them while reviewing them I realized that I enjoyed B&R a little better. I think Tomasi had a fantastic handle on the Joker. Very creepy.

Worst: Cable & X-Force 1 - Why this over Avenger Arena? While the ending annoyed me a great deal, AA at least had me engrosed in the story. This one... I was just bored. It has potential and the art was good but Hopeless really failed on the first issue hook.
Hopeless employs in Cable and X-Force #1 a pilot technique in which we get the basics and a hook - two, actually - but doesn't answer (m)any questions. It's not a technique that pleases everyone, but it's not really some gross violation of all that's good in writing, either. It would have worked a bit better if this issue had been double-sized, or something, if Marvel even does that anymore, but as the French do it, c'est la vie.

Colossus gets the short end of the stick in terms of page time, but the other characters are all shown in ways where the reader can see that Hopeless has a solid grasp on their portrayals, roles, and feels. (Actually, considering Colossus has been left in angry-grr mode by Gillen, yelling while smashing through a wall might not be the short end of the stick.) The characterization is there, and the feeling behind the interactions is there - both of those being a little more important than explaining the two plot hooks within the confines of the first issue.

And Larroca's art looks pretty damn good, too.
Anyone want to bet the over/under for the sales of Avengers Arena #1?

I say 8,000. :o
I file two separate bets for equal amounts, one on each. :o

I win!
I'm more curious what the drop off will be between #1 and #2.
That's simple:

Take the # of sales for the first issue, subtract 3 and that's the drop off between issues 1 and 2.
Fantastic Four: Not bad, but not amazing. Ben annoyed me at the opening of the book (wtf?), and I was hoping they'd get to their trip already, not spend another issue setting it up. But everyone was likable and it had some funny moments. The art made everyone look great too. I can't wait to get into crazy sciency stuff in upcoming issues.

Cable and X-force: I was really skeptical about the title... I tend to not like hyper-masculine, big guns, and big action books. But this wasn't bad. It had a sweet emotional core as it focused on Cable and Hope. The best part of the book was Hope and Domino for me. I'll get #2 but I wasn't blown away.

Avenger Arena reminds me of when the X-books killed off bus loads of kids...
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Amazing Spider-Man #699.1- This was a pretty unremarkable issue. This is pretty much a lead in to Morbius's NOW title... But yeah, pretty boring and was pretty much just shoe-horned into ASM to hopefully attract readers to Morbius's title when it debuts. But I wasn't a fan, so I won't be checking it out.

Avengers Arena #1- I feel bad about checking this out because I absolutely HATE stories that kill characters just for the sake of killing them. Especially younger characters with tons of potential. But I'm a sucker for Hunger Games/Battle Royale type stories so I wanted to at least give this a chance. And really, I don't think this was that bad of a first issue. I mean, it wasn't fantastic or anything but it was a pretty interesting introduction to the series. But I can definitely see the outrage some of you guys are feeling. I haven't read Avengers Academy, so I don't have any connections to those characters. My tune might change if Chase or Nico get killed as I'm a big Runaways fan. That being said, this story absolutely HAS to have some sort of a virtual reality twist. I don't think there's any way that Marvel would've signed off on killing off a big chunk of younger characters that have a lot of potential for good stories. With that in mind, I think this is a great idea for a series. You're getting new readers, like me in this case, to check out a book because I love the concept. Hopeless said this book is going to be super character driven, so I'll probably fall in love with some of these characters and totally pick up subsequent titles featuring them. If that's the plan, I think this is a terrific idea on Marvel's part as I think this title will sell better than you guys think. If they are indeed killing these characters off this, this is definitely some ******** and a stupid idea.

Batgirl #15- I actually really enjoyed this issue and I haven't really liked this title in a few issues. I was pretty close to dropping it, but felt obligated to at least see it through DOTF. Simone did a really good job of writing Barbara in this issue. Interested to see where it goes.

