Breaking Bad - Part 2

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WOW, another stunning episode and it's just the season opener.

The cold opening was AWESOME. Cannot WAIT to see where that all ends up.

Loved the nods to previous seasons with the bacon = age + seeing old faces from previous seasons, just adds to amazing continuity.

The magnet solution was really great. Very tense and never seen anything like it.

Overall fantastic, this season is going to be CRAZY.
Opening scene = sh** just got real, yo
What did it say under the picture that the cops noticed?
I think it was some kinda address, I tried to see what it said exactly but they cut away that shot really quick.


One does not simply kill Ted Beneke /Boromir
Wow, phenomenal episode, my gf hates Walt with a passion, I love him, he has just become Heisenberg since the end of last season.
So that opening scene takes place a little more than year later than where we are currently. I'm guessing the cliffhanger for the first half of the season is that Walt gets found out and goes into hiding and the second half will pick up a year later.
I think it's safe to assume that the cold open was a flash forward. Walt going by a different name and living in New Hampshire suggests he's been on the run, probably from being found out. It's going to be incredible to see how we end up there.
Great first episode of the season, magnet scene was great and as mentioned Jesse's reaction was brilliant.

Ted's fate was surprisingly disturbing, makes me feel bad for laughing at him last season. Well, almost. And the last scene with Walt and Skyler was brilliant, but can't wait to see the events that lead to "future" Walt.
I'm scared to even think about what he's planning with that M60.
What did it say under the picture that the cops noticed?

Like some said it had "Cayman" with a routing # along with a couple of other lines that are probably account #s. Best guess that's where the dirty money is kept.
I wonder if we'll get teases throughout the season like season two's pink bear and have flash fowards now and then during the remaining 7 episodes this summer.

Breaking Bad Story Sync

Inside Live Free or Die

I knew Walt was going to break up the bacon into a number but I wasn't expecting him to make a 52, thought it would a few more years. Fantastic season premiere.
I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing at this

It's going to be a fun 8 weeks :up:
The Triad of Walt, Jesse, and Mike = :awesome::up:.

So, was Walt's ID in the opening scene a fake, or has he actually been living in New Hampshire? Also, did they say where he was in the beginning?
Also, Money is not an object to him at that point. Take that however you like.
An amazing season opener for an amazing show.

By this point Walt's become completely and utterly unsympathetic. The "I forgive you" line to Skylar at the end goes to show how removed from reality Walt's become. Still haven't decided whether I want Hank to catch him or not though.
The "I forgive you" at the end gave me chills. Cranston is amazing.
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