Iron Man Brand New Poster

I definitely love the new poster. Very good for a superhero movie, which tends to rely on a single character or logo.
I really like these posters actually.

zomg is that mandarin in the reflection of his helmet?!?!?!?oneoneone

Wow - that is easily the best poster. Why didn't they go with that one??? For the two new ones, the 'international' one is my favorite of the two.

International poster always seem to be better than what we get here in the stes for some reason.
International poster always seem to be better than what we get here in the stes for some reason.
I was just about to say as much.

That international poster kicks ass.
While I like the ones with just Iron man better. (not really a fan of floating head posters, I like teaser posters better just like I like teaser trailers better) this one isn't at all bad and it's good for the marketing.

Unlike Spider-man, Batman and Superman which are household names and pop culture icons, Iron man needs to be sold on the cast more so than anything else. To non comic fans at least.

And the movie has a great cast, some who haven't been in movies for a while like Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. It's good that there is a poster highlighting that.
Man these are nice, both posters are solid. Any word on when something like them will be made commercialy for sale ? Any ideas ?
At my theater we have the coolest cardboard standee of Iron Man. Its so freaking awesome. I will try and post pics soon, but someone might beat me too it.
Okay. I should have them up by monday or tuesday. I work sunday and monday.
^^Some footage that someone captured of the new Iron Man standee is now online. I think this is the one you're referring to SodaPop? Found it a

Wallow, Peasants!

posted on Friday, March 7th, 2008 under Forty-Two, Media Madness, Workaholic |

I was “at work” the other day when the DHL man came. I say “at work” because I wasn’t actually on the clock. I just live there. Anywho, back to the DHL man. He brings in a tall, slender box instantly recognizable as a deconstructed standee. I’m the first to see the writing on the side, “Iron Man.” Woohoo! I grabbed it and ran into the middle of the lobby.

Picture this: I’m in sneakers, sweatpants, a Happy Bunny scrub top and a ponytail. I almost wore pigtails that day. I’m sitting gleefully in the middle of the lobby, joyfully putting this thing together with the air of a five-year-old that thinks she knows exactly what she’s doing. Only I didn’t want to screw up Iron Man like I did Golden Compass, so I actually read the instructions this time around. Oh, and those instructions, I swear, are written by an illiterate overseas child given an English dictionary and told to go at it. The box attendant and the projectionist were watching me with the most unabashed amusement and fascination. Apparently, I was the perfection of a child on Christmas morning.

Now, I know you are all extremely jealous of me, so I’m going to make it that much worse by posting video. It is not a video of me building said Iron Man, but a 360 of the finished product. Yes, those are my grubby fingerprints gracing the uberglossy cardboard that is the Man of Iron. Wallow in thy covetousness, peasants, as you listen to my not-so-witty commentary for 40 seconds!


P.S. Cardboard cuts are a biznatch, yo
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gOD i need this movie right now. The DK would be nice too.

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