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Jul 26, 2006
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Green Lantern Corps #18

The penultimate issue of the highly successful "Sinestro Corps" crossover has arrived on the stands, promising a showdown between Sodam Yat, the new Ion and "ultimate Green Lantern", and the all-growed-up Superman-Prime. And that's what we get; all-fighting in the present, intercut with Yat giving us some details of his origin story. Once again, there are two pencillers here, Gleason and Igle, and I marvel that DC didn't see fit to schedule one consistent penciller for this whole story arc, given that it's the title's big chance to reel in new readers. There's a new writer too, Pete Tomasi; this is a rather inauspicious time for a new writer to come on, a crossover issue that centres around someone who's not even a part of this title's main cast at the moment, but Tomasi's writing is very good. The fight is not especially interesting as fights go, but Yat's backstory is quite good, establishing what made him so interested in venturing beyond Daxam. Yat loses in the end, of course, since Countdown already spoiled that Prime gets away, although he seems to have lasted much longer than anyone else has against Prime.

Teen Titans #53

Sean McKeever's opening story arc enters its final phase, by now on its fourth artist in as many issues (and that's not counting the three other guys who illustrated parts of #50). However, I've liked each new artist more than the preceding one, so that's a bonus, at least, even if this will look somewhat chaotic in trade (although Green, Garza, Igle, and Barrows aren't that dissimilar). Anyway, Evil Future Lex arrives with the Titans Army (including a grown-up Misfit as Huntress II, which I'm sure would cause Helena to gag; also, at least two people who were just offed in the Titans East special) to help the Titans proper, while Starro regroups, and the bickering between the Teen Titans and their Evil Future Selves continues. Honestly, I get the feeling that all these intercut scenes will read better in trade, but it's still quite good. There's a completely out-of-left-field tie-in to "Sinestro Corps" as well, as Starro seems to being working for Sinestro, and staging this assault for him (perhaps that's related to the JLA hightailing it away last issue). Miss Martian really seems to be the focal character of this story, and in this issue she hits a pretty big turning point; it'll be interesting to see what happens with her.

X-Men #205

Begin with a crossover, end with a crossover (and the middle is a tie-in to a crossover): "Messiah Complex" is on its fifth issue, and, after an underwhelming start in the first issue, and the additional setup of UXM #492, it's been roaring along ever since. In this issue, a team of X-Men confront the Marauders and the Acolytes, and the New X-Men are ambushed by the Reavers, leading to a brief battle and confused retreat, which, along the way, messes up Cyclops' battle plan. I mentioned last issue that sending only five X-Men against the combined forces of Sinister seemed rather foolish, and this issue opens with Bishop saying the same thing; Cyclops, however, has a secret weapon: Emma psi-shields everyone, and temporarily downs Sinister, allowing the rest of the team to brawl. The fight is quite good, especially because it gives the X-Men a bit of respect as a team, so much so that the bad guys are worried about fighting them (Storm gets an especially cool idea; channeling her lightning through Harpoon's harpoon, which she confiscated last issue). The New X-Men don't do as well, although they escape, and X-23 looks set to tangle with Lady Deathstrike at a later date. And Nightcrawler and Hellion both need to get to the infirmary. But the final revelation (that many had guessed) is that Cable, who is (surprise surprise) not dead, is the one who has the baby. If the remaining eight issues are as good as the first five, this will be the most successful Marvel event I've yet read.
I can understand how the books might be delayed if there's a holiday on Monday, but not on the Thursday before the next Wednesday. That's just laziness. :o
Let's not be hating on your American comrades,'tis a great country I wish to live in one day.


Captain America #32
Daredevil #102
Daredevil Annual #1
Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1
Moon Knight Annual #1
Wolverine Annual #1
Wolverine #56


Thoughts later.But what really jumped out at me was how frigging awesome the Jason Aaron issue and the Wolvie Annual were as I read them in store.
I did not know Wolverine had some good books recently.
Fiddle Dee Dee....I was waiting, because I wasn't sure if Amerikan thanksgiving would affect my comics.....glad to see it didn't.....And Awayyyyy I gooo.

And yes I am aware of how I spelled American.
Are these all the Annuals that came out this year?

DD,Iron Fist,Moon Knight,Wolverine,Iron Man,Ghost Rider,Punisher MAX
Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1 comes out next week.
Probably won't pick it up,I love Slott but his Avengers book lost my interest.

Anyways,I just read all 4 Annuals straight.This is going to sound like heresy,but these are some of the best Marvel books I've read all year.