Batman #15- Another fantastic issue by Snyder and Capullo. I absolutely love Snyder's take on the Joker and I think he's doing an absolute expert job of executing this story. This issue had a lot of exposition to set up the next two issues, but I never felt that it dragged. I've read that some people are upset about Bruce flat out denying that Joker knows the Bat family's identities. As I said in another thread, the way I'm reading Bruce's denial is that he's trying to convince himself that there's no way that Joker doesn't know because he's terrified of the consequences. Through out the story you see Bruce's internal monologue showing just how scared of Joker he truly is and how he constantly remind himself that he's only a human being. I feel like the rest of the Bat-Family is kind of acting as the readers in saying, "Dude... It's kinda obvious that he might know." and Bruce is in full blown denial mode to keep himself together. He's too good of a detective and too aware of Joker's capabilities to be this brazen in his denial. He's just trying to convince himself. Anyway, Capullo's art is just ridiculously awesome in this title. He already draws my favorite Batman, but his Joker is stealing the show. The image of Joker on the first page is haunting. Anyway, this whole issue is leading up to what happens on the last page and it's a super awesome and exciting ending. The wait for #16 is going to be unbearable. Also, the back-up story was fantastic. Love Jock so much and this story makes me even more excited for the upcoming Riddler arc, as it's showing a Riddler who's extremely intelligent and cunning rather than a complete goofball.

Batman and Robin #15- God, I love Damian so much. He's one of my favorite new characters to come along in a long time. Tomasi does such an awesome job writing him, too. Love how he's desperately trying to help his father and how much he looks up to him. Anyway, while the writing in this issue was great, the thing that really stood out in this issue was Gleason's art. Along with Capullo, he's just killing it with this Joker design. I don't want to give it away, but there's a scene where Joker turns his frown upside down and it's just an incredibly striking image. Can't wait for next issue.

Cable and X-Force #1- To be honest, I'm mostly checking out this title to see what's going on with Colossus. This was a pretty meh issue. It wasn't terrible or anything, just not great. It was nice seeing the Uncanny Avengers in the beginning. Anyway, I'll stick with this for a couple of more issues to see where it's going.

Fantastic Four #2- Another really good issue. The Fantastic Four was always a tough series for me to get into. I admittedly missed Hickman's run during my comics hiatus (I need to check it out still), but I had a hard time getting into other runs... Even Waid's, who's a writer I usually love. I'm loving Fraction's take on the team. This is just a really fun title and I love the family dynamic of it. Excited to see where it goes.

Iron Man #4- I really, really want to like this title, but I'm just having a hard time getting into it. Like Cable and X-Force, I really don't think it's bad, but in this case I just find it to be bland. One thing that I don't really like is the episodic nature of the issues. Yeah, they're all connected by the overall Extremis story, but the one and done issues just aren't doing it for me. Maybe it's just the current nature of comics, but I'm really a big fan of arcs that span across a few issues that lead into each other. I know these issues might be more accessible to readers to just jump in whatever, but I'd much rather something more encompassing. It sucks, because I really loved Gillen's run on Uncanny X-Men, but this isn't doing it for me. It's in danger of being dropped off my pull list.

The Walking Dead #105- I'm loving Negan. Totally intimidating new big bad in the series. Carl is such a little badass in this series and Negan totally has his crapping his pants. The next issues cover leads me to believe Rick is going to go on the offensive. Can't wait to see how he reacts to Carl's current situation.
Avengers Arena - always liked Arcade. I like the little in joke. Marvel aren't even pretending that they just straight up copied the concept from Battle Royale/Hunger Games. That said it wasn't bad. Outside of the Avengers Academy kids and The Runaways I have no idea who half these characters were. I'm a Captain Britain fan and I don't recall seeing Kid Briton before. Anyway as a shameless cash in on a popular trend the title wasn't bad I just hope Nico and Chase don't die.

Cable & X-Force #1 - Seems like a controversial thing to say on hype but I like Cable. I was one of those people that brought X-Force/Cable titles in the 90s and this title feels like him being more like how he was back then so I liked it. Dr Nemesis and Forge being in the title also helps me over come my dislike of Hope. Issue was mostly set up.

Batman & Robin, Batman, Batgirl - Joker torturing the Batfamily is always fun. Joker having a some twisted grandmaster plan is always intresting and he has been at his more creepy end of the spectrum in this arc.

Iron Man #4 - Dull issue really. Demonic women under Paris is not something I would picture being an intresting story in a Iron Man title and boy was I proved right.
Also, the back-up story was fantastic. Love Jock so much and this story makes me even more excited for the upcoming Riddler arc, as it's showing a Riddler who's extremely intelligent and cunning rather than a complete goofball.

