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Boxer shorts. Do I wear them with the hole in front or back?

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Jun 12, 2012
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I can go number one if I have the hole in the front. I can go number 2 if the hole is to the rear. I have been wearing them with the hole to the rear. Is this correct?
You were a bit of a one-hit wonder with the K2 stuff. Should have quit while you were ahead.
Dude, go see a shrink or hit yourself with a hammer on the head a couple of times. :o
Back...that way it's easier to put the fish in.
Obvious troll is obvious. It was fun playing along while it lasted, but I'm washing my hands of this madness. Deuces, yo.

Since this thread is nonsense in the first place, I'd just like to point out that the last 3 posters all have Bane avatars.
JJJ's Ulcer's avatar is perfect for this kind of thread.....
I've had enough of this guy's BS. This thread is now about Tom Bosley.


I have not gotten one serious answer. I will wait longer
The beauty of boxer shorts is that you can wear them forwards or backwards, there is no "right" way to wear them. Truly a marvel of modern engineering. I think they could be improved by putting a hole on both ends though.
Why not cut a hole into the back of your boxers? Thus, you can have both!
Well front is good because you can go number one quickly which is good in an event of a shark attack. It's confuses the shark. But the back allows for easy acess for number two which would be good for climbing K2. It makes you less prone to frost bite because you're not completely nude when taking a number two. So it depends on if you think you will be eaten by a shark this summer or if you've been to climb K2.
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That's what happens. These trolls always have one good (usually debut) thread in them and then flame-out faster than last year's Youtube celebrity. They crave the attention they got in that first thread and want to recreate it, but most people are already over them. The fact he thought this premise was funny is sad more than anything. You went from the gold of being comedically unprepared for a K2 climb to "durrr... I wanna poop out da hole in my boxers when I wear dem backwards." Talk about burn out. There hasn't been such a dive in quality since M Night Shyamalan.
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