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Days of Future Past Bruce Willis as Cable?


May 8, 2000
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Marvel/Fox could do worse than to get Bruce Willis to play Nate Dayspring Summers. He's more or less the right age, and I think it would be quibbling to dwell on height, since obviously Hugh Jackman's never been anywhere comic-Wolverine's 5'3" stature..

He can be part of the resistance in the future storyline, maybe not know a heck of a lot about his dad/mom.

I think it would be a good find to get Willis involved.
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Stephen Lang would probably be cheaper and more intimidating to boot.
Well good thing Cyclops and Jean are both dead atm, so there will be no Cable.
Unless someone can find a better source than the Variety article that reads like it's listing names out of thin air, I doubt Marvel holds the sole rights to Cable. If there are share deals in place for Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Viper, I'm sure there's one for Cyclops' son, who is much more affiliated with the X-Men Universe than they are.
He doesnt have the look of Cable.

And is too big of an actor to play a supporting role. So no the right choice.
Willis is the right star power. He's likely willing to be a supporting figure in a film like this, on this scale. He'd be great giving Cable some smart-alec lines..
I think Bruce Willis would stick out like a sore thumb. I don't think I could take him seriously in the role.
Well, maybe I overreacted.

The guy can be serious. Just look at the Sixth Sense.

It's just a very odd choice for this role.
If in some parallel universe, Cable were to be in this film, it'd be great because for Cable to be included, you'd have to include Cyclops in some capacity. Obviously, we haven't had a decent amount of Cyclops since 2000.
If they don't do the Cable thing because of Cyclops's death, they could always go the Bishop route.
Bruce Willis and Stephen Lang are both too old.

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