Is a Riddler arc what's coming next for this book? I've not heard that but if it's true then awesome. This was the first back up that I actually REALLY enjoyed.
Yeah, I think there's going to be two one shot issues to cleanse the pallet then a 9-issue Riddler arc.
Avengers Arena #1 is the third time I've ever been mad at a comic. Avengers Arena #1 is the first time I've ever been mad at a writer and wished horrible things upon him.
Avengera Arena #1: In my 30 or so years of comic reading, this was without a doubt the BEST COMIC BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!! Books like Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen are pure bovine manure compared to the great way Hopeless handled these characters. I was hooked by the shocking and totally unexpected death of Mettle. A very innovative and new take on the superhero genre, with no cliches whatsoever. I think this book will go on to be the crown jewel of marvel now. :word::woot: :up:

...I didn't buy/read it.

Archer & Armstrong #5: introduction of The Eternal Warrior, brother of Armstrong and soon to have his own book again, no doubt. He seems more of an ass this time around (but then it's been a long time since I read the old Valiant books), but that's fine. He didn't have much personality in the old series from what I can remember.

Bloodshot #6: Definitely not a book for the squemish heh heh. This issue we get what seems to be the seeds of a conflict between Bloodshot and his nanite A.I., and a possible crossover with Harbinger.

Dark Avengers #184: "Meh". That about sums it up. Parker is a writer who 9.5 times out of 10 brings me back for more, but it seems like he might be running out of steam on this title. Not to mention the art is only...servicable... at best. I might give it a couple more issues to see if it gets better...
I read AA and it appears to me that the kids conscience (sp) are in a computerized Murder World and the god like Arcade is actually an avatar of Arcade. The death of Mettle is basically his avatar being eliminated from the game and he is being held elsewhere in reality by least that is what I hope this is happening because the killing of characters for the heck of it is just stupid.
Read Avengers Arena just cause of the negative buzz. Theres no way they are actually killing those characters or Arcade is that powerful. Gotta be all VR like everyone else here has said.

Cable and X Force was alright, dug the Cable Hope stuff. Good to see Nate and Neena back on a X Force title.
Read Avengers Arena just cause of the negative buzz. Theres no way they are actually killing those characters or Arcade is that powerful. Gotta be all VR like everyone else here has said.

Cable and X Force was alright, dug the Cable Hope stuff. Good to see Nate and Neena back on a X Force title.

Read this last night and really loved it. I think it's a great idea, even though it is (admittedly) stolen from a couple sources. I love that the writer came out and admitted it; and, I don't think for a minute we are dealing with real deaths. That doesn't matter. It's all about who would win in a fight. It's ultimate escapism, and those who are complaining the loudest are just taking things too seriously. (the death at the end was predictable halfway through, but still an awesome death.)
well what if the are real deaths....honestly do you think they would mess around with some fake death schtick on account of the crew of characters we are dealing with?

keep in mind this book is an ONGOING

BTW read it..hopeless is a competent writer...but he is a scumbag for pitching and writing this cheap destruction of characters he didnt create.

Its the biggest piece "the house of ideas" has ever put forth..ever.
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well what if the are real deaths....honestly do you think they would mess around with some fake death schtick on account of the crew of characters we are dealing with?

keep in mind this book is an ONGOING

BTW read it..hopeless is a competent writer...but he is a scumbag for pitching and writing this cheap destruction of characters he didnt create.

Its the biggest piece "the house of ideas" has ever put forth..ever.

It's not hard to see how this title can continue to be an ongoing. Fans want to know who would beat who in a fight. Not the old, "we've had a misunderstanding and now must the hero vs. hero thing with neither side getting a true victory" type fight, but a "no holds barred, to the death" kind of fight. This is what this book is all about. You have have this group of students take part in the battle, and then Arcade can bring in a whole new group. (Will the illusion be taken off the whole thing? Yep, but for me, I would still want to see what the writer thinks will happen.)

Again, I think people are taking the book too seriously.

On the other side, I did read Cable & X-Force last night. Wow, what a steaming pile of crap that was. It's the first real, big miss by Marvel so far. Sure, some of the other books might not be great; but, they were not this bad. (Personally, I'm not enjoying Iron Man at all. I might have liked issue #4 a little better after having read this issue before that one.)
There was nothing really BAD about Cable & X-Force... it's just that nothing really happened. It was a very bland first issue.
Yeah, I didnt think anything was terrible there. Just kinda meh overall.

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