Wolverine Annual #1 - Wolverine hunts a guy down to kill him while the guy pisses his pants the entire issue.Simple concept yet written so well.You really feel bad for the guy to the point where Wolvie almost feels like the bad guy here.You knew the guy was gonna get it eventually,but you still gasp when he finally gets it.Like the MK Annual,Wolvie doesn't have a whole lot of dialog here but his presence is felt on every page.

Moon Knight Annual #1 - I have been off this book since #6,the end of the first arc.I didn't like the direction it was going and Finch has always bugged me.Moon Knight is one of those characters the writers either get or don't.SWIERCZYNSKI certainly understands Moon Knight and how to put him to good and frightening use.This 34 pager tells the story of the date rape of 3 city women all committed by the same rapist.The women range from a ditzy blonde,a nurse looking for mom's approval and an artsy illustrator.Their stories are tragic,as is any rape/sexual abuse case is in real life.Moon Knight appears for a couple pages in an almost ghost like capacity,without word and full of vengeful intent.This is a simple tale of an everyday urban crime,a creepy ass superhero and a rapist getting what he deserves.The writer doesn't make this a PSA about date rape,but a story about vengeance and the different forms it takes.Pick this book up.

Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1
- After reading all these Annuals tonight,I think I realized that when it comes to artists,I am very tolerant.Chaykin gets slammed alot for his style of big chins and square heads,but I'm not one to get distracted by art these days.Anyways,I LOOOOVED the painted Bereton pages,the whole 1940s pulp vibe was there and it's a shame we couldn't see more adventures of the CONFEDERATES OF THE CURIOUS!.There is so much potential to tap there,and I hope we see more adventures from that era.I love all the kung-fu/mystic elements here,the Lightning Lords,etc.

Daredevil Annual #1 - Whoever did the art was great,it was a nice break from seeing Lark dominate hornhead for so long.Very loose,reminded me of Kaare Andrews.Black Tarantula is the star here,and you can't help but root for the guy.His ex-con/man of the streets vibe works really well,and it was awesome to see him kick ass on those punks.Hope to see more of this guy in the actual series....

Daredevil #102 - The Wrecker VS Ox was a big slap in the face to all readers reminding us this story STILL takes place in the MU.With all the courtroom drama and nittygritty going on in this book as of late,it was a relief to see some old school cape action.The cliffhanger was a bit weak,and I still don't fully understand Fear's intentions here so I'm having trouble buying into this guy.Still,I'm so invested in this title,having every single issue since #26,I'm not dropping it now.

Captain America #32 - Lately this book is a better read as whole instead of single issues.Bru's really been building up this Red Skull scheme and Tony/Buck confrontation for the past several issues.This is all good setup though,this title is going to explode again with the Buck/IM clash next issue and the emergence of the new Captain America in 2 months.
I can understand how the books might be delayed if there's a holiday on Monday, but not on the Thursday before the next Wednesday. That's just laziness. :o
For real. The USPS is still getting caught up after Thanksgiving last week? :confused:
Ah well. I'll get off work tomorrow and get my books. It'll feel like a Wednesday, but the real treat comes in waking up the next day and it being Friday. At least, that's how I'm choosing to look at it.
I didn't have my comics, so I went and bought another video game today. If I'd had my comics, I could've saved the $10 I spent on the game. The US Postal Service owes me $10, damn it. :cmad:
I want my comics today.

Crappy holiday.
Nah, as they ship a day later in America they ship to Europe a day late also.
Oh, okay.

So how do those Canadian bastards get theirs on time? :confused:
I don't know! I can never work it out.

And I don't work in American Postal Services.
The Canadian government is probably paying the USPS off somehow. With Canadian bacon.

That **** ain't even real bacon! :cmad:
The Canadian government is probably paying the USPS off somehow. With Canadian bacon.

That **** ain't even real bacon! :cmad:

What's really silly is we here in Canada don't call "Canadian Bacon" bacon...we call it ham!!
Which is exactly what it is. I don't even know why we call it Canadian bacon. Actually, scratch that; someone probably just figured Canadians were goofy enough to call ham bacon, which is perfectly reasonable.
Which is exactly what it is. I don't even know why we call it Canadian bacon. Actually, scratch that; someone probably just figured Canadians were goofy enough to call ham bacon, which is perfectly reasonable.

I think we're just screwing with's like "guys guys...let's tell the 'mericans this here ham is our bacon!!".....yeah yeah...and we can tell them our currency is actually called the loonie...they will so buy that!!
That **** always makes me mad. If I get a pizza or some kind of breakfast meal from Cracker Barrel or something and I see Canadian bacon, I always order it thinking that it's going to be some thick slice of pig. And every single damn time I'm reminded that it's ****ing ham. If I wanted ham, I'd have ordered ham. Stop calling it bacon!